National dress launched

An exhibition of a proposed national dress, called the “Nhowe Zimbabwe Dress”, was displayed on Saturday evening during the Miss Curvy pageant.Report by Melissa Mpofu, Entertainment Reporter

Models who contested for the pageant took turns to exhibit the dress, including Mildred Shumba from Bulawayo, who was crowned Miss Curvy.

This dress, according to Mercy “Catwalk” Mushaninga, the brains behind the nhowe dress, is a proposal for a Zimbabwean national dress for women.

“The nhowe dress is a cotton dress made from leather print and we are proposing that it be the national dress since we do not have one in Zimbabwe.

“Wherever we go, people confuse us for South Africans or Americans, as we do not have our own specific dress unlike the Nigerians who have their known apparel,” she said.

Catwalk said the dress did not have national colours because they were commonly used in most African countries and would not be different from the rest.

“We wanted to make the Zimbabwe dress different from the rest hence our decision to use leopard print, which is associated with royal families and Africans at large,” she said.

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  1. what does the nhowe stan for or mean ?

    1. I have my own way of dressing! Its Jannfinn Fashions! I can do you a national dress

    2. we are a comminity ewth diverse cultures l dont think it would be proper to have one because one way or the other other groups would not be represented unless we use the national flag colours

  2. Anything that is NATIONAL cannot be in Shona. If you say the name is NHOWE, then please call it a Shona tribal dress and not national. Some of our people should get over this mentality of dominating everyone – we are not going to allow that, as we move into a new dispensation.

    As we speak, the powers that be in Harare continue to name every government initiative in Shona – Zimbabwe is not all Shona as we have Coloureds, Whites, Asians, Venda, Khalanga, immigrants from all over the world, Sotho, Xhosa, Shangani, Nambya etc.

    You hear OPERATION this and OPERATION that by the police or Army – all in Shona. Operation Garikayi – what is that? Where is the Venda equivalent, the Sotho, Xhosa, Shangani, Tonga etc? Even state institutions/buildings are all named in Shona – Monomotapa Building, where are the King Mzilikazi, Mambo or Lobhengula buildings?

    Again lets stop this naming of things in language alternatives of Shona/Ndebele – otherwise this means things are thought out in Shona and then translated into Ndebele and in most cases incorrectly, which in itself suggests that Ndebele is junior to Shona.

    Why cant we just have a state initiative today named in Ndebele only and tomorrow in Shona, and next time in Nambya and so on and so forth. All Zim languages are equal since all Zimbabweans are equal before the law/constitution. This is the only sure way to ensure that Zimbabweans of all walks of life are forced to learn other languages!!

    This packing order of the Shona language first and other languages later, which ZANU PF came up with since 1980 should be banned. Even our news broadcasts follow this packing order – no wonder tribalism has grown in leaps and bounds in Zimbabwe since ZANU PF came to power in 1980!

    1. Here lies the problem with our country. A young lady organises a fashion/modelling show and at the event she showcases a dress design that she goes on to PROPOSE that it be adopted as a national dress. Maibabo! we hear cries and angry voices from some of our siblings. Why did she name her dress in shona!

      How lame is that? Please, there is no need to get hot under the collar! Just have a look at the dress, if you like it just say inzwa mwana wamai, isigqoko sihle kodwa ibizo leli kalifanelanga yi national dress…..and propose a better name. Nxa idress lingayenzi just say the dress is not right! Simplez.

      No-one has been barred from coming up with their own proposals for a national dress named in whatever language. Lets not just sit and cry, show your own initiative.

      1. Lets stop using the race cart everywhere it is not necessary Shona, Ndebele, we areall but one.

        1. Not one and we have never been one ask Mugabe he will tell you hence the exclusion of Ncube here and there you cannot say Tsvangirai or Mutambara represent Ndebele no no so is the oneness in your eyes?

      2. tinashe gurajena

        its not a matter of shona word but the sense behind. stop being tribalistic. u cn name yr own in yr language. grow up hey!

        1. yes, you can say that again.. this not tribalistic. Maybe Mercy would just have named it “Zimbabwe – African Dress” so that everyone is embraced in the Zimbabwe- African part of it…

          Dont just gramble, she came up with and idea of an national dress, then lets all bring our minds together and help to come up with a dress that suits everyone…period.

        2. Nah. You got it all wrong papa does this Mercy character even know the number of tribes in Zim. Don’t be so ignorant. You should hear the Shonas trying to learn Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho here. Its hilarious, its amazing what desparation can do to a person, funny thing is there are chances galore to learn other languages in Zim but Shona people want to learn them in RSA trying to fit in. How about just fitting in at Home.

        3. I really like local dress designs. Where is this proposed national dress on diplay? curious to have a look.

        4. Guys why a u so tribalistic? Here is a Shona Lady who had an idea and u U Ndebeles a up in arms agaimst here. If there is ndebele lady who can do better let come up with something and she can name whatever she wants. Besides most of u guys who clam to be ndebele trace your routes anu will c that u are a all Shona. Actually they are very few real ndebele People in the Country eg the Khumalos and not the Ndlovu or Sibanda.

          Don’t just complain do something to put your tribe on the map and maybe your ideas will be accespted

      3. yes

      4. She has every right to come up with her dress and give it whatever name she wants
        But once she calls it NATIONAL she includes me and Im not Shona. Matland politicians have come up with political parties to address matland issues and they have been accused of this NATONAL rubbish. If you cant stand the fire, dont start things you cant handle like NATIONAL.

      5. thank u, where does the tribal thing come in and for sure noone has been barred frm cmin up with their own proposals for a national dress named in wateva language.Mbonisi what did u want the dressed to be named?

        1. Read my contributions, I have already explained myself and givrn siggestions for more inclusive names.

        2. wena mbonisi u are full of hatred.yini ingika yakho? get a life man.uyangnyonsa shame…..nxm

      6. He died on the spot, sorry in the hospital

        I second you Yinindaba

      7. sound reasoning.why would one grumble after something has been finished. grumbling cultivates this culture of laziness,people should speak through their own works of innovation which they can proudly name,even after themselves.This tribal issue brouhgt into fashion is archaic

      8. Thulani Victor Dube

        The problem is the naming of a national dress in one language it should have a name that is universal in all languages.

        1. You are one of the few who understands my point. The rest are diliberately confusing and convoluting the issue for tribalistically selfish reasons!!

      9. i suport you there. some people are just quick to cry foul.please grow up man

    2. make yours and suggest the name for creative!!!

    3. agree with responses given so far…Granted you have observed a weakness to this young lady’s proposal instead of bringing empty criticism that reflects a level of inferiority why dont you step up with a solution that covers the whole of zimbabwe.

      There’s only one Zimbabwe…ndebele, shona, native, naturalised, zanu, zapu, mdc…we are one Zimbabwe

    4. Cry the beloved country

      You are right. I’m reminded of Garikai in Gwanda. When the ZRP unleashed havoc in Gwanda recently, I was surprised to learn that there is a suburb called Garikai…in Gwanda, the provincial capital of Mat South, unbelievable! Have we run out of Ndebele/Sotho names to give to our suburbs? Does anyone know of a suburb in Harare or another town/city in the heart of Mashonaland with a Ndebele name? I’m not being tribalistic, I just dont buy this notion of some cultures being more equal than others.

      1. Its a name created by your Shona govt with its Operation Garikayi.

      2. In Kwekwe there is iMbizo township mispelt Mbizvo in Shona. Kwekwe itself is a Shona corrupted version of the Ndebele na uQweqwe meaning the dry layer that forms at the top surface of milk. In Gweru there is Lobhengula street.All the names were by the previous white governments. Since ZANU PF came to power the use of Ndebele for names outside Matland appears to have been secretely banned.

        1. mbonisi get a life and stop clinging to the tribalistic ideas of yrs nxaaa, nowonder u u still behind on everything coz whilst us shonas are busy on developmental things u busy thinkin of the past and wat shld have been. accept reality and try to copy the good thaat has come out of the shonas pliiiiiiz

        2. What Chipangano is busy doing – is that what you call “Shonas being busy on developmental things”?

          Wake up and smell the coffee. There is no violence in Mthwakazi because we are progressive. There is violence in predominantly Shona provinces because you copy everything that Mugabe does and says, including tribalism.

          We vote for Tswangirayi without minding his tribe. As for you, you check the name, surname and the province of the party leader before you decide to vote for or against that leader.

          PROGRESSIVE – MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. thank u mamoe.this mbinisi is just fucked up.sotho sotho what.just go 2 lesotho then.tsek mhani

        4. firstly, i agree with you Mbonisi that the dress should not be named in one langauge because there are a lot of tribes and languages in Zimbabwe. In that vein, a national dress should encompass aspects from the various tribes in the country.
          about the names of the streets, J.Moyo is in harare and so is JM Nkomo road (airport rd)…i also think that this tribal bickering should stop…it’s high time that we mature beyond that and start thinking of national solutions and not tribal solutions…if a Shona person comes up with an idea, that’s them. just like a Ndebele person, that Shona person may not know isiNdebele and comes up with ideas that are influenced by where and how they grew up. Similarly, no Ndebele person has been stopped from suggesting their own version of the national dress with their own suggested name.

      3. its called hlalani kuhle…..which means garikai but people like you want to promote the later to justify a long held perception….

      4. Everyone is right in his own way. But the crux of the matter is respect for diversity is gone. Don’t forget the Vhenda, Shangaani, Sotho, Nambya, Ndau, Budya, Manyika, Karanga, Kalanga, Tonga, Ndebele, Korekore, Zezuru, the list goes on and on.. these are all that constitute ZIMBABWE. The fact that there is a Matibili, or some other tribe in cahrge of government affairs does not mean everyone is now subservient to the ‘ruling’ tribe. Treat all people as equals. That is why we need a new constitution!

    5. Thank you hinindaba, trabalists like mbonisi are a problem in our country they always want to treat everything along tribal lines. Who has ever asked why meetings are called indabas, is that shona?. ungabokali sonke iskati wena.

      1. tinashe gurajena

        mkululi thnx fo the observatn

      2. many thanks mate.a refreshing mind.

        1. thanks mkululi.. some people are busy making money and mbonisi busy trying to see
          who is where…wakasara!!

      3. @Mkululi
        Words get adopted for national usage through universal usage, and not through impositions from the top. Where there is top-down imposition, we resist with all our might.

        Words like INDABA, Bantu etc were never imposed from top down – it was just ordinary usage such that people simply adopted without feeling dictated to.

        Its like the word “Bambazonke” or “Mafikizolo” – who imposed these words on anyone – nobody – people just started using them willingly!

      4. thank you mkhululi

    6. My sister you can also design your own national dress and name it in Ndebele and it will be called a National Dress. Who said there is supposed to be one National Dress. In Namibia they have a dozen national dresses – one for each tribe. Zimbabwe is so big its for us all, stop looking over the fence at what your neighbour is doing and uphold your own household … whether Manyika, Karanga, Zezuru or Ndebele.

      1. In South Africa each tribe or “culture ” as they like to say has its own cultural dress. On their heritage day learners come to school in their own cultural dress. I have a collection of pictures of various cultural attire worn by learners at our school on this year’s heritage day. We bought our daughter a cultural dress of one of the cultural groups here but we are not South Africans. Should it matter really to wear clothes designed by a person who is not your tribe? If a Ndebele designs an item of clothing that I find tasteful I will buy it without any hesitation! In Zimbabwe in Chipinge at Chikore High School I noticed that the Ndau people have cultural dresses for their women called “chikisa”. The issue of national dress(es) should be used to unite a nation rather divide it. The slogan on the coat of arms for Gauteng, for example, says “unity in diversity”. This is something that we Zimbabweans should emulate. A national dress or dresses will emerge from our designers and tailors; it will not be prescribed. People will gradually develop a taste for a certain way of dressing the way our women wrap around ”maZambia”

        1. In South Africa, unlike in Zim they never impose anything that belongs to one culture/tribe on each and every South African citizen as NATIONAL and you know this is true!

          This is why you buy other cultures’ outfits – because its never imposed on you.

          Even languages are never imposed on those who don’t speak them – you learn them out of interest and curiousity.

          This is quite unlike in Zim where the mere mention to a Shona that I am from Zim automatically tells him that he should speak to me in Shona, even if he knows I am not Shona.

          Everywhere in Zim, Mugabe’s tendencies of forcing things, imposing things/decisions on others is common among the Shona. It has now become the hallmark of being Shona!!

        2. Man u r so narrowminded,as a proud ndebele from byo, i must say iam reaaaaaly disappointed in u.Its such thinking that will have our region always behind in deevelopment,in case u havent noticed creativity and innovation have no race,just come up with your race and call it mthwakazi or mbonisi or whatever, just stop this hatred crap its just destroying you and bringing a lot of folk down withya.yeses man get a grip.

