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Young musicians should be original – Ringo


SOUTH African award-winning music superstar Ringo Madlingozi gave South African and Zimbabwean business executives a top-notch performance at the South Africa-Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Mission Dinner Gala held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare on Tuesday evening.

After the splendid evening of dance, NewsDay Entertainment Reporter Tinashe Sibanda (ND) had a chat with Madlingozi  (RM). Below are excerpts of the interview.

ND: What do you like the most about Zimbabwe?
RM: The fact that Zimbabwean ladies are conservative. Zimbabweans are very patient people who endure various hardships.
I remember one show I had in Bulawayo and there was fuel shortage in the country at the time, so we had to carry petrol in a plastic container. Still, people seemed to be happy despite the crisis. I have realised that Zimbabwe is not even as bad as it is depicted by the media. People may be down, but definitely not dead.

ND: Who are your favourite Zimbabwean musicians?
RM: Over the years I have loved music of Ilanga, Thomas Mapfumo’s chimurenga music, the late Andy Brown and Oliver Mtukudzi whose music, to me, sounds like the kind of music with a Caribbean sound I have heard in Australia.

ND: What advice would you give to our local artistes on how they can improve their music?
RM: Originality is important. Music should come from within rather than from inspiration. I listened to a certain group of young Zimbabweans playing one day at Jazz 105 and they sounded like Oliver Mtukudzi. It’s good to learn from someone, not to take over their style, especially if they are still alive. However, I have enjoyed music by Afrika Revenge, Kudzai Sevenzo and the late Sam Mtukudzi.

ND: Are you planning on any other collaborations with Zimbabwean artists?
RM: I’m still looking into it and I would love to have one with Kudzai Sevenzo. I have read a lot of amazing articles on Ammara Brown whose music I am looking forward to listening to and maybe I will consider collaborating with her.

ND: How did you find performances at the recently-held bash  for Tuku’s 60th birthday?
RM: It was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the part when Tuku invited his former band member Piki to join him on stage. To me, it resembled the spirit of peace and unity.

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