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Peter Moyo’s shattered dream


PETER Moyo wanted the release of his debut album to coincide with the first anniversary of his father’s death, but his dream was shattered when a music producer told him his voice was not yet ripe for the studio.

Report by Godwin Muzari Group Lifestyle Editor

Early this year, the “Young Igwe”, as Peter is affectionately known, promised to honour the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo through a new offering that would carry a track saluting the late musician’s acumen as a father and artist.

Peter would have launched the album during the memorial gig held in honour of Dhewa at Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe on Sunday.

The launch would have underlined the young musician’s initiation into the recording industry, with blessings from Alick Macheso and Progress Chipfumo, who also performed at the gig.

The Young Igwe foresaw the album going on sale on Monday (October 15), exactly a year after his father succumbed to cancer.

His dream hinged on the anticipation he would be a refined musician after leading Utakataka Express for almost a year.

Despite making commendable progress on stage performances and band management, Peter is still to be crowned in the studio.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Peter expressed disappointment at his inability to record the album despite having numerous compositions on his shelf.

“It would have been a good thing to have the album coincide with the memorial ceremony, but my plan went off the rail when a producer told me that I still had to refine my voice,” he said.

“When I made the promise, I thought my voice had improved to a good standard, but the producer felt otherwise.

“If I do not make it in a month, I will have to put the album on hold until next year because I cannot release it at the end of December when the festive mood would be ending.

“I will have to wait for a time when showbiz becomes lively again.”

The Young Igwe might have a big task if the producer intends to record a voice that aptly matches Dhewa’s standard.

Although he has improved at live performances, Peter’s voice cannot be compared to his father’s.

Peter’s comment put to rest speculation that he was failing to record because of the departure of key members Spencer Kumulani (bass guitarist), animator Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika and drummer Gaison Sixpence, who crossed over to Energy Mutodi’s band.

Peter Moyo goes back to school
“I am going through vocal lessons with an experienced instructor from Hwange. I recently went for trials at the studio after taking some of the lessons and I was told to practice for another month.” — MOYO

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