        3. Nothing has been imposed why didnt someone from matland suggest a national dress like this girl did mbonisi you are Mthwakazi. You are the guys who make us shonas who stay in byo and make up 52% of the population speak ndebele like you interact at all levels start to think twice. You just creating enmity over anything that you can find. I can safely say tribalism is more in Matabeleland than in Mashonaland.

          mid 90’s I was drinking in an office in one of the institutions in byo with people i grew up with and the guys were busy tearing up cv’s for a post cause no ndebele had applied. Sad to say that post was filled two years later when a ndebele applicant applied. In Harare you get a job no matter who you are and what i have seen is that if you are good whether ndebele or shona things work for you. Lina ama crybaby who want a separate state when there are more shonas in your capital city really make me wonder

        4. Tribal/ regional/ cultural and many other localised dressing designs and dilectically named for women around there is ok with them. Dont just wake up one morning and try to gather pple to tell them you have a national creation that stands for Zimbabwe. Ah iweka iwe. Whats national about it. It should compete with others and gain popularity with people actually buying and wanting to identify with it then get the NATURAL ACCEPTANCE OF ‘National’ status then a name is also generated then.

        5. Mbonisi is going to have us fighting eachother along tribal lines. This guy is worse that Bob.
          Now I’m starting to think that maybe Bob came along a fool like Mbonisi before Gukurahundi and thought all ndebeles were like that.
          Thank God I know better.
          To all my progressive Ndebele people, lets come together and build up our country coz no one is going to do it for us, especially not politicians.

        6. True am Ndau and if other people do not have a dress they can readily self identify with that is their problem. I would never accept an imposed dress code simply because a person has declared it to be so. i was raised knowing that we Ndaus have a dress and that is also something that I have passed on to my children. Last i know is that this country is not a dictatorship.

    7. My dear bro…do you even thing the National dress would be called Mzilikazi, when in actual fact you guys want to be Zulus. Recently you were asked to be part to the Zulu Nation..Honestly you guys don`t belong here..The rants and puffs you are exhibiting are not Zimbabwean. Go die!!!1

      1. Chenjerayi, we will only build a progessive nation by using our positive energy. Hate filled comments are not useful for the Zimbabwe we want. We will never get anything positive out of something negative. The Shona and Ndebeles already have a troubled past and rabid comments against each other will not lead us anywhere.

    8. So for you anything national must called all its dialectical and language names.After all the democracy you so hyoe about is about numbers.So,the Shonas are by far the largest linguistic or dialectical grouping in the country.Besides Mandevere came only 40 years before varungu,hence they are more alien and far fewer than the Shonas,VARIDZI VENYIKA.

      1. No, all Im saying is that we should alternate Zim languages over national issues to be inclusive!

        1. mbonisi ndeye kwako iyo uchajaira hako wati wadii tikati Mwari vakatipa chipo chekufunga nekushanda

      2. Who said Shonas are varidzi venyika? Chief Svosve akataura asati afa on one of the interviews in ZBC, that Shonas came from as far as Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, etc. Ndebeles came from Swaziland, South Africa. Never say Shonas varidzi venyika. Being overpopulated does is not an avenue to ownership. Lets just work together Shonas and Ndebeles. Because of intermarriages, we are one people. Lets not just cause confusion. This is what also happened with these political parties, Zanu PF and Zapu PF. It was said Zapu PF is for Ndebeles and Zanu PF for Shonas. Look at how Matabeleland has lagged behind on development. Lets try to be one. Look at how the British and Americans handle their elections. I was watching Romney and Obama being interviewed and one time they had dinner together. Can we do that in Zimbabwe? Lets just learn to love one another. There is nothing wrong with this Shona girl giving the national dress a Shona name. Even if it was a Ndebele girl she would have given it a Ndebele name and then be translated to other two languages. No hard feelings. I am a Ndebele woman and my children are Shonas, and am happy with that. I always tell them you look very beautiful my children because you have rich Shona and Ndebele blood. I am proud of that.

        1. I have always said it is the Shona who cause tribal divisions in Zim but they accuse uMthwakazi for no reason. If we were tribalists would we vote for Tswangiray? It is them who try to exclude us from everything. It is also Mugabe who brought them this thing about them being abanikazi belizwe, in South Africs there is no such a thing. WE ARE TIRED OF SHONA NAMES/DOMINATION. WE WONT ACCEPT ANYTHING NATIONAL THAT IS NAMED IN SHONA.

        2. We are tired INDEED…There nothing that our SHONA brothers and sisters have done that has succeeded….THEY ARE A TRIBE OF DREAMERS! Keep on dreaming!

        3. so ypou know who guys in your group vote for. But the honest truth ntae Mbonisi. Mthwakazi is one of the most destructive groups that I have evr encountered in Zimbabwe and very destabilising. It doesnt seem to focus on positive things just negative negative all the time . Is everything all negative my friend?

        4. dont say we.say i.u fucken mbonisi

        5. wena thandiwe yekela i inter marriage labantu laba uzazisola

        6. Can your kids speak Ndebele. If not, you are a failure. Judged!

      3. kikikikikiki. cde imimika…. munokonzeresa… Asi shuwa nyika ndeyedu zvayo, zvimwe tinganyeberane. Aaaa, ndakanganwa ana wasu, nyika ndeyedu naana wasu.

    9. chitundumuseremusere

      Nonsense. SO you want us to think in English and use English. Just suggest a Ndebele word for the word you said was a shona word. For your own info shona is zezuru. I am Karanga I dont waste time thinking about those trivialities. Make noise about the water situation in your area, things that bring food on your table. Dont ever think that your tribe is important because it wont help us at all. Ndebeles have a serious problem. Why do they think they are special.

      1. Its you who has a problem

        1. yes why do you think you special. Masvingo oldest town in the country has any development been done there. Mutare Border town has any development beed done there, beitbridge, gweru, kwekwe nothing. Now you need to ask your self is it really a shona ndebele thing ?

        2. Kunta, ndati vaudze mhani vanhu ava.
          We are in H-Town making our money without any help from the government wani???
          Our gvt has developed nothing for us here, those nice houses you see, we did it on our own.

      2. yes ndebeles have a problem they always think think they are being sidelined and the funny thing is ndivo vega vanoona kusarudzwa kwavo because thats all they are looking for ukatsvaga gonye muguava unoriwana palease grow up mbonisi ndimi vanhu vanotikonzeresa imimi…………….. next

        1. wena beautiful ulamanga,we ndebeles dont have problems but its you shona elileproblem,lifuna ukuba phambili ezintweni zonke lilamawala too much.ematabeleland izibhedlela ngama shona,hospitals shonas,teachers shonas,at work shonas

        2. go to NUST they tried gettn more Ndebele students in e early stages by lowering passes required for ndebeles bt they later realised still Shonas are more than ndebeles and also in terms of numbers its simple arithmetics go to any institution of higher learning ndebeles will be very few in my class @ NUST we had 12 Ndebeles agnst 35 Shonas so tell me wat will happen afta graduating project this maths into all otha instituitions of higher learning and tell me wat u get,,,,,,for interst’s sake check enrollment figures @ Hillside trs college,UBH,Mpilo,NUST,Byo poly, lets face facts leave the tribal issues and lets be one nation i can speak ndebele fluently thr is nothing i resent abt ndebeles bt if u try to make the shonas feel guilty then thts wrong……

      3. Its you who have a problem. Would you like it if we say Shonas have a problem? And never be proud that Matabeleland does not have rains because ndezvaMwari. Dont cause a curse for Mashonaland. Its unfortunate that KARANGAS are tribalist. For the whole of Shonas, Karangas have a problem. Chana chatete, chana chatete, kudii kwacho? You have a problem for sure. We are preaching oneness in Zimbabwe and you busy playing divide game.

      4. thank u mukaranga

    10. You are not a Zimbabwean (Mbonisi) you are a CIA agent trying to create civil war so that you can conduct your Libya and Syria type of operations. We now know you, Zimbabweans learn your lessons this is how such wars are started. Support the conspiracy and die in a useless civil war.

      1. What is it that you find difficult about being inclusive, to make every Zimbabwen feel they belong?

      2. uyawumana wena

      3. Mandla you have opened my mind here.
        This guy was starting to make a tribalist out of me also.
        Thank you for that fresh thought.

    11. Don’t be petty

    12. Batsheleeeeeeeeeeeee.

    13. The lady who introduced it is Shona and so by right of invention she can name it what she wants. Zanu PF didnt invent tribalism. Tribalism came with Mzilikazi and his social caste system and his classification of people not from Mzantsi as amahole (or something like that). Hence the derogatory “amasvina” term that you guys (you guys=Ndebele people) use when you want to derisively refer to Shona speaking person. The kind of linguistic unity you envision such as the one that exists in South Africa is difficult to achieve in Zimbabwe. For two reasons – Shona and Ndebele are diametrically different. Whereas in SA, isiXhosa, isiZulu are similar, and Sipedi and Sotho are similar so its easier for people to learn each others languages. The other reason is a consequence of the founding of the Ndebele nation and the historical animosity of the ancient raids by the militaristic Ndebeles. I cant speak Ndebele but I cant imagine why I would want to learn it because I dont see where I would use it. I havent been to Bulawayo, I dont have Ndebele social circles. Its like asking me to learn Swedish language.

      1. Very good if people observed that difference as you do that will be very fine but soon you will have a Ndebele relative by your son or duaghter.

    14. Waze wayitshaya ekhanda mntaka baba indaba, njalo nje izinto zonke in shona then or we forgot that its not only us shonas or the other Ndebeles who complain too much again what is called in Ndebbele or Rogue or Isigcebhezana all the names are decided later to market their ill gotten tribalism designs satsha ngamaTshona

    15. The packing order is shona 1st my comrade out of sheer numbers and mutual exclusivity. Have you ever gone to another country and found their nationals also speaking in shona in the same way you find Ndebele in South Africa, Kalanga in Botswana and Tonga in Zambia and Shangani in South Africa?

      Some times one can not have their cake and eat it.

      1. The packing order is first Shona because of Gukurahundism, not out of sheer numbers!!

    16. Mbonisi you are lost my brother totally lost in this case

    17. we are different in culture so why not voting for national dress.

    18. we are different tribe so why not voting for national dress choosing which one is good .

    19. i agree with you can someone say its a national dress when one tribe provides the name.they are jokers those people.thina in matabeleland we will always use our own cultural dresses and we dont need to wear shona dresses to be national.we have two nations in one country.pls lets repsect one another ans stop impossing things on other groups.whats wrong with you pepl from mashonaland

      1. Colleagues from Matebeleland I agree with you and agree kuti apa pakakanganiswa seriously. I say that without fear or favour. In fact all tribes should be represented on the national dress shangani etc.

    20. Level headed Zimbo

      i know that some of us do not love being Zimbabweans the reason is best known to themselves, but my advise is find your own planet and go there, Zimbos are mostly victims of all sorts of phobics because we are not at all united as a people.if one goes to Botswana you find Zimbos saying they are Kalangas from Francistown not from Zim, In South Africa Zimbos say they are Zulus from KZN not Zimbos who can speak zulu WHY Zimbos. We are one of the Better Educated Nation in Africa but we are not Proud of being a People, So one can say being Educated is not every thing, in other words we were educated to shun our own culture of ONENESS – CHIRWIRANGWE. we are good at being copycats of other nationalities, but not supporting ours.When in neighbouring countries all Zimbos say ” i come from HARARE (Htown ) noone comes from Karoi, Zvishavane, Acturus, Penhalonga, we all want to be associated with Harare we are shy of our own hometowns.” that explains the difference between EDUCATED and LEARNED.” My self i prefer to be LEARNED. unoziva asi hauzivisise, unoona asi hauonesese, unonzwa asi haunzwisise. Mabiyangu ndaenda. Atenzi amangwana.

    21. Iwe Mbonisi, Zimbabwe ndeyemaShona. Mandebele ndeve ku South Africa uko. National dress code haiite zvayo but panyaya yokuti Zimbabwe ndeyani, ndeyemaShona. You cannot run away from that.


      Is ndebele not junior??????? both numerically and puritanically!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How useful is an article about a fantastic new dress without a picture of said article of clothing.

    This is so useless it borders on irresponsible because of the manner the reader is left feeling thoroughly cheated/dissatisfied

    Step up your game, people

    1. you are spot on. when i read the first line i scrolled down looking for the pic, no doubt the writer did not attend the event

    2. nhai Zvako iwe Tsika mtanda

  4. if u feel great,u probably are!if u feel inferior,mayb u are!!

  5. visuals of the so called dress would be ideal…sir/lady reporter

  6. Visual are on the home page, Life and Style section. I must say the dress in not pleasing to the eye. Thank you very much Ms Mushaninga , but NO that dress cannot be our national dress

  7. its a shona dress period….

