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We are not pre-empting our strategy: Zanu PF


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party says it will push for the adoption of its amendments to the draft constitution at the Second All-Stakeholders’Conference.

NewsDay Chief Reporter Everson Mushava (ND) spoke to Zanu PF Copac co-chairperson Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana (MPM) on Wednesday in the capital. Below are the extracts of the interview.

ND: What is Zanu PF’s strategy going into the stakeholders’ conference?
MPM: I will not disclose the party’s strategy because I will be pre-empting the party’s position. If I disclose it now, it ceases to be a strategy, but what I can say is that there is certainly a strategy and I am sure the MDCs have their own strategies too.

Definitely we need to see the amendments that Zanu PF made to the draft being factored in at the conference.

ND: What are your differences as political parties and how do you intend to iron them out?
MPM: Everything is going on well, we have invited our principals and accreditation of guests is progressing well. On the issue of principals, we had a problem with the MDC because Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara wanted to be recognised as a principal. We, however, have agreed that Professor Welshman Ncube will be recognised as the leader of the MDC.

Professor Ncube will deliver a speech on behalf of the MDC, so will Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on behalf of the MDC-T and President Robert Mugabe will give a keynote address. Professor Mutambara will be given a slot to speak as the Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

Previously, the parties did not agree on how proposed amendments would be brought in. We have now agreed that the amendments will come through delegates at the conference.

Basically, we have no substantial differences as a team at Copac and as political parties, except having differing views which are, after all, known and will emerge at the conference.

ND: If other stakeholders decide on views that contradict what is already in the draft, what will be the way forward considering that Article 6 of the GPA is silent on what stage amendments can be factored in and by who?
MPM: If changes are demanded, discussions will be made and the changes made. We cannot ignore what stakeholders say, otherwise there will be no need for the conference.

Discussions will start with Copac and then to the principals as the usual procedure. It is up to the principals to find a way when there is a stalemate. The MDCs are joking when they say the principals have no say in the process.

No party has the two-thirds majority in Parliament to repeal the current constitution. It, therefore, has to be by consensus. Parties should agree. The only person who can call for a referendum is President Mugabe and he will not do it if he is not happy with the product.

Yes, political posturing is expected, but at the end political responsibility and reasoning will prevail. If they disagree, they will engage Sadc. A solution should be found.

ND: The issue of foreign observers, who are they and where are they coming from?
MPM: They will come from diplomatic missions already in the country, it does not mean observers will fly from outside the country.

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