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The Lord gave him, he gives back to community


Gospel musician Pastor Charles Charamba has decided to transform the Christian messages he preaches from the pulpit and through his music into deeds by ploughing back into the community.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi

Baba Charamba, as he is affectionately known, said he was taught from an early age to help the community in its development initiatives.

Recently, Charamba donated a full musical kit to the son of the late Bhundu Boys frontman Biggie Tembo (Jr).

“Our first initiative was to assist upcoming musicians to give them instruments so that they can do it on their own,” said Charamba.

A number of musical groups, including a Mutare- based group Potters Family, are receiving tutorials from the Nyika yeZimbabwe hit-maker.

“We always have a number of upcoming groups that are coming to us seeking assistance and we have to give help because it’s our duty to do that,” he said.

The Fishers of Men frontman has decided to upgrade the standards of a poor, neglected community of Masarakufa in Mudzi which is his home area.

He purchased musical instruments that are used at Masarakufa Primary and Secondary schools and Masarakufa Clinic whenever there is an event.

“We know how difficult is it for them to hold successful events without proper musical instruments that is why we have donated some for the community,” said Charamba.

Apart from purchasing musical instruments, he has also donated kits for soccer at Masarakufa Secondary School.

“It is like the proverbial saying: ‘charity begins at home’.
“I discovered that I have to assist the community of Masarakufa where I attended school.

“During our time at school such events as prize giving days were rare and it’s something most people look down on which we decided to be part of,” said Charamba.

Charamba annually holds supporting concerts for Alexandra Primary School were his children are enrolled.

“Each year, as Fishers of Men, we hold supporting concerts for Alexandra Primary School so that the it is assisted financially,” he said.

Since the rise of the Fishers of Men, Pastor Charamba, with the support of his wife Olivia, has proved to be a force to reckon within the philanthropic society.

In 2001 the Charambas’ first official concert, which was held in Harare, was dedicated to Maninga Orphanage where he built a complete house for the orphans.

“In society, there are different classes which include those who have and those who can not afford so in 2001, we decided to make it a priority that our first show should be dedicated to Maninga Orphanage where we managed to construct a house,” he said.

He has been calling on students from his home area to form old students’ associations to bail their schools out of financial problems.

“We should give back to the community and the Bible is clear that if we give then our Lord will give back to us,” said Charamba.

“We are looking forward to a number of project initiatives for our communities. If we carry them out, God will definitely bless us and the country will then move on,” concluded Charamba.

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