    1. Agreed 100%. If its national let it use a neutral language failure of which its just one of those usual Shona thongs. some of us will have none of it.

      1. what is neutral language?WHERE DO YOU WANT TO TAKE US? Zimbabwe national dress in foreign language?You wasting time concetrating on tribalist agendas do things that benefit you period.Stop crying work hard that will do good to you.

      2. mbonisi which language is neutral haaaa. ENGLISH?????

        1. For sure English is neutral, but because it has been done by a Shona person, she has a right to use her language. No hard feelings.

        2. That mbonisi gentleman has a problem..give the dress a Ndebele name-maZezuru will say honai mandevere aye zvooita zvino,give the dress a Karanga name-anzi inzwai mavitory zvaanotiitira- give it a Zezuru name the Ndebeles will say”amaswina laba vayahlanya!!the whites and all other tribes will feel they are left out..give it a an English name-“urichimbwasungata” way or the other whatever name the dress will be called NATIONAL/OR NOT one language will be more dominant than the other/others because its bound to be popularized by the the majority.So mbonisi stop making noise come up with your own dress and c if u ll come up with a “national” dress that will not be linked to your ancestors..our national anthem z sung in 3 languages english,shona,ndebele not even a single person from chipinge,mutambara complains,also you guys dnt have a ndebele name for “flag” you say iflag and u expect us to listen and embrace the “national” name that you will come up with?!!high levels of insanity!!think twice mbonisi!!

        3. Mbonisi anofanira kuziva kt maNdebele have no share in Zimbabwe. Vauyi ava. Let them go back to South Africa kwavakatiza Maxhosa uko.

      3. You need to relocate to Mzanzi my friend. I think you are more at home there. Accept the fact that your people are a linguistic, cultural and numerical minority in Zimbabwe and deal with that.

  8. Dominic Mukondo

    Seriously we are going to argue about what name a dress is called. Nigeria has a national dress and the have more tribes than my fingers and toes put together. How many names does Zimbabwe have? One!! Its the same name for Shona people as it is for Ndebele people and Tonga and Manyika. Lets not be so fickle to want to raise a race issue where one should not exist.

    1. What name are you talking about that is the same in Ndebele?

  9. There is always the ratio difference in any demographical representation (set-up) which sturbonly reflect a true and not a pretentive statistic of dominence of peoples the world over, whether you like it or not but it a sturbon fact & truth. Take your pick. Chinese are dominating the world for the simple reason that they constitute the greater percentage in terms of world population.

    1. Well national unity and patriotism wil remain a dream as long as most of you Shonas persist with your obsession with the numbers game. You do so because this numbers argument favours you. If it didnt you would be singing a different tune.

  10. the idea of the national dress a noble initiative, but to lament about whether the name should be shona, ndebele , or zulu is regretable,
    We are one ZImbabwe whatever race/tribe. Whoever names anything in whatever language lets celebrate as a nation.

    1. We are not one Zimbabwe that is a lie. We wish we could be but we are not. If we were one most Shonas in urban would demand govt to make provision to learn other Zim languages, but they are never bothered. They would support any politician regardless of tribe, as people in Matland do, but they dont. Mugabe would alternate between Shona and Ndebele when addressing national events such as the Copac gathering or the the Heroes Acre, but he never does. He only speaks English and Shona. These people are never inclusive but they expect patriotism from all of us!

    2. No we are not havent you seen that some tribes are not accepted in this country beside we belong to different cultural and linguistic backgrounds .

  11. Shosholoza Shosholoza


  12. this is not a shona dress and its lack of maturity for people to argue about the shona name. i like the idea of having a national dress. i will buy that one because am a proud zimbabean. I stay in Namibia and i would love to be identified as a Zimbabwean through that national dress. if ndebeles, kalangas, shonas, sothos they are all free to come up with their tribal dresses! that will be fantastic, dont you think guys! In namibia, there are vambo dresses, there are damara dresses, there is herero dresses representing different tribes. Mbonisi you can have a ndebele dress but overall we will all need a national dress that will identify us as Zimbabweans. the problem is that Ndebeles always dont want to be identified as ndebeles! they prefer to lie and say they are south africans! why! inferiority complex is your problem! stop being tribalistic and be creative – copme up with a ndebele dress!

    1. Leave the Ndebele people alone. Suffice to say we will never accept a NATIONAL dress named in Shona!

      1. Gushungo Garati

        It will be given to you since you cant see reason. It will be choked up your throught because you are refusing to swallow. Your fifth paragraph on your first contribution is self defeating . I think any initiative identifies with its creator. Catwalk is a shona girl and her initiative s will be branded likewise. You come up with an initiative and it will carry your ndebele brand. If as a nation we like whoever’s initiative we adopt. If we like both , we adopt both. We could shift from national dress to cultural dress meaning we could then be able to have more than one dress. Still that would be definitive of who we are as a peopl as a nation. You have so much hatred and anger that is misdirected to a very innocent and noble initiative. Calm down

  13. tinashe gurajena

    tht being, said, i declare, let it pass. lets go and buy the dress. angafuni ayekhele!

  14. chitundumuseremusere

    Changamire. Thankx for this comment:
    if u feel great,u probably are!if u feel inferior,mayb u are!!

  15. A National dress named in Shona will be bought and won by Shonas ONLY.

  16. Zimabweans lets foster unity through inclusivity. Its not difficult to include everyone in matters of a national character. Lets stop being defensive for nothing.

    1. Mrs or Mrs Mbonisi, if for sure you are a Zimbabwean, you are free to come up with your own idea of whatever thing you want to be national, no one forbids you. if you have valid evidence of a denial on your project or proposal, i can agree that you have a right to say shonas want to dominate. but if u did not try anything, dont tarnish the beautiful image of the ndebele people that have their own views and other business to do than posting immature and unproductive, irreasonable comments. Do u know that i can label the ndebeles as uneducated or uncivilised just by your comments? there are good think tanks of ndebele origin who have better issues to debate on than these pre-school level views of your.

  17. Aaah what a discussion! National dress hey, why not bring together designers from all the tribes and have inputs from each of them and then have them decide on the ‘dhirezi’ collectively. No one person should just wake up and present us with a ‘national dhirezi’, sounds like a quick claim to fame to me.

    1. Yes!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! such a constructive comment….dai ndiriwecash ndakupa mubairo….let’s all have a say panyaya ye’dhirezi’ iri bcoz tichada kuripfeka tese tese for years to come futi……..Lets take time on deciding, Zimbabwe ichiripo haitizi iyi…..this lady came up with a noble idea, to be honest, i jus feel they shud have organised it in such a way that we have designers (or whoever comes up with national dress ideas) from every province in the country and have people vote….and kumaprovince acho vanenge vatoitawo tumacompetition and make sure they bring their best to th table….then we all decide……there’s lots of big ideas out there m sure…..ndomaonero andaitawo ini

  18. Vincent Mangoma

    This has been tried before n failed so i don see wat tthe fuss is about. Who remembers noise about a national dress as well as a national school uniform by one gentleman who went by the name of aeneas chigwedere. All came to naught

    1. Any initiative meant to be NATIONAL in Zimbabwe is bound to fail from the start because of the Shona people and Harare’s exclusionary tendencies – this is what gives rise to complaints about marginalisation. The argument about majority does not wash – you are only a majority in your provinces and not in our provinces. Anything NATIONAL has to be inclusive of every Zimbabwean regardless of language, region, tribe, race, creed or religion – hence English as an international and neutral language should always be the default language on anything NATIONAL, then its problems solved!!

      Mugabe is the source of all these problems – now Tswangirayi is copying him. Most Shona speaking people get their inspiration and influence from these two people. Finally English should be the language used in addressing the nation or any gathering of a national nature. We need a MANDELA in Zimbabwe who can even defend the rights of his enemies!

      1. Mbonisi I think you are taking it way out of the line, it’s not the issue of the dress that you trying to address but some prejudice that you think has happened as is still happening to the Ndebele people. The Issue here is do you like the dress on not. I am Shona and I don’t like the issue of this National Dress and I must take it from there and not try to bring in ethnic imbalances into the picture. We all know that you Ndebeles are not saints as well when it comes to this whole issue of tribalism. I grew up in Gokwe and I know many languages including ndebele but I don’t see anything wrong about some young girl who is trying to market herself. “mbonisi” that’s a nice name anyway.

        1. I have said I have no problem with the dress – yes you are right, its not the dress I am adressing; its the naming of NATIONA PROJECTS in Zimbabwe that always excludes the rest of the population. This is a fact – its not prejudice!!

          What is even more worrisome is that even younger people like this designer lady has fallen victim to these tribalistic tendencies of ignoring a large part of the Zimbabwean population, owing to the fact that, it is what she has known to be the way things are done in Zimbabwe since she was born – having known no other leader and ruling political party in Zim apart from Mugabe and ZANU PF!!

        2. I cant speak Ndebele. I dont want to learn to speak Ndebele because I don’t have any cultural, spiritual, intellectual, social, political and economic use of the language. So am I being tribalistic?

      2. be the mandela yourself. dont make people think like u do

    2. LOL Vincent i remember that season when the proposal was European named schools be renamed , one national uniform design and colour in schools .

      With regards to the dress eish if parly votes it in ,cool those who want to wear it can go ahead those who don’t its your Choice and individuals can name it what they want . the design can be changed to incorporate any tribal designs that can be put in

      @Mbonisi oke you need some serious help either you have an injunction or some complex deal with it before it kills you . the other thin way back in time ndebele raiders took trophy wives be from the manyika , Kalanga , Zezuru, Karanga , ndau you name it basing on villages raided . years later if we could do a genetic tree we are all related .

      1. History lessons will not help your case. The term “National” does not mean Shona – PERIOD!!

        1. iwe mbonisi ndeyekwako iyo if u think u can cme up with something beta jus do so and name it in yr language usade kuti nyaudza zvisina basa nxaaa, who do u think u are, jus get it thru yr thick skul coz i dnt think u got any brains in it, that shonas rule and ther is nothing u can do bout it.

    3. Wat an observation u’v made & a good follow up of events which th majority could nt do.A couple of years back cde chigwedere launched th national dress whch ddnt get a positiv response,so th question is are we to have more than jus one national dress

  19. Is it not better for those complaining that it’s a shona dress not national to give us a NAME which is inclusive of all languages or universal.that y we cant prosper coz we cant support each other even pane chakanaka. What is good is good nomatter who did it, that y Zhakata said “Aita chake ndihombarume yemuraiwo”. You just intiate somerthing good for Zimbabwe then we can call it a national thing. Y was the Zimbabwe bird named a national bird when it was made by any individual.

    1. You want an inclusive name, a few choices –
      1. “The Jacaranda”;
      2. “The Jewel of Africa”; and
      3. “The Limpoz dress” (emphasising the location of Zimbabwe between Limpopo and the Zambesi rivers)

      You can think of more inclusive and neutral names!!

      1. jewel of africa? not zimbabwe?????

      2. @Mbonisi.What is neutral about the names you propose? The first two are English…so you think anything English is neautral……you are an unschooled embecile. The third name is some adulterated liquo… As long as this country has dogs like you in its midst…then we will have problems of integration.

      3. why in English? Conclusion is we dont need a national dress. I am cool with my jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

  20. If we need national dress lets go back to our tradition and wear nhembe with ladies moving around bare chested

    1. gravity mdara gravity

  21. The bone of contention is to come up with a Zimbabwean dress that will be our identity be we Kalanga Zezuru or Tonga. Achieving that is top priority and i don’t think that is disputable. Secondly lets come to the naming or coding. In English we are calling it the Zimbabwe national dress ok? Each tribe in Zimbabwe is now free to give it a name in their OWN tribal language that STILL refers to the same NATIONAL dress. How is this idea going to affect anybody?????????????????????????????????

  22. I do not support this issue of having a national dress.
    Why should people know that I am Zimbabwean by merely looking at my attire.
    What I like is that everybody should dress decently.
    However, I support the lady for adding a product on the market; the spectrum of items to chose from has slightly been widened.
    Zimbabwe, in the past decades was one of the very few countries in Africa in which clothes were being manufactured by indigenous companies but of late we have been contributing very little even to the Zimbabwean market.

    I support you Mercy and I hope to see your product in shops.
    Try to strongly market the brand, “NHOWE”. It sounds bad!!!

  23. In my opinion, a national dress cannot be deliberately decided upon. A national dress can only come up spontaneously, thru general popularity in the society. Zimbabweans need to continue to be creative and once someone comes up with something popular, something that will be ‘in fashion’ without being labelled ‘national dress’ maybe that can be then adopted as national dress. The S.Africans have done so and i believe thts hw the nigerian dress also came to be. In Swaziland the government came up with Umcwashu, but its not very popular because it is not what people naturally like. The name will come naturally as well.



