NSSA raids Chiredzi Town

Chiredzi Town Council was last month reportedly left $20 000 poorer after the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) raided its bank account and garnished the money over an outstanding contribution.
Report by Own Correspondent

Chiredzi town secretary Charles Muchatukwa confirmed the development last Thursday and accused NSSA of practising double standards by rushing to garnish the local authority’s account when the former has not paid its rates arrears.

Although strenuous efforts to get a comment from NSSA were fruitless by the time of going to print, Muchatukwa claimed NSSA owed the local authority over $40 000 in unpaid rates.

Muchatukwa also claimed NSSA raided the local authority’s Standard Chartered Bank account after the local authority had presented a separate payment plan which the former had agreed to.

“We penned out a payment plan with NSSA which we have not defaulted and we are surprised to see our account garnished.

“Needless to say, NSSA is owing us over $ 40 000 in unpaid rates and we have not taken any such move against them.

“Maybe it’s because they have garnishing powers which we don’t have,” Muchatukwa said.

He also showed NewsDay copies of receipts proving that the local authority had made two part payments to NSSA. NSSA officials in Chiredzi refused to comment over the issue referring questions to their head office in Harare.

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  1. I hope the NSSA pensioners who are being treated like dirt by the same pension funds including private pension companies get a garnish order too for the rip off they have suffered under this horrid monstrosity aka NSSA?..This so that the company executive can have caviar while the rest of the pensioners (read owners of the funds) are forced to eat ordure. And hy do the Ministers of Finance and Labour and social welfare continue to look the other way, how callous can they get? And why is the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights who have done a sterling job elsewhere quiet about all this? Or dont pensioners also qualify for human rights which are being trampled underneath with all the corruption at NSSA? And while welcoming the new much more focussed ZCTU, can they please address this issue post haste? And WHERE is the ombudsman when he/she is needed most?

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