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Woman accused of poisoning three daughters


A 39-year-old Gutu woman allegedly murdered her one-year-old daughter and attempted to kill two others, aged seven and 10 years respectively, after giving them drinks laced with rat poison following a domestic dispute with her husband over infidelity.

Report by Charles Laiton, Senior Court Reporter

The two lucky minors, Agrippa and Tendai Mutero, survived after they were referred to a local hospital for treatment, but the toddler, Trish Mutero, was not so lucky and died a day after taking the concoction, prepared by their mother, Florence Nyathi .

The incident occurred at Mutero village under Chief Chitsa on May 6, 2009, but the trial only took place at the Masvingo High Court circuit last week.

On the day in question, Nyathi allegedly took her three daughters from her husband in Harare following a heated argument over his alleged extra-marital affairs.

When she arrived in Gutu late at night, she reportedly sought a place to put up at one Mtimbira’s homestead.  At about 8am the following morning, she allegedly continued with her journey on foot together with her children and along the way she ordered them to close their eyes for “a prayer”.

As Nyathi pretended to pray, she allegedly took the rat poison and administered it into the drinks which she then gave to her daughters. It is alleged she later took the left over drinks, mixed them and drank the concoction before giving the remainder to her one-year-old toddler.

Nyathi allegedly discarded the empty bottles and proceeded to her husband’s sister, Jemenia Mutero’s homestead. On arrival, they all started vomiting and were rushed to Chinyika Rural Hospital.

Trish, however, died the following day and the post-mortem report concluded the cause of death as “abdominal haemorrhage and anticoagulant toxicity”.

Nyathi appeared before High Court Judge Charles Hungwe in Masvingo and she admitted administering the poison, but claimed she was under severe stress caused by her abusive husband which affected her judgment.

The matter was remanded sine die after the court ordered her to undergo medical examination.

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