    I have been reading comments here,only to notice this barbaric Mbonisi.Kikikikiki,haa.You are always crying foul why.Don’t you know that its more than 80% shona vs less than 12% ndex.I’m not tribalistic but sometimes we need not to overlook reality.Ndex pple have the tendency of going down south to pick oranges in Transvaal whilst shona officers are naming operations,dresses,buildings,roads in the country.Its a bitter pill but for your own health ,swallow it You Mbonisi (Chioniso0 or whatever your name is.

    1. Its people with your majority mentality who have led to the creation of the MLF. In democracies, minorities have equal cultural and language rights with the majority!!

    2. To hell with you majority percentages – we cannot as a Proud Mthwakazi people be associated with some Shona name – its embarrassing. National means all of us, therefore it should be English!!

      1. mthwakazi kuita seiko iwe to hell wit that, see u always habourin violant thots tsve kuisa pfungwa dzako into something constructive try to improve on yr life wosiya zvokunonga maoranges woitawo like us shonas who are educated and have a vision unlike u illiterate goat.

      2. mbonise u mbonisi

        Such shallow thinking Mboni. First of all what is Mthwakazi.Second why the hell do you think its better to name anything in should be proud of at least having things named in local languages and Shona being the dominant naturally will dominate the names.Think a little bit its not too painful is it.Ngikholwa ukuthi ngikubonisile mbonisi.

  26. Ndini Mercy Wacho

    Mbonisi tmrw go and buy a dictionary or simple use and search for the word “PROPOSED”….. Tell my dear sisters and brothers to design something as well…. Iam sorry if I offended you with my beautiful design, iwe maoko ako haana kusungwa….. SHANDA… take a pen and paper and design a NATIONAL DRESS…. Hauna kusungwa mbiradzakondo…. I am a Zimbabwean and I see every Zimbabwean as ONE…. And for interest`s sake my second name is SIBONGINKOSI…..

    1. Its not the design that is the problem its the name that is tribal not national.

  27. mbonisi into enhle iyabukwa, stop being jealousy man and get a life…why didnt you come up with such a brilliant idea???? we dont need people like you in our beloved country, seems you have serious issues with shona people….if you dont know the history about nhowe mission in murehwa and mbuya Nehanda story according to the dress just stop barking and grow up……..stupid fool

    1. We are not Shona, we dont want Shona – Shona is embarrassing to identify with, as a Mthwakazi!!

      1. imbonisi idiot wats mthwakazi haaaa? manje shona haina kwainoenda kana kubulawayo kwacho mashona totonga muindustry, colleges anywher shonas rule so get a grip of yrslf and accept da fact that Zimbabwe inoti mashona not ndeere

        1. amatshona ayanuka amakhwapha.. bayasuza kakhulu emtshoveni..

      2. mfowethu ukuphikisana lensayi uziqedela isikhathi less jus liv them and do wat they want thina sizenzele okwethu which is uplifting bulawayo and you know wat if we conect well with guys like obama we can be somewhere

    2. thank u sexxy

  28. Mbonisi nxa ungakwazi ukuthi proposed kutshoni ndoda, dinga idictionary and read the meaning…….you need serious help bro, i think counselling will do coz seems jealosiness is attacking you big time…..LOL

    1. Hamba uyefela kude wena nsanangapho. I said we dont mind the dress, but we dont want a Shona name because Shona is a language of one tribe not of all tribes – there its not National. I have already proposed the neutral names above – what are yours?


      1. Ko mashon aaita sei zvawo… MaNdebele are you the only ones who are not Shona in Zim? Why make noise about Shonas? If one makes his or her own creation, she has the liberty to call it what s/he desires, whether shona, english or shangani, or whatever, thats branding! Make your own creation and call it what you like and attacking the Shona. stop being tribalists!

        1. But they should not confuse tribal with national.

  29. mbonisi is a tribalist to the bone marrow.hayi madoda give us a break.i am not shona bt ur comments are irritating

    1. Shonas are a majority in their own provinces not in Mthwakazi – whats tribal or tribalistic about that?

    2. Shonas are a majority in their own provinces. What is tribal or tribalistic about that?

  30. The word ‘national’ implies that the nation was somehow involved in the process.I doubt very much that the nation was involved.No one came round to my home and asked me what I thought about this idea, I’m sure there are similar situations elsewhere. It is IMPERATIVE to get people’s ‘buy-in’ with projects of this kind, otherwise acceptance will be very difficult.

    1. Some of our fellow citizens from the East are used to imposing their will on others – democracy is foreign to them. I guess after 32 years under someone from your own tribe, such as the Mugabe dicatorship – the intolerance is understandable. Though they don’t like it when it is done to them!!

  31. Ndakarota ndisiri muShona ndikarutsa!!!!!!!!

  32. Ndizvo zvamunonesta vanhu vemuZimbabwe———————majoring in minors!!!

  33. finali zim is takin steps to fight social confusion honestly we cant b chinese or nigerian coz w r zimbos… we might accept the winds of change from otha cultures but neva shal w blow 4rm our feet…

    1. Its you who is a Zimbo, Im not. What animal is a ZIMBO? Is it a Zebra, you mean?

  34. ..what’s in a name?….I was looking at the names of those making lots of noise about the Shona name……Simon ncube, Trust dube…Abigail nkomo…..if the language is the issue why do you lance your names with english? Those tribalists should go to hell…..the name of the dress is not an issue….what may be an issue would be the style….but again style is a matter of test. By the way…fashion designers dont have to force their products on the populace…they simply need to come up with good designs. When lots of people adopt the wardrobe it becomes a defacto national dress. You dont event need to put legistilation for that to be effected.
    Ndebeles should be happy coz they constitute 10% of the population yet get fair treatment in terms of language usage in both electronic and print media. Because some of us dont practise tribalism….we say lets build our fatherland and bury the painful history of our co-existence…

    1. be careful of that boy he is gonna tell us to change the name of this soon. in a multi racial society how can come up with a name(one word) that encompasses all languages?????

      1. The name of the country indeed needs to be changed as well. It has to be all inclusive beecause we are ONE nation. This is precisely the reason South Africans decided not to change their name because its ALL EMBRACING!!

    2. The name is the issue because its Shona, not NATIONAL. There is nothing wrong with the dress’s style. Please do a bit of research on what “tribalism” is, you will be surprised how wrong you are on this score!!

  35. Mbonisi is sick.Obbessed with inferiority complex and hatrage for Shonas.He/She fails to understand that this is a MERE proposal by a shona guy.Was the proposer suppossed to look for a ndebele name for her creation while she is not.Honestly speaking if Mbonisi was the creator and be a ndebele was she going to name her creation in a language other than the one she speaks.
    Grow up please.You make me sic.I begin to doubt if you a true ndebele.

    1. Don’t be sick, get well soon. I might differ with you but still I love you as a fellow Zimbabwean. Just accept that the name is Shona, therefore not NATIONAL, you will be fine!!

  36. be careful of that boy he is gonna tell us to change the name of this country soon. in a multi racial society how can come up with a name(one word) that encompasses all languages?????

  37. sir nigel u hv been involved now, say wat u think

  38. A neutral name can only be in tongues.

  39. To be honest, I like my fellow Shona Zimbabweans very much, but minus their exclusionist tendencies!!

  40. This Mbonisi moron needs help…on one hand he says he is against Shona names….somewhere done the line he says he is Zimbabwean……is Zimbabwe not Shona? If I had it my way , Mbonisi is a candidate for the dustbin, the kiln, even a disused mine shaft, better still a deep dam infested with hungry crocs. That such a dog can spend the whole afternoon spewing nonsense beats me…..Mbonisi, be very careful what you do……nxaaaa!

    1. No Zimbabwe is NOT Shona, its a country for all people of different races, tribes, creed and religions. Like all of us, Shonas are simply citizens of Zimbabwe, and are definitely not Zimbabwe. Get it?

    2. And being Zimbabwean with Shona friends and relatives does not mean one has to accept the Shona nonsense of domination; exclusion and imposing their languages and cultures on us – we don’t do that to them, we are a very tolerant, democratic and accepting people!!

      I repeat Shonas are a minority in Mthwakazi, they should integrate and speak our languages as we do theirs when in their provinces. Thats equality!!

  41. South Africa is South Africa even today because its a neutral name to every South African citizen. Noone complains!

  42. AAAAAAH wena Mbonisi batshele wazewangichaza kanti vele where is the picture of this dress sisibone!!

  43. Ndini Mercy Wacho

    @ Mbonisi you seem like a bitter somebody…. WHY????Whatever happened in your life must be hurting you big time…. I was taught to love… and this hate speech you are preaching is shocking me…. Do I know you personally? or rather do you know me personally???? Is this about the name “NHOWE”???? Opps did I just say the name again…??? If you need help you can call CHILDLINE TOLL FREE 080008000080000…. Peace…..

    1. What exactly do you find difficult to understand about the concept of being NATIONAL? Do you understand English? Did you go to school? How is explaining this concepy hate speech? What is tribalistic about this?

  44. Gushungo Garati

    Mfana uyu anoda eeg. There is definitely a certan potion of his brain that is missing. To keep debating with him would be self christen as foolish.

  45. Ndini Mercy Wacho

    Gushungo mabaya dede ne mukanwa… Let me work…

  46. People of Zimbabwe have never called for a national dress. How can people start they projects and end up calling them national. Something national should be done by a group of people appointed by the people to do it. We can not accept anyone coming and say this is a national so and so. That is ridiculous.People should learn not to highjack others. Musikana tora rokwe rako uno pfeka zvako kumba kwa baba vako.

    1. We will never accept impositions. NATIONAL includes every one of us – therefore, names of anything that is NATIONAL should reflect that. There is no need to argue. The problem we have in Zimbabwe is that we have people in the north and eastern parts of our country, who have never travelled and lived in different places of Zimbabwe, later on overseas.

      These are people who wake up in the morning, will hear no other language but the Shona language being spoken the whole day, wherever they go until they go to bed at night and then tell themselves the whole of the Republic is like that – its not, that is not the real Zimbabwe my friends.

      I have met so many of such Shona speaking people in South Africa – you find them lying to South Africans that Shona is the only language spoken in Zimbabwe. Whether this is a deliberate distortion of facts, driven by Gukurahundi-1979 Grand Plan politics or plain stupidity and ignorance I don’t know. No wonder we have people who just spring from nowhere, and believe they can just come up with some Shona names for NATIONAL projects.

      Mugabe’s governmet is guilty of that; the ZRP is guilty of that and the Defence Forces are equally guilty of that. I know of no national project/initiative that has ever been named in Venda, Khalanga, Sotho, Tonga, Nambya or even Ndebele in the last 32 years other than in Shona or English. Those people from the East/North are unmitigated hard core tribalists. I have travelled in much of Africa and I have never come across such tribalists – you are unique, you excel. Shame on you cavemen!!!

  47. Your expect PATRIOTISM from fellow citizens, then include them in every national initiative that affects them!!

  48. Are you really mature people or you are just boyz and girls? This is not a subject to really make noise about.You seem to be using emotions instead of logic or reasoning, especially SHONA who said ”Ndakarota ndirimuShona ndikarutsa” That is too childish. We are all Zimbabweans lets behave and live like Zimbabweans in a progressive manner, not to shout at one another. Besides all being Zimbabweans, some Ndebeles have Shona blood running in them, the same applies to the Shonas through marriage. After all English, Ndebele and Shona are the main or official languages for Zimbabwe. Either of them can be use in Parliament. I hope one day the government will make them all compulsory in schools especially at primary level.Pliz maZimbabwe let us be progressive

    1. Its mainly the Shona people who are the problem in Zimbabwe, with their majority mentality. Everyone else is just fine.

  49. Why should we force ourselves to have a national dress?

  50. Mbonisi go and hang mandebele u have got a problem, design your own dress and name it.. U mad bro or toti unezviri kukunetsa.. Thats all i can say uri mutribalist

    1. You are free to have your dress – just don’t call it national. I’m not into designing dresses.

  51. i agree with you Mbonisi and inkwekwezi

    Shonas are the most tribalist

    even in Matabeleland where they(Shonas) are just a minority group.

    i prefer Khalangas, Tongas, Vendas, shangaans and even Malawian decent Zimbabweans than Shona.

    1. Zwangendaba, Shonas were a nice people until Gukurahundi Mugabe came onto the scene in 1976. He is the one who injected tribalism into the minds of the Shona – this is why they like shouting about “GO BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA”.

      They never used to do this before Mugabe took over ZANU from Ndabaningi SIthole. I believe Mugabe’s Malawian roots made him go overboard in identifying with the Shona so as to to be accepted in order to win their trust and votes.

      This is why we still have ZANU PF in power today – most Shonas continue to have a soft spot for Mugabe for the reason that he identifies with them tribally and has popularised the Shona language, culture and identity since indipendence in 1980.

