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Step-daughter eats own human waste


IN a case of extreme child abuse, a 19-year-old wife of a police officer is alleged to have forced a seven-year-old girl, her step-daughter, to eat her own human waste as punishment for soiling her blankets.
Report by Charles Laiton, Senior Court Reporter

The incident was reportedly witnessed by a neighbour at their Tomlinson Depot residence sometime this month.

The woman, Fatima Kahari, was arrested following a tip-off deposited in the police suggestion box. She appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei on Monday and was remanded out of custody to next Thursday for trial.

The court heard that the “Good Samaritan” who witnessed the abuse, but whose identity has been withheld, saved the child by dousing the child with water using a hosepipe to clean the human waste from her mouth.

It was also submitted in court that Kahari also allegedly starved the girl on several occasions, ordered her do her own laundry, assaulted her on many occasions and denied her access to education.

On some occasions the girl would allegedly be offered food by their neighbour Mavis Munhenga, but when Kahari got wind of it she reportedly confronted the “Good Samaritan” and ordered her not to do so.

It is alleged the girl also confided in Munhenga that each time Kahari suspected her to have received food from neighbours, she would physically punish the minor for it.

At one point the matter was allegedly referred to the chaplin’s office where it was discussed.

Kahari pleaded not guilty to contravening a Section 7 (a) (b) of the Children Act.

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