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Unrepentant wifer basher jailed


A 31-YEAR-OLD Harare man who continuously bashed his pregnant wife while serving a 175-hour community service sentence over a similar offence was yesterday slapped with an effective three-year jail term.

Abraham Mamboininga was serving a community service term at Harare Central Police for battering his wife, Bridget Makungwa.

Harare magistrate Lazarus Murendo described Mamboininga as an unrepentant criminal.

“Accused is a person who undoubtedly is disposed to violence. Only last month he was convicted of a similar offence and the humanity of justice kept him out of prison in the hope that he would become a useful member of society,” Murendo said.

“Community service was ordered to be performed during the weekends in the hope that he would not lose his job, but has displayed what the court considers to be highly contemptuous behaviour for which the same humanity of justice demands that stern measures be taken.

“His conduct towards the complainant demonstrated lack of respect for the marriage union. He was abusing the complainant left, right and centre and regarded her as an object of abuse rather than someone to be loved and protected.”

The court heard that on October 14 this year, Mamboininga came home late and found his wife, who at the time was sick, asleep with her 13-month twin babies.

He then started shouting profanities at her and ordered her to go out, accusing her of causing his arrest over another assault case which had been withdrawn.

He then packed his clothes and went away only to return two hours later upon which he verbally assaulted his wife, pulled her hair and tore her blouses.

The following day, Mamboininga came home and went beserk after his wife asked him to buy food for their children.
The court heard that he bashed her with clenched fists all over.

When she attempted to flee through the window, he grabbed her legs and tied them to a curtain with a rope and only loosened them after she screamed for help from their neighbours.

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