Pastor Charamba grooms Peter Moyo

GOSPEL musician Pastor Charles Charamba is assisting Peter Moyo with vocal lessons to prepare him for the recording of his upcoming debut album.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi

A music producer recently advised Moyo to refine his voice before going into the studio.

Moyo told NewsDay  that he had approached Charamba because he needed vocal training.

“I was told to go and have thorough practice and I had to approach Pastor Charamba to assist me. I am getting tutorials from him,” said Moyo.

He said his father (the late Tongai Moyo) told him that he admired the vocal prowess of Charamba and his wife Olivia, adding that the late musician intended to record a song with them.

“My father had a plan to have a collaboration with the Charambas because he always admired the voices of the couple. That’s why I decided to approach them,” said the young musician.

Moyo said he was grateful to the musician for agreeing to teach him.
Charamba said he agreed to assist the young musician because of the relationship he had with his father.

“His father was a man who feared God and he would always call seeking divine assistance from us. Peter is like my son and I have to spare my time to assist him,” said Charamba.

The Nyika yeZimbabwe hit-maker said he was happy that the young musician was improving since he started assisting him.

“He is doing well now and I hope by the end of this year he will get into the studio to record his album.”

The “Young Igwe”, as Moyo is affectionately known, has a big task if his producer intends to record a voice that aptly matches his father’s timbre. Although he has improved at live performances, Moyo’s voice cannot be compared to his father’s.

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  1. just record as it is so that people could have the right to judge him. who knows maybe his voice is better than his father. character is very unique that cant be copied. the producer is doing this young man bad.

    1. Peter ngaadzidze zwake mufana uyu.gve the opportunity to prove himself not just seeking vocal lessons frm other musians can spoil him.GO PETER GO !THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU

  2. Mhondoro YeMhondoro

    Peter is Peter , Dhewa was dhewa , how can his voice match that of Tongai , inga raSulumani rakasiyana nera Mdhara Chopper but he is flying high , let this young man produce before its too late.

  3. nuffin wrong with being groomed.Peter has the passion & he s smart for his age so with good guidance sky z the limit…

  4. i think th young igwee has done good for hs age, he wil get more thn jst “vocal lessons”: spiritual guidance

  5. as upcomings we have to learn from the great ones. nice move young brother

  6. there is nuthin wrong for peter to be groomed vocal training is neccessary for every musician…thts realy good

  7. tinashe kandenga

    Let him also get spritual guidance not only vocal

  8. World over musicians undergo vocal training,fore peter its not to reproduce his fathers,but to fine tune it to a standard level.once polished,some musicians even insure their voive boxes

  9. I think the greatest lesson is to learn the ways of God, be humble and He will lift you up. Pastor Charamba, thank you very much, but please use the opportunity to add another one to the gospel train. Welcome brother Peter!

  10. Yes Kandenga.Apart from the voice training this youngster also needs temperamental training.A respected musician does not go about punching fans around because the fans are “recording him on cell-phones “without permission” ;more so when the said musician is about to perform gospel music with such respected artists like the Charambas.One budding musician ,Freddy Chimombe used to jump off stage to attack fans;now look, where is he now?


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