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Soldier fined for breach of peace


AN officer in the Zimbabwe National Army has been fined $20 by the Harare Civil Courts after he was found guilty of violating his neighbour’s peace and threatening her with death over the ownership of a stand in Waterfalls.

Report by Pride Gonde

Munashe Chinogurei appeared before magistrate Miriam Banda last week and was found guilty of violating Rhoda Magaya’s peace at her stand number 340 near Mainway Meadows. Magaya told the court that she was a widow and was granted a peace order against Chinogurei who was ordered to be peaceful with Magaya for the next 12 months before being fined $20.

“He has been calling me a prostitute who is engaging in sexual activities with Apex Board members and at some point, he told me that the house I am building was not meant for me to stay in, but it was my grave,” said Magaya almost in tears.

“People now refer to me as a prostitute, even young children have lost respect for me.”

The court heard that Chinogurei, who is the secretary of a housing co-operative called Ujama and a war veteran, was threatening Magaya and ordering her to move away from her stand which he allegedly claimed was his. Magaya told the court that she was allocated the stand by Hatidzokere Shure Housing Co-operative which is under the Apex Board.

“I have heard people coming to my house every night when I am asleep and I am certain that they are Chinogurei’s people.

“My son has been threatened with unspecified action by
unidentified people and I suspect Chinogurei is behind all this,” she said.

Chinogurei, however, denied the charges, saying his hands were clean. Magistrate Banda ordered Chinogurei to pay the $20 fine by end of day today.

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