Teacher jailed 30 years for rape

A 28-year-old Chimanimani teacher will rue the day he laid his hands on his 12-year-old cousin after he was slapped with 30 years in prison for raping the juvenile.

Report by Staff Reporter

The teacher, whose identity could not be revealed to protect the minor, was convicted at his own plea by Mutare magistrate Trynos Utahwashe yesterday.

He was sentenced to 10 years for each count, but will serve an effective 20 years after the magistrate allowed 10 years on the third count to run concurrently with the second count. It was the State’s case that sometime in July this year, the accused was staying at the complainant’s homestead together with the minor’s mother when he decided to rape the Grade 6 pupil.

On that day, the State submitted that at around 5pm in the evening, the teacher called the juvenile into his bedroom under the pretext of giving her sweets.

The juvenile declined the offer, but the accused kept on persisting until he came to the juvenile’s bedroom where he forced her on the ground and forcibly removed her clothes before raping her once.

On September 23 this year, the accused got into the juvenile’s bedroom where she was polishing her school shoes as she prepared to go to school. He asked to help her polish the shoes, but again she refused. Seeing that his offer had been turned down, the rapist teacher pushed her to the ground and forcibly removed her clothes before raping her once.

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On September 25, the court heard that the accused took advantage of the absence of other family members and dragged the juvenile into his bedroom.

He raped her once, but during the sexual abuse, the complainant’s younger sister arrived home and witnessed the act.

She reported the matter to her mother who then made a police report, leading to the arrest of the accused.

A medical report was produced in court showing that the juvenile had indeed been raped.

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  1. good ridance to bad rubbish

  2. My prayer is that for many to recieve Jesus as Lord and saviour to avoid troubles of the world, Raping a young girl it is demonic, and the Teacher is possesed.

  3. Tafadzwa Talkmore Madzimbamuto

    Am yet to figure out what really transpires a 28 year old man to rape a grade 6 pupil who should be roughly around 11 or 12 years, or any other case of rape where a grown up man rapes a minor, unenge wamboona chiiko and unenge uchiti urikuitei nemwana asina chaanoziva, however there are many of these stories especially in Marange area where young girls are being forced into marriages, these Mapostori people and their evil ways of arranging marriages for minor girls as young as 10 years who should be attending school but alas, that’s not the case.
    Am sure something needs to be done as well on those human rights abuses and this is happening, many of these girls have been indoctrinated to believe in these early marriages and also to believe in their concept of ‘ndarateswa urimukadzi wangu’ and automatically she has to go and become a wife to an elderly man who already has a chain of wives. This should also be exposed because this is not right.
    Thank you

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