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New law to curb political violence


Zimbabwean political parties are taking measures to curb political violence and rigging in the next elections after President Robert Mugabe signed the Electoral Amendment Bill into law.
Report by Moses Matenga Staff Reporter
The Act seeks to ensure a violence-free campaign period as it criminalises and disqualifies those found guilty of inciting violence.

The Act also provides for the Attorney-General to ensure sufficient competent prosecutors are provided to try all cases of politically-motivated violence.

“The Attorney-General shall ensure that during every election period, sufficient competent prosecutors are provided to ensure that all cases of politically-motivated violence and intimidation arising within the area in which the election is being held are processed quickly and brought to court as soon as possible before the magistrates designated,” read the Electoral Amendment Act in part.

“A court which convicts a person of an offence involving politically-motivated violence or intimidation committed during an election period may, in addition to any other penalty it imposes on the convicted person, prohibit him or her from campaigning or taking any further part in the election.

“There will also be a code of conduct to promote conditions conducive to free and fair elections and a climate of tolerance in which electioneering activity may take place without fear or coercion, intimidation or reprisals,” read the Act in part.

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