      Whilst in Mthwakazi, Mugabe and his party win a paltry one or two constituencies, in Shona speaking provinces he recieves massive support in almost every constituency and province, even after all the economic disaster and murders he has comitted in this country.

      That is why Tswangirayi fights tooth and nail to retain support in Mthwakazi, because he knows his fellow Shonas in the North and East of the country are confused – they cannot be trusted with their votes when it comes to Mugabe, wherease he can always trust and count on Mthwakazi at every election.

  52. Give a bells to Mbonisi, Bathathe Mbonisi Thatha!!

    1. Enkosi – Bayethe Mthwakazi, Bayethe!

      Unity in diversity! Unity in Diversity!

      No to Marginalisation, say No!

      Say yes to inclusivity, say Yes!

      A New Zimbabwe – One Nation!

  53. All because of a dress!

    1. No, its all because of the abuse of the word NATIONAL!!

  54. National dress from who by who for who ?

    Newsday are you trying to market this idea ? Your heading is that It has been launch but most people dont even know about it .Some big shef wanting to make $ by trying to force the national dress into our lives.Hell know.Was a referendum conducted on this to establish if we are interested in a national dress.

  55. Ndini Mercy Wacho

    Mbonisi shanda…. Dzimbaremabwe yakagara iripo, ende uchaisiya iripo…. Welcome to Zimbabwe….

    1. Uthetha ngantoni ntombazana?

      Sithemba manje usufundile – hayi okwakini lokhu okwesiGukurahundi – ukuthi umuntu angamane avuke nje ekuseni, ezwe kusithi uMthwakazi ufuna enze okwakibo okwesiTshoneni – abethi nokhu nalokhu yi NATIONAL – yikuwumana lokho; ngeke vele sikwamukele.

      Vele isiGukurahundi sizosilwisa size simile inwele ezimhlophe – negeke vele sivume, vele ngeke.

      KwaMthwakazi, singonsimbi kayigobi!!


      1. you might be educated but you got no wisdom

    2. This is ridiculous. One of the main reasons Ndebele people always complain is because of people with your attitude. Not everyone is Shona and it is ignorant of you to assume that every Zimbabwean wants to communicate using it. I live in Canada and I am annoyed whenever someone speaks assumes that I speak Shona because I’m Zimbabwean. If you ask me there is difference between yourself and Mbonisi.

  56. This Mbonisi guy is a MILF, his ideas are dangerously irelevant to ths face of earth…fanning tribalism at this age. Shame. “The word national is an adjective meaning…..Of or relating to a nation; common to or characteristic of a whole nation”.but not holistic in this aspect. Our national soccer team has a uniform difrent from that of our national rugby side, difrent from that of our national cricket side, difrent from that of our national basketball side etc. Won’t these national sides representing Zim? So likewise we can have a ndebele national dress, manyika national dress, barwe national dress, Tonga national dress etc. Zwile?

    You bring in Gukurahundi..hev u forgoten what Gasela did in Lower Gweru so u wanted the government to pretend nothing was hapening? That was civil war though we dont condone war. when Welshman Ncube broke away from mainstream MDC why did invite Mutambara to lead the breakaway party? Dont u ndebele guys have some representation in Government? so why blame game evrytym, stand up and be counted you crybaby.

    1. Wena uyahlanya, awazi ukuthi uthetha ntoni. Vele yonk ‘into oyibhala lapha ngumsuzo kuphela – uzelwe nini kanti ungani ugcwele ubuphukuphuku nje? Kusobala ukuthi ukhuliswe kwaGukurahundi Mgabe – i version yakho yonke of the political developments that have taken place in Zim in the last 32 years is clearly a Gukurahundi version. You are not worth engaging – nadda!!

  57. its simple, we can suggest a name for the dress but HECK IT WAS ABOUT TIME!! if the majority of other tribes feel that the dress doesnt reflect their culture then let them design their own,, no problem. but wena Mbonisi, understand that Shonas are the majority and I MEAN BY A HUGE MARGIN its not even funny.. IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW MAJOR NATIONAL PROJECTS ARE IN SHONA,,

    YOU SHOULD HAVE REFUSED THE NAME DZIMBADZAMABWE to begin with.. !!!!!!!!!!! and you say Zimbabwe is not Shona. unogwara here iwe????

    1. @kat,
      In a democracy – “majority” should not mean tribe or race. A majority view is most ideal in a democracy if it cuts across tri be or race, like the “majority view” that led to Barack Obama’s election as President of the US.

      So called “majority views” that are aligned to tribal or racial groups or identities are not “majority views” in a democratic sense, that is primitiveness – or primitivity, if ever there is a word like that!!

  58. Zimbabgwe is kalanga stupid. You love to claim things that are not yours.

    On the dress: That is shocking. I have invented my own beer. It is therefore national. I call it umadakana Zimbabwe beer. Yes it is national. Aint that stupid.
    By the way Mbonisi dont let them dupe you Shonas are a minority in zimbabwe. 9 out of 10 of the guys that respond here are moscan and malawian. I can give you names starting with mugabe, chunga biti chidzero the list is endless. My dad is Karanga and mom is nambya. I can challenge them all if they give me their real surnames. These clowns have spoilt our name. Shonas are a respectful people not all these liars do. They want to be relevant because they are foreigners.

  59. …..Mbonisi needs a scholarship so he can have a new set of brains……..but I am just happy coz…..he will always remain a dream…….ndebele dominance ended with Lobengula….as of now you and your other maggots have to get used to the reality that you will remain shadows, ghosts…regardless of the stupid outburst coming from your cursed corner.

    1. Since you share this Gukurahundi belief that a “majority” has of necessity to be along tribal or racial lines, care to explain to us how Barack Obama won the US Presidential elections, since blacks are a minority over there?

      Americans are indeed lucky – they do understand that “majority” views over issues can cut across racial lines, unlike in the Republic of Gukurahundiland where we have people like you!!

      1. ….when you parrot the gukurahundi nonsense evryday….I was hoping you could also mention how Lobengula and his kith plundered our resources, including wives……but you dont talk of it. The 20000 killed by gukurahundi is nothing compared to the atrocities committed by your ancestors. If you had brains…keeping quiet would save your lot. It has occured to me that this Mbonisi is of questionable parentage…..I mean the type that do not have a father….or the totemless league.

  60. The National dress issue must be long thrown to the garbage. It wont stick!. Simple. You mention the Nigerians kind of dress as an example….Far from it! Theirs is strongly linked to religion…you ‘ve got to study that. Most Nigerians if you didn t know, especially northeners, are Moslems whose attachement to the dress which u call their national dress is a common dress style of Moslems! Look how the moslem arabs in north Africa have influenced dressing. Strikingly the cap which most men adorn themselves is typical! On the contrary, zimbabweans are predominantly christians whose influence is srongly steeped in European culture. One cannot fault zimbabweans for what they dress because they grew up on it!! Too late!

  61. The issue of tribe that has been brought up by Mbonisi is quite an issue that I think many Zimbabweans would want to discuss but just do not have the courage to do so. When we do discuss it, the tendency is to look at events in isolation. I agree that we there is a bit of marginalization of Ndebele people within Zimbabwe. In the same manner, other tribes in Zimbabwe that are not necessarily Zezuru also feel marginalized. I must state it without shame that I am Zezuru myself and I feel insulted when people say things about Zezuru people. I understand that the source of all our anger stems from the disservice that we get from our politicians and government. For the failure of politicians and government, I say that all tribes need to shoulder the blame and that eventually comes down to very tribe within Zimbabwe taking the responsibility of being made to feel or seem inferior. I once asked on another platform if every tribe is not represented in the current set-up of Zimbabwean politics right now. We like to blame Zezurus because Mugabe is messing up Zimbabwe but my question is who is supporting him to remain in power like he is doing. We have an army that is led by Sibanda (sounds like a Ndebele name to me), a defence force that is lead by a minister who is Karanga. If you look at the ZANU PF leadership, it includes Kaya Moyo and John Nkomo (sounds Ndebele to me). The chief ZANU apologist is Jonatahn Moyo. You also have Mpofu who is backing ZANU by looting on its behalf and funding all the terror that people experience. If Ndebele people and whatever other tribe that feels marginalized were to be honest, they would realize that it’s not Zezuru or Shona people that are screwing them up but rather their own that let them down and sell them for 30 pieces of silver.
    I admit I have gone off-topic from the dress issue but this is a discussion that I feel we should have.
    To our sister who is thinking of a national dress, we say be encouraged to go on but please do not make us something that is from Nigeria, South Africa or any other country for that matter and tell us that it is Zimbabwean. Just saying!!

    1. mbonise u mbonisi

      good points

    2. Mbonisi…. what do you say to this.

  62. wats up wth ol dis tribal stuff.guys wy takasara so. wats ol di crap

  63. Anything that is NATIONAL should reflect that by name – use different languages to name national projects.

    For the different national events, projects across the country – today it can be Zezuru, tomorrow we use Tonga, next we use Venda, next Nambya, next Karanga, next Manyika, next Shangani and so on and so forth.

    It cannot be Shona,Shona, Shona everywhere – Shona is not even a separate language – it is 90% Zezuru – this is tribalism in the extreme, not national!!

    1. Mbonisi has no brains at alll…..your folks should sell you off!!!!!!!

  64. Iwe Mbonisi you have a crooked mind, to start with the name Zimbabwe is not Ndebele at all. there is nothing wrong in someone naming his product the way you want, go and read about intelectual property rights probably yu may think better. NDEBELES are better off down the limpopo because havana dambudziko nekutaura nekuita nemaS.As. makarasika pamukauya kumusoro kwalimpopo ndiwo mubairo wekutiza nyika yenyu kwakaitwa nevakuru venyu. be creative and inovative this country is called Zimbabwe change that name First wozotaura marara ako iwayu

    1. You are not intelligent man. Anything that you call NATIONAL ceases to be your own product. Why cant she just produce her dress and name it the way she likes without calling it NATIONAL??

      Ungabosihlanyela lapha ngesiGukurahundi sakini lesi. Akukho lapha elingangenisi khona indaba yase Mzansi – linjani lanti. You also go back to Burundi your ancestarl home sithuthandini!!

      When will you ever learn to debate constructively without bringing in South Africa or King Shaka, Mzilikazi or the tribal wars? You are too psychologically damaged – you need healing like yesterday!!

  65. Shonas are a majority in their own provinces and not in Mthwakazi. So don’t call things NATIONAL when in fact they are simply regional.

    1. We shona people have supported fifth brigade to massacre Ndebele.We supported the genocide just because we were happy to see Ndebeles massacred.Truly we messed up.We have to realise that we are in a serious political problem because we supported genocide.The arms used in guguraundi now have killed many of our shona in year 2000,2004 masacre in marange diamond fields and 2008 elections.We are punished for what we did.It is a blessing to be born shona and it is good for us to show love and be fare to the nation.I urge every shona to feel the pain of guguraundi and its supremacy and grieve with ndebeles.We are losing nothing if we give economic advantage to people in matebeleland but we gain a good image.We cant deny that we will never enjoy peace if we dont bring the national healing because the criminals of guguraundi are prepared for war against shona civilans to avoid procecution.Guguraundi is a crime,they are now comiting a crime on killing shona not supporting ZANU.If we hear a Ndebele talking angrily on guguraundi and against shona supremacy of trbalism we have to understand that they dont hate humans but shona domination.

      1. Let me advise you, and many others about what needs to be done in Zim to heal the nation:

        1. Stop associating Gukurahundi with the general Shona population and locate it properly where it belongs – in Mugabe, Sekeramayi, Mnangagwa, Shiri and Nkala’s court. The word GUKURAHUNDI might be Shona but it doesn’t mean each and every Shona supported it or even knew about Gukurahundi. It is just the ignorant Shonas and some in Mthwakazi who are just jumping on the bandwagon of clubbing everyone with Gukurahundi;

        2. Stop being oversensitive over politics in Mthwakazi – avoid taking everything coming from Mugabe’s mouth as gospel and try doing your own research – you will be surprised how wrong you are in allowing your anti-Ndebele preducices to lead you by the nose;

        3. Stop associating our region’s name Mthwakazi with tribalism – do your own intelliugent and independent research and avoid being misled by politicians; and

        4. And stop this habit of closing ranks over wrong things or over evil being perpetrated on fellow citizens just because they are from a province that is not yours or happen to speak a language different from yours!!

        1. you dont advise us about Zimbabwe because we know what is good for our country…it is you with an assumed nationality who needs loads of advise on how to behave when you are in Rome…….by all means….do like what the romans do! Dim-wits like you, obviously dont get the gist…………whether you call it mthwakazi…it is zimbabwe and you shoukd be grateful that you still call it your area. Some folks are still in shock how you escaped gukurahundi… should have been swept long back. That is not to say that you still cant be swept, if you continue to bother us.

        2. Its clear you are by nature an IMPETUOUS character – you did not read what I wrote above in response to mavhunga’s contribution.

