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Woman sues sangoma sister-in-law over rituals


A Bulawayo woman and her daughter recently approached the magistrates’ court seeking an eviction order against her husband’s sister whom the pair accused of harassment and conducting traditional rituals at their home without the family’s consent.Report by Staff Reporter

The disgruntled woman, Loice Matora, has a heart problem and is married to a teacher, Rodwill Matora.

Loice said her husband’s sister Epiphania Jonhera, whose ancestral spiritual name is Mbuya Samukadzi, is married in Mhondoro’s Musiname village and owns a house in Budiriro, Harare.

The complainant claimed that while she was in Harare seeking medical treatment, Jonhera visited her Bulawayo house and allegedly influenced her brother (Matora) to allow her to conduct rituals. It is alleged that Loice and her daughters arrived at the house only to find traditional rituals in progress.

In her affidavit, Loice said: “I have been harassed by my husband’s sister for the past 10 years.  She controls my husband. She is now threatening me to leave my house. She comes and performs traditional ceremonies when I am not at home. I have now developed heart disease.”

Jonhera was summoned to appear at the Tredgold Magistrates’ Court to answer to charges of provoking or disturbing peace.

The hearing was postponed to this week as police failed to locate and serve Jonhera with court summons as she was reportedly in Mhondoro..

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