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Water-rationing increases pipe bursts


BULAWAYO City Council says it has recorded an average of 50% pipe bursts since the commencement of a heightened water-shedding programme three months ago.

Report by Fortune Moyo Staff Reporter
The city is currently under a 72-hour water-shedding programme after three of its five supply dams were decommissioned after running dry.

According to the latest council report, pipe bursts and water leaks had significantly contributed to the high consumption levels with residents accusing council employees of delaying attending to the bursts. Part of the report reads: “Since the onset of water- shedding, pipe bursts and water leaks had contributed notably to the high consumption levels, although this could not be exactly measured due to malfunctioning meters at the zone meters.

“Pipe bursts and water leaks had increased by almost 50% from the onset of water-shedding.”

The report also states that the incidence of water leaks continued to be high due to the city’s ageing water reticulation system.

“Approximately 65% of the city’s reticulation system is more than 40 years old.”

Recently, Bulawayo deputy mayor Amen Mpofu admitted that the water-shedding regime had failed to serve its purpose as more treated water was being lost to pipe bursts caused by water pressure at the end of each shedding schedule.

“The Water Action department is working tirelessly installing air vessels on the highest points within the distribution system to minimise the loss of water through the bursts.”

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