          You just jumped straight for pen and paper or is it keyboard? That is why you have gone off tanget.

          Please re-read and apply your mind to both Mavhunga’s and my own contribution.

          You will see that you are probably responding to an imaginary Mbonisi that is in your head, not this one writing here on these pages!!

        3. mbonise u mbonisi

          for once you spoke sense

        4. You need to take your own advise mate!!!

  66. You are off topic now talk about the issue of the proposed national dress not Gukurahundi. Gukurahundi is something which pains to discuss about and that issue need to be solved and whoever is found guilty must be given the appropriate punishment. mbonisi yu seem to have hatred of the shona speaking pple. i hpe yu have done probability @ school and yu understands it. by virture of the shonas having a bigger number, wherever yu go yu will find them in their numbers. do not cry foul at the moment because there are a lot of ndebele speaking people who are the right hand men of the president and alas what are they doing for yu nothing a all. remember kuti those guys vamwe vacho havana dzimba kuByo havatodi kugarako

    1. I’m not off-topic, I’m responding to Mavhunga – he is the one off topic. Please learn to contexualise issues. Very few issues in life stand in isolation of everything else!!

  67. That moron is only helping in increasing his marginalisation….through ill-conceived , myopic postures. Time does not wait for such tribalists to repent. Mbonisi….what language is it by the way?

    1. Your hatred for fellow human beings will kill you. Just Chillax – after all life aint that bad neeh!!

  68. I’m amazed at how a national dress or whatever you might want to call it has generated into this. As one proudly Zimbabwean I do hope Mbonisi will deal with whatever he is angry about and not turn every little thing into Shona and/Ndebele.

    1. I ain’t angry – I am just correcting those who got lost in the euphoria and wilderness of Mugabeism.

      If anything, it is them who are still angry about our ancestral fights – all I am saying to them, is geez brothers and sisters – we all Zims, please get a life and think of us all – not just yourselves!!

      1. you certainly not Zim… are an alien…. by all parameters.

        1. @gukur
          Yes I know, because I say too much truth – that you don’t like. It doesn’t sit comfortably with you!

      2. ….you are a rabid dog….and all those who swallow your poison stand the same fate as you. Your bitterness stems from some complex that you have to disabuse yourself of. Try to work harder so that you change your circumstances. The road you want to take will not lead you to anywhere.If you say you cannot identify yourself with Zimbabwe just go away down south..and find out whether they consider you as one of their own. You are a dog because you are yapping up the wrong tree….and you think anyone who dangles a pieace of shit in front of your nose is a master! This paper should be prudent and censor such misfits so that people dont have to see this everyday. Better still I would encourage folks who know this moron called Mbonisi to forward details so he can be dealt with . Zimbabwe is one country and lets build it together.

        1. @gono,
          wena your bitterness stems from ancestral fights of the 1800s – where you were not even involved. You are primitive!

      3. had it not been for Mugabe you wouldnt be literate enough to write on this platform…yet expend energy demonising him. You are a brainless skunk.

        1. @gono
          Your Gukurahundi Mugabe messed up our education system – this is why we have such tribalistically warped people writing rubbish, unsupported by facts on these pages!!

  69. ….try and exert your efforts on something more productive…..your venom against Shona will not help you…and your other trash. Others spend their efforts on this platform to develop themselves and their communities….and you spend three weeks writing trash…..after that you will complain about perceived marginalization of your corner. The posts I put are a response to your brainless, irresponsible outbursts. Dont imply that I dont have a locus of the issue…coz I have been following your trash for some time now. I am not engrosssed in this debate everyday like you….see I find time to do other things….and you seem to indulge on on this tribalism.That you get warnings from people and you keep on ignoring….stop fanning tribalism on this platform.You have angered more people….and wisedom dictates that see where the wind is blowing before you start a fire. I am not warning you….coz apparently you dont have brains inside the skull.

  70. …a reward ( undisclosed handsome figure) is offered to anyone who has information leading to identification and location of one who calles himself (certainly male) Mbonisi. Contact your nearest police post or any national security organ.

    1. @gukur

      Its always painful to face the truth – hence your desperation.

      Whatever you do we stand united as a nation with progressive Shonas – as for you tribalists/Gukurahundists, you belong to the dustbins of history!!

    2. kikikikiki.thank you Gono and gukur

  71. Isu hatidi national dress. Inodyiwa here? Tengesai mitenje yenyu zvakanaka munyerere. Edzai kumafleamarkets or kumagaba. Please design a dress that will adress hunger, pot holes, infrastructure repair and production of the economy and not kupfeka tie and die dzemakoronyera anoswera achiridza high volume music akazembera mota nemacell phone ekuba. Its a good idea but you are selling your ice to eskimos.

  72. shonas purport to be educated than Ndebeles like what Mdara29 thinks yet they pass through leaked exam papers and they take their profession of cheating to South Africa’s UNISA-what a shame.
    also i have dig on e population size btwn shonas and ndebeles-shonas bazala kakhulu bazebakhohlwe i family planning yikho uthola imuli yinye ngayinye ilabantu abangu 35 under one roof.

    1. …iwe uri South african here kana kuti Zim? If the later, then what’s your story on leaked exams? Its something that happens the world over. Zimsec deals with it when it occurs…..the problem is that you did not have a chance to study locally, probably you spend your productive years picking oranges down south. You can study using UNISA or whatever you can afford. Whether you decide to have o kids, 1 kid or several dozens of them, thats your choice. Dont parade your ignorance evrywhere. Like I said to the other skunk Mbonisi, if SA is cool with you just attain that citizenship, you will never see someone begging you to come back. In fact it plays nicely to the demographics….one idiot less is too good a proposition!

      1. @gono

        As I have said already, Gukurahundi tendencies will never help your case in our new united Zim – simply join the dustbin of history mfowethu – your days are numbered!!

        1. …Zim is not yours…you said so…’s you who will join the dustbin of history… see everything in the eyes of gukurahundi… many years latter! Your are a rabbid dog…keep on eating your vomit. Your region will not move up as long as you think we are oppressing you yet you dont seize the good tides of opportunities offered to you. Go south and join your kin in picking oranges….that’s what you can do effectively. Your whole clan will nevr attract a national leader because..frankly you cant be the mould of future leaders.. You will remain confined to your barren burrow while wise ones take advantage of the stupidity you parade every day.

        2. As long as you continue to share the views of the Gukurahundis who are refusing to open the democratic space because they want to dominate unelected, you are also a Gukurahundi because you love domination. Unfortunately you can only dominate in you Mashonaland – never, ever in Mthwakazi – we will not allow that!!

  73. In a multicultural and multilingual country, “National projects” should not always use only one language – it doesn’t matter how many people speak that language, otherwise we in Mthwakazi will reject them.

    Had that language been much more developed than any of the other national languages, its constant usage would be understandable – but Shona has no international use; has no alphabet; it cannot be used in mathematics and the sciences, just like any of our other languages – so what is special about it, apart from the desire to dominate and massage the egos of those who use it as the mother tongue?

    Their egos are not our problem – we have bigger national development challenges to deal with!!

    Tell me, which national project has ever been named in:


    Khalanga; or


    Are these languages spoken by animals? Are they not spoken by fellow Blacks/Africans who also suffered under colonialism and white rule?

    Why should they now contunie to suffere lack of recognition under a black government, which came to power after a war in which they also participated and shaded blood?

    A “National dress” named in Shona will be bought and won by Shonas ONLY, we are sick and tired of domination and indeed sick and tired of being sick and tired – PERIOD!!.

    1. …..this is has nothing to do with the national dress, it has everything to do with your warped lobengula mentality.You will never achieve anything.Period. That should sink in your think lobengula skull.

      1. You are a sad piece of work – Gukurahundism is making your head turn and turn and turn very very fast!!

        FEELING DIZZY????

    2. ..there is no way Shonas will fail to dominate silly people who dont know where they are comming from and where they are going.For you to move out of the circle of domination try to be smarter and engage Shonas on issues of substance.Each time you find it takes hours to respond its becoz we are engaging in things that bring $, not misery. Because you are shallow…you make an issue of just a dress. We agree with you in not making it national but for totally different reasons. Because you are shallow such abstraction defies your empty skull. When you give the Obama example you again parade your stupidity. Obama is smart. He reads the mood, the context, scenario, unlike you. You will not hoodwink us into elevating your lobengula ego because we rightly know that tomorrow we may wake up with our cattle , grain, wifes,etc looted by a hungry hyena! Rains will never fall on your corner as long as there misfits like you.

      1. Let me say it one more time – we will never, ever accept some Shona imposed name in our space – never. You are free to enjoy it over there!!

        Continue to dominate in your provinces – in Mthwakazi provinces mfowethu – you can only dream – and dream you certainly will!!!

        1. But Mbonisi shuwa how about all those shonas in Matabeleland/Byo they may want Shona names as well cause the population is 50/50 there

      2. Ndebeles want to be tribal for nothing, Vakapusa ndivo vakatengesa nyika kuvarungu nekuda shuga

  74. ….the dog in you will never go away……kikikikikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  75. tjo great idea its very difficult to identify us zimbos out here,great initiative i think pple are arguing over trivialities,shona is a nation,ndebele is a nation tsonga is a nation so is sotho,vhenda ,xhosa,in sa they have isizwe samazulu if u cant folow what i mean,i wonder how mthwakazi accomodates all these nations,its a lie to say kwekwe is a misnoma for a ndebele word,kwekwe is and has always been khalanga,so is Gweru,small uninformed minds like mbonisi will send your heads rolling please check your history,kwekwe ,gweru,modern byo formed part of the great khalanga empire who peacefully coexisted with mambo until we know who pple still wish they were living in that era.i speak all zimbabwean languages bcoz they r merely that -languages some pple need emancipation

  76. No Shona only names for a national projects Period!! – its that simple. Anyone who doesn’t like this message is a Gukurahundi!!

  77. I may not be a big fan of a national dress BUT, I concur that we need one because the first (actually second) lady of Buhera has an incredible penchant Indian clothes.

  78. evetything just has to be tribalistic in this country,,we are all one regardless Shona or Ndebele,,,same thing happened with the Big Brother scenario,Bulawayo cried 2 be represented and Manetta went,look at the result!!!! anyway nomaater wat yu say that dress was named in shona and if yu have problems with it,,,start your own!!!!

    1. @hondo yeminda
      Yes everything in Zim will remain tribalistic as long as many among the Shona think they can just walk into our homes and Shonalise everything. We will resist that with all the might we can master. Respect my space, I will respect you simple!!

  79. Gukurahundi tendencies of imposing things on others should stop. We will never accept impositions – never ever!!

  80. boy there is evidence of some serious bitterness….! CAUTION: if you do not deal with it NOW, it will kill u. rememeber bitterness is like drinking poison hoping your enemy dies. move on mate!

  81. yu made mistake mr mbonisi,its dificult to talk of zimbabwe excluding shona word.its not kuti vashona we are superior than others.the idea is that number hombe muno vashona,so allow vashona vaite zvavanoda munyika yababa

    1. Akukho nkinga mfowethu. People are free to do their own things – but they are not free to impose their will on others who are not a part of them!!

  82. This Mbonisi character needs to get laid!

    1. Gukurahundi tendencies – we will always shoot them down, wherever they rear their ugly heads!

  83. Maneta is either a zezuru,korekore,toko or karanga and she was representative of mpumalanga tribes not Mthwakazi. And for your knowledge sake there is no language called shona it is derigatory word used to mock these other tribes escaping to the caves.

    1. you see…some people are making money while you cry everyday…..hate us or like us we are light years ahead of you…and your bitterness will not stop the train!

      1. @gono
        A tribalist like you cannot make money – you only make claims. Ulamanga, you are just as poor as a churchmouse!!

        1. …thats your problem…you live a lie…..keep on dreaming about what you can do to change the status quo. You will need a whole dispensary of pain killers, HBP tablets, tranquilizers, etc. when you finally realise that there is nothing a maggot like you can do.

  84. The idea of a national dress is great but my hope is that we will not stop at just the peagent but will continue rallying with the idea. l love it.

  85. Sad to see people clinging to devisive tribal excuses left right and centre.What happened to being zimbabwean. We are such a small country and yet its tribal issues all around. National Dressis different from that for Ndebele,Shona,Venda Shangani,English Zulu etc..That traditional garb for each tribe becomes yo national attire Mbinisi.It defines you and your cultural background. you will not see an Indian wearing a Zulu outfit but that doesnt mean they are divided.
    Hence the pride we have in our diverse history.

    1. you do sense, man. but the guy is too daft to contextualise that.

    2. You are not just a fool but also too dull to understand. The issue here is NOT about the national dress itself, but the NAME which is not national – is that clear; or your small brain is still struggling to understand that?

      Even the country’s name ZIMBABWE is not national – for your information, if you didn’t know!!

