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Warriors, make the nation proud!


TOMORROW is the day.It is our day to confirm a third appearance at the Africa Cup of Nations football finals set to be staged in South Africa next year.

It’s been quite long since we were last there — 2006 to be precise — and we failed to reach the knockout out stages.

But with our destiny 90 minutes away, we need to be in Mzansi come January and for those of who have been praying even before the first leg in September, we are sure God will carry us to South Africa.

For, don’t we all believe that God is for us all? If Angola has played in basically all Afcon finals and the 2006 World Cup finals, honestly God will grant just one more appearance in 2003 in the continental finals.

The players have sweated it out all week long, the Zifa leadership has been in several meetings to ensure all is in order, Mbada has chartered the flight, several incentives have been lined up and the Mzansi90 committee have all but “robbed” everybody of more $600 000 in just under two weeks.

Now we say to the boys, this is in your hands, go out there and make the nation proud. The coach’s job will end with his selection of the best 11 to start the match and the tactical substitutions; the rest is for the players for deliver.

The nation believes in you and is right behind you. It is about time to shame the critics, those who believe we are perennial under-achievers, those who have doubts in the technical team and those who think they can buy you to underperform.

We are under no illusion that this is a game of football-African football in particular and anything goes from dirty tricks to “close association” with match officials  before the game and general intimidation from the fans.

As of yesterday, the Angolan football federation had confirmed that 20 000 fans had already bought pre-match tickets for the game at the Estadio 11 Novembro. This is a 50 000 seater multi-purpose stadium located in Belas municipality at the Expressway in the capital.

By tomorrow, am sure the government there would have worked out a plan to ensure 30 000 more people buy tickets or allowed in for free to create that intimidating atmosphere.

There were initial plans to let in fans for free, but for security reasons and fear up of stampede if results did not go the Angolan way, the plans were scrapped. They are running scared, and we love it!

Don’t be intimidated; be the perfect definition of a Warrior.
I am sure this prayer will do you good even before you play.

Dear God, We want to thank You for what you have already done. We are not going to wait until we see results or receive rewards; We are thanking You right now.

We are thanking You because we have made it through the day’s difficulties. We are thanking You because we have walked around the obstacles. We are thanking You because we have the ability and the opportunity to do more and do better.
Go Warriors Go!

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