      1. rich description of an imbecile……..mbonisi

      2. agreed ….zimbabwe is not national. Then tell me what is? Talk of rank stupidity…this dose is incredible!

        1. @gono
          You can have the dress if you want – but us in Mthwakazi, we will just continue in our suits as usual!!

        2. I am not taliking of the dress issue ..i talk of your stupid tribalism…..your bitterness is ill-focused and ill-timed……do things that bring development …that way you make a name for yourself. If your perception of this country is confined to your dry , arid area then you will not come of the rut….kana kuwana time ukwane! How can you hate a whole tribe… are an example of how a blank skull functions.
          By the way, this time you waste ….did you notice that you wont recover it ….the bridges you destroy are difficult to reconstruct. But, again, a Mbonisi brain cant rise to that lofty abstraction!

  86. to hell wth the national dress…kutsvaga mari kwevanhu uko

  87. The country’s name ZIMBABWE should also be changed.

    We can not have the name of the country of so many diverse races, tribes and cultures coming from one language, this encourages arrogance, especially if the speakers of that language are in the majority.

    It would be better to choose a name from a very small minority as it is in Kenya. They adopted kiSwahili as a national language because it is from a very small tribe – the Swahili people!!

    ZIMBABWE – no, we don’t want this name – we will not rest until it is changed to a neutral name that accommodates everyone. Zaire was changed to DR Congo; Burkina Faso is also a new name!!

    We also have to change the Gukurahundi flag – its all ZANU PF design and colours – we want national symbols and names – not tribal names or party flags for our nation!!

    1. KISwahili is poken in the whole of East Africa, about 400 million people use it as an official language. It is not some minority tribe in kenya as you claim. But again I wouldnt expect any facts to come out of an empty skull. Interms of you wanting to change the name of the country and the national colours, by all means go ahead and do so! Why do you have to write about your intentions on this platform, simply do what you please, since you seem to be smarter than anyone of us!

  88. @gono

    Tribalists are those who because of their numbers impose their free will on others. They impose their language, as if we don’t have our own; they take it for granted that because you are from Zim, then you speak Shona; they believe other fellow citizens don’t have a right to participate in their country’s politics, all because of their nlanguage and the region they come from; tribalists refuse to support leaders from other tribes no matter how good the policies they stand for could be; tribalists create false accusations against politicians from other tribes to justify not supporting them.

    Tribalists create false accusations, stories against these policticians but are never in a position to substantiate the accusations when called upon to do so!!

    1. batsirai mupengo uyu veduwe.

  89. Lets see the dress then argue about the name later

    1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  90. @gona

    Unless and until you learn to respect other people and accept that they also have an identity that could be different from yours we will always be at loggerheads.

    Accept it – WE ARE NOT ALL SHONA – Zonda noma uyazonda – asinandaba nawe!!

  91. @gono

    You are a fool and ignorusmus. KiSwahili is spoken by many people because it is an official language in East Africa – BUT its original speakers, the Swahili are a small minority MR IGNORANT FOOL!!

    You can’t teach me anything when I have lived in East Africa, studied with Kenyans and travelled the world.

    You are dull, and and a lunatic Gukurahundi – clearly an empty vessels full of nothing but Gukurahundism between those two ears!!

  92. The English word NATIONAL does not mean Shona. Check your dictionaries, or better still google for a much faster response!!

  93. mupengo uyu makamuwana kupi?

  94. @gono

    Uzwile, siwula!!

  95. @Mbonisi, u are sick or sufffering from dementia. Ppl like u are trouble causers and very tribalistic. Why shld u alwys see things in tribal terms? Which country in the world has an all-encompassing name inclusive of all its ethnic diversities? The world u seek is never real,never perfect and above all,illusory. From all your rumblings, couldnt find a single suggestion abt the name tht u want besides torching tribal warfare. Why shld the whole country seek to change a name only to accomodate lunacy amongst iyts citizenry? Turning to teh issue at hand, i also thing PM’s wife shld be made aware of national dress issues. Have nothing agst her, but have noticed she has a penchant fo Indian dress codes. Anything African wld be better.

  96. Maybe Mbonisi is thinking of a new nationality, kenya, maybe. But Kenyas wouldnt tolerate his heavily acute sense of tribalism. Maybe the guy needs to sharpen a few spears, seeing as he is heavily steeped in history.He claims to represent some obscure constituency, or is it the ‘we’ refers to his nose, blank head and those twiggy fingers that thumb at the keyboards every other minute.All the same if ZIMBABWE is not his nationality we, the real people have no problem with him attaining whatever nationality he so chooses. But one thing is certain, the guy is very sick in the head in more ways than one!

    1. wareva iwe.

  97. @Mac Mughani and go

    Yaah! some of us we know your kind – anything you don’t agree with is either tribalistic or racist. Thats the ZANU PF Gukurahundi culture – nothing new here!!

  98. @Mac Mudanhi

    South Africa for one has a neutral name; United States of America; CAR Central Africa Republic etc, I can name a few.

    So if a neutral name is not possible, why was the name Rhodesia changed? Was it just to have a Shona name instead of an English one? But not everyone is Shona!

  99. ko uyo anonzi mbonisi nemhaka yei achingochema mazuva ose? pfungwa dzako dzakangozara tribalism sei? Unenge uneproblem, u need counselling u a haunted somehow.

  100. We will never accept impositions, the country belongs to everyone!!!

  101. Mbonisi you are a problem. empty vessels make a lot of noise. promote your own language

  102. @kuku

    Are you saying our country belongs only to certain people?


  104. so if the name is English for Mbonisi its neutral! So Rhodesia is neutral? Doesnt it derive from Rhodes, and the economic plunder he inflicted in Zimbabbwe? Kana takutuka mapenzi vamwe mozoti tirikuita reverse tribalism. Mbonisi haana kukwana, dai iri mbeu anoiswa kumapeto kuti mbudzi dzitange kumudya! Zimbabwe is not neutral it defines our heritage, because your ancestors took centuries to come over does not justify that we the true sons of this soil take charge of our destiny by using loaded names


  106. …remember Mzilikazi,Khumalo, lobengula etc have no proven history in anything architectural…that partly explains why Mbonisi is not comfortable with GREAT ZIMBABWE , coz it keeps reminding him that his ancestors were good at killing, raiding, robbing, stealing..need I say more! Again it partly explains why the guy is trying to steal, erase,belittle, our cultural prowess by suggesting a change of name for our beloved country. I told him some time back to go ahead and change everything but i dont know why he seems to be looking for endorsement from the Shonas to do that! Mbonisi, you really are very sick….a chronic sickness, that sickness will kill you, literally!

  107. Yes, if the name is English it is neutral for sure, because English speaking whites rae no longer a factor in the country. Had they been a significant number, then it would be problematic. Why are you being so up in arms over a name you didn’t even coin? is it because its in your language? This is exactly what I am talking about – the arrogance it engenders in those who speak that language!!

    1. ..@Mbonisi….its not the langauge issue. I speak Shona, English, Ndebele, Tonga, French, Portuguese. The problem is YOU. Respect all cultures and dont pick a beef with the whole tribe over personal experiences with one member of the said tribe. From the posts to make you sound bitter and some of us have to guess at the source of your bitterness. Thats why I say that you are sick! I have travelled the world and mix nicely with the diversity of cultures. IF you have failed to integrate in ZIMBABWE then go away and find somewhere where you can instal yourself the king of your utopic Mthwakazi!





  111. There is nothing wring with this debate. It is people who don’t want Gukurahundi ZANU PF’s policies of the past 32-years that have divided the country to be debated.

    They take things personally because these issues touch on the sensitive issue of how ZANU PF has abused and continues even to this day to abuse the Shona people and their sensitivies over issues relating to Matebeleland, in order to keep them as captive voters for their evil party and its leadership – taking advantage of their majority status.

    Where Mthwakazi/Ndebele people raise issues of concern or attempt to play their role in the politics of their country, ZANU PF only needs to shout TRIBALISM and raise the spectre of the 1800s, to get many Shona people to rally on their side – no matter how false or unfounded their claims might be!!

    Its the “SWART GEVAAR/BLACK DANGER” tactics of South Africa’s past Apartheid regime that were meant to keep whites permanently scared of blacks so as to continue to side with apartheid.

    Only very few Shona people realise this and for this reason Zim remains divided and this is what has sustained the Gukurahundis in power for the last 32 years. In Zim, issues relating to language and tribe appear to be taboo subjects for debate.

    No matter how much effort one tries to keep the debate focused on contemporary political developments in the country, people deliberately digress into history in order to cause as much confusion as possible, so that no solutions that seek a new paradigm of national inclusivity in Zimbabwe are agreed – in other ways, maintain the statu quo!!!!

    1. delve into the atrocities committed by your ancestors and give us some rich descriptors. When you do that,,only then can you talk of gukurahundi. Your kind will never achieve any political success simply because your agenda is bankrupt.If you harbour serious political ambitions….you have to avoid anything that causes polarization….but again this advice is falling on a thick skull. We have seen chameleons…your rhetoric will not sway!

  112. that lecture is tired!

  113. @mthwakazi

    What lecture?

    1. you dont notice that your monologue amounts to a sterile lecture?

    2. i had to change my name several times and do certain gymnastics in order to evade your filter. But you have always been spared of this tedium. You know what that means? You are part of the scam at NEWSDAY. The agenda you want to sell is tired….ask the chain of tribalist from your region who have tried to do it. They have one constant, they failed miserably…..and you are no exception. Why dont you guys always find productive ways of geting attention? You really enjoy being in the spotlight…not for any good cause….when you go against the tide, expect to be swept, drowned,pomelled,etc. Maybe it has to do with genetics,,,zeal (warrior instinct) without intellect is like a runaway horse!

  114. I am not an active member of a political party so your claim is not only sterile but also silly. A good number of the populace does not engage in your myopic view of politics, but get hooked up in endevours that bring fortune, food, progress,etc. But again a fool like you will not remove tribal lenses. If your views were representative then something could be done….its only your discordent voice against the whole orchestra… get drowned in the melody!
    I asked you to go and collect another guchu of tablets , pamwe ungaite mushe, but you dont listen!

  115. when you use a rudementary blocking algorithm, the effect is trivial. When you target the name to block thats too trivial coz the name can change but the mesage keeps on coming. If you could come up with a blocking that targets a network, or better still a specific device then you would be happy that you really block. But remember that one can have access to a multiplicity of devices…so blocking is practically a nightmare. Why do you waste your energy when you know damn well that there are smarter guys who can evade your filter!

  116. @amaoayo
    Because you don’t like the truth?

    1. ..its idiots like you who dont like the truth who spent the whole day trying to block posts. With such a bloated pervase network in Zimbabwe I am dismayed to realise that you expend effort fighting a losing battle. So Mbonisi is a Newsaday staffer…that explains why your vitriolic outbursts are never censored! That we knew some time back… this paper is tribal! Its understandable on account of the mix ,or lack of mix in the editorial team. NEWSDAY, why do you expose yourself like this!

    2. put in another way NEWSDAY is a mouthpiece of some shadowy grouping called Mthwakazi whose broad aim is to promote tribal exclusion(Ndebele dominance). Mbonisi, is the front for the project. I wish you good luck guys. Your cat is out of the bag. Who has the last laugh?


    1. Can someone from the paper dispute the above observation?

  118. put in another way NEWSDAY is a mouthpiece of some shadowy grouping called Mthwakazi whose broad aim is to promote tribal exclusion(Ndebele dominance). Mbonisi, is the front for the project. I wish you good luck guys. Your cat is out of the bag.

  119. Those whose interest is to safeguard our nationahood…..can you please pick it from there. The job is half done. You need to go through all the threads relating to the article about the national dress..that latter degenerated into this tribal minefield because of some zealot fronting as Mbonisi.

  120. I am waiting to hear from mbonisi. It would appear he has gone into hibernation. Your mask is partly offf.

  121. You seem to have seen some light. You got tired of blocking! There is something you didnt realise…there are geeks in ZIMBABWE. The true sons of the soil. But a paper should not stoop this low….allowing hate to be propagated in order to massage insatiable ego of a tribalist. This paper owes Zimbabweans an apology. An editor worth his salt needs to do the honourable thing and go away! Lets propmote peace and development..this country is small in terms of surface area. It does not help us to divide ourselves!. For the last time, may I ask the editor to remove the item that created this unfortunate situation? We hope sanity prevails.

  122. Kunonga God has replied and set preceedence.

  123. we ask the editor to remove this article so that debate about this is stopped. Has the guy gone to sleep?

  124. …..better still it remains here but we really dont want to see Mbonisi posting on the platform. If that is observed we will be happy, otherwise if you guys fail to take heed of advice we will be left with no option but to interverne.Cyberspace is our daily engagement and the tools to do that come handy.

  125. People should not resort to cheap accusations of TRIBALISM so as to silence debate – what exactly is tribal here – give me an example?

    Is seeking national unity and inclusivity for all languages and tribes in Zim tribal? Please consult your dictionries if you don’t know what tribalism is.

    Racism and tribalism are two sides of the same coin – they both seek exclusivity of one race/tribe, but I seek inclusivity – that’s the difference.

    Tribalists are those who seek to dominate even where they should not and behave as if the country is exclusively theirs – everyone else is an outsider. This is truth that some of you cannot stand – hence you calling for the editor to stifle honest debate.

    This is not your ZBC, Herald or Chronicle that you are used to – this is a private, professional and independent paper – committed to high journalism ethics and standards – and its circulation figures speak for themselves.

    And by the way I dont work for this paper – I am just as independent as you all are, but objective!!

  126. ..remember you are talking to an enlightened audience…your posture is predictable. Even your tone is shallow. You cant be praising this paper if you really are not an insider directly or by association. ZBC, The Herald and The Cronicle,etc are state institutions. If you have nationalist sentiments you could have been proud of them. But since you have this foreigner/observer mentality its understandable that you hate them. If you dont work for this paper why is that your posts are not blocked while the rest that are perceived to be against you are blocked? You havent answered that one since morning. Who tells you that I am independent, of what? Thats silly of you to insinuate that.
    Where do you get intimate circulation figures of a paper you have no interest in.? I am not a jorno…so those figures are for you and your brood.
    We dont silence debate, but we take issue with people like you, those who think ZIMBABWE revolves around them.You dont lecture me that stuff about racism, tribalism. I have lived abroad and travel extensively…I can identify a tribalist when I interact with one. You are hopelessly tribalistic. You cant stomach the reality that Shonas constitute the majority…so most things reflect that demographics. You implied that you studied in East Africa… partly explains your eccentric views about Southern Africa.

  127. …EXACTLY the point I made….look at the thread of post today….this mbonisi dog has not changed his name and other settings since morning yet some of us have to make adjustments in order that our posts pass through. So who is refuting the hypothesis that this Mbonisi imbecile is an insider at the newsday?
    NEWSDAY is a mouthpiece of some tribalist movement called Mthwakazi.That cat cant be out of the bag twice. The truth is out.

  128. …by the way I am not only used to the state publishers as you claim….I also have access to a vast array of publications locally and globally. Your inferiority complex gives you this posture that its you who has gone to school (or did you?). We debate on issues and at no point do we allude that we are schooled( fact) and techno-savi.(fact)!! Its you who have this misplaced belief that you are the best thing that happened to your tribe! If you really are the tribal saviour why dont we see droves of supporters following you!

  129. ..its not the first time you have asked someone to consult the dictionary on a specific word……it means you dont have brains….so you think everyone else is like you.For you everthing has to come from the dictionary. Its undertandable…an empty skull is not expected to have independent diction..a typical syndrome of the unschooled!

  130. @munhu-moyo

    Don’t be emotional – this can affect your objectivity. When you refer to issues such as the tone, posture etc rather than the facts that I present, clearly these are the sensitivities that have been influenced by Gukurahundi politics tribalism and exclusion by the Gukurahundi party ZANU PF, that I have been talking about.

    I need you as a fellow Zim to be comfortable in your skin and stop feeling guilty on behalf of the gukurahundis – leave them alone and let them suffer for their sins.

    As the Poem dessiderata says “….you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here……therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be. And whatever your labours and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy” – Max Ehrmann, 1927.

    Again, I cannot be proud of media houses that have been in the forefront of dividing our nation. Nationalism should never be confused with Gukurahundi ZANU PF dogma – control freaks who want to treat a whole population of 11 million people like children with no brains of their own.

    As to why I don’t get blocked, I can not say but to presume that maybe its because I don’t insult anybody; I dwell on facts, and facts only; I have no tribal or racial axe to grind with anyone – all I stand for unapologetically is NATIONAL UNITY IN DIVERSITY – A NATION AT PEACE WITH ITSELF, where no one is excluded in every sphere of life, whether majority or minority.

    Circulation figures of newspapers my friend are always published in the papers – one doesn’t need to work for a paper to know this. Its in the public domain.

    Again I have no problem with Shona people being the majority – it really doesn’t matter, after all a lot of them are my relatives and friends, so we are also in the amjority.

    What I take issue with is the Gukurahundi mentality that says just because you are a majority in other provinces, it therefore follows that you are also a majority in Matebelaland/Mthwakazi, Nkayi, Tsholotsho etc – hell no, that is simply not true – its downright Gukurahundism. Whenin Rome you do what the Romans do – integrate. Again, majority does not mean walking over minorities rough shod as if they don’t exist. Your views abou majorities are clearly influenced by Gukurahundi politics – you need to get over that.

    And juSt a correction, I never said I studied in Kenya – I said I studied with Kenyans – there is a big difference!!

  131. @munhu-moyo

    Eish! thats an angry rebuff mfowethu – whats up with you? just chillax – its not the end of the world, its a debate – get used to it. Debates are not about fighting – only Gukurahundis believe they are!!

  132. NEWSDAY is a mouthpiece of some tribalist movement called Mthwakazi.That cat cant be out of the bag twice

  133. @zim-one

    That is a Gukurahundi mentality you are exhibiting here. Mthwakazi are a people not some movement, that you fancy in your head.

    All Gukurahundi efforts of desperation of keeping Mthwakazi people and the Shona divided will always come to naught for we are all related and some Mthwakazi people are also Shona – that much I can assure you!!

  134. If you are an artist…or something akin to it..thats your line. I am technical and your verses dont impress me .You dont have Shona relatives.. if you have you cant be close to them with your attitude. Its you who has venom…my business is to try and show you that the road you want to take does not take you anywhere. If i sound emotional its because when you interact with an idiot it takes time for sense to dawn on them.Gukurahundi was a good way of trying to get rid of chaff like you, its rather sad that you were not caught, otherwise one idiot less would have been easier to deal with! I am not tribalistic but ,unfortunately you force me to think this way.

  135. @ zim-one

    I am no artist and I am not here to impress anyone, you in particular. Besides, “I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, neither are you here to live up to mine”. Lets just agree to differ.

    To try to contest my assertion that I have Shona relatives and friends is plain foolish – which explains your lack of emotional intelligence, which impedes your ability to engage in intelligent debate – call me what you like, which is typical of Gukurahundis anyway, once intelligence fails, nevertheless I remain, unflinching, unhinged and forthright.

    Take your pick mfanekhaya – sesikhona, uthi kanjani – zikhiphani!!!!

  136. @ munhu-moyo

    I bolong to no no tribe mfowethu. I am a part of the nation of Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi – that should explain my passion for total unity in diversity. Obviously this does not sit well with Gukurahundis like you and the Gukurahundi tendencies of marginalisation fellow citizens under the pretect of “we are the majority”!!

  137. national dress oh please ,thats a shona rural dress,i will never wear that rubbish what will people say.they will laugh at me .

    1. @moven

      I agree with you 100%. No tribe, race or culture should impose their own identities on other cultures, languages, tribes or races in the name of NATIONAL.

      This is what we are trying to correct with this new constitution which the Gukurahundis are rejecting. We will never accept being Shonalised, no matter how much of a majority the Shona are.


  138. most shona old woman prefer title gogo to mbuya.

  139. MaNdevere makaoma musoro. Kuponjesa mavhiri nezita rehembe, tiitirei mushe mhani,…

    1. Wabvunzwa nani?

  140. big up mbonisi i am a pure shona who grew and bred in BYO it tell you i don’t want to be a with my fellow country man.even when they visit home they identify my friends with mdevere and i don’t like that.i can speak both language without hustles and i have never forced any one to speak any language.on national dress they must design something of nigger style don’t
    worry with the naming us niggaz we are at peace with each love brothers and sisters

  141. kuti mbonisi ndukuti benzi!


    That’s a good idea,who ever wants will buy it thats fasion for you, nhowe means she is branding her products,if some one got a better way of doing it please do it,not just criticising for no’s african atire it comprises of that as well.

  143. Vuka Mthwakazi!!!

    Its Shona tribal dress and NOT National.

    If Shonas hadn’t shown any tribalistic tendencies over the last 32 years, then we wouldn’t have minded the dress being given a Shona name, But quite the opposite happened so we will raise our voice against anything we see as Promoting Shona language over others under the false Guise of being “National”.

    We will not close our mouths about issues like this, simply because some Shona tribalists don’t like what we have to say.

    1. Lets call it either Z.A.L.I. or L.I.Z.A. for Zambezi/Limpopo or NdeSho or ShoNde for Shona/Ndebele or ndebele/shona.
      Lets get rid of this language issue.

  144. Months of debating over a name? Pathetic! Do not use other people’s creativity as a platform to hang your dirty laundry,please! It defeats the purpose and dilutes the designer’s intent.Most of us dont live in our motherland,we are either in search for a better life or a way to support our families, and when you are are not a shona or a ndebele but you are a zimbabwean foreigner! my point is let us put our past behind us and face the situation at hand since we are all in the same dish! such debates are not productive.Marcus Garvey once said ” A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”, it is important that we reminisce and reflect upon the past…but not inorder to justify and cement our convictions but to avoid the mistakes of old and move forward! The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will…to my ndebele brothers and sisters..nothing and noone is stopping you from putting your words into act…not the shona or karanga! noone is stopping you from standing up and walking..@mbonisi ..a man’s character is his fate.

  145. @Tau, tell them. But I bet you my bottom dollar that Mbonisi does not have the will to listen. Anoda kurutsiswa!

  146. Ndebeles came here coming from Zulu land. They then colonised the Shonas, taking their cattle women and grain . They sold it to whites vapihwa sugar na Rhodes. We liberated it in 1980. The Ndebeles then tried to colonise again in around 1982 when they were then crushed in Gukurahundi. So they are very bitter about it. They should understand that Zimbabwe is Shona. and Mthwakaziland is down south were the ran away from Shaka. If you want to dominate go back and confront the Zulus that you want the land of your forefathers. Here makafana nevarungu. Behave murivashoma sitereki because some people whom you would want to call Ndebele are not. for own information you are not even the majority in bulawayo. we want to leave together with the ndebeles but its them who start being tribalistic. matebeleland used to be called Guruuswa before u guys came. keep quet just like other minority groups. nxaaaaaa

  147. The idea of a national dress is ridiculous. The lady says we are being confused for South Africans!!! How? South Africa has no one national address that one can put on and get labelled, confusedly, a South African. South Africa has several ethnic groups that one can clearly distinguish by their various types of traditional dresses, type of music and dances. So instead of advocating for a national dress, the lady should tell us that Nhombe is a traditional Shona dress and this can be promoted in such a way that those that identify themselves with the culture will voluntarily buy it and proudly were it and showcase one good cultural component of Zimbabwe. The Tongas, the Nambya, the vaVenda, the Shangani, the Sotho, the Kalanga, the Ndebele can also do similar cultural projects, if they want to. Do not shovel all Shona cultural identifiers on us.

  148. ZIMBABWE is Shona It means House of Stones

    1. svosve

      In the context of the arguments advanced by the MLF and Paul Siwela for an independent Mthwakazi Republic, I would say you might be right – Zimbabwe is indeed for the Shona (hence their never-ending tribalistic anti-Ndebele/Matebeleland/Mthwakazi attitudes) and Mthwakazi is for the multilingual ethnic groups of Matebeleland.

  149. This debate says a lot about us Zimbabweans. We need to channel this vibrant energy ito progressive developmental debates for the future of our country.I must say I enjoy the points by most writers. The sad part is some are getting too emotional!!!!

  150. Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo

    Nothing can be National and Shona at the same time. Its their own Shona Dress, not national. Who said Bakalanga, Vhavenda, Banambya, amaNdebele, BaSotho, etc subscribe to that nonsense?

    1. @Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo, lets assume its a Shona dress, does it mean its nonsense? Like if you dont “subscribe” to something it becomes nonsense?!
      Then to some response above @mbonisi, funny you say SA settled for that because it was ” “neutral” give me a ref to that mate. Actually SA is in the middle of a hot debate about name changes!!!
      Examples of great democracies you give……USA, UK, etc have been………… the expense of subjecting others. ask the blacks&indians in America, they definitely dont share yo views
      And Matebeleland has been known as Guruuswa for ages and ages. and why is mbonisi talking of gukurahundi and not mfencane and the mzilikazi effect on the “shona” tribes?? I would like to get his response on this one. And i need to remind him that the whites came about the same time before he responds

      1. @easy-does-it

        “and why is mbonisi talking of gukurahundi and not mfencane and the mzilikazi effect on the “shona” tribes?? I would like to get his response on this one. And i need to remind him that the whites came about the same time before he responds”

        In response I say:

        1. I am talking about Gukurahundi and not Mfecane because the two are not linked and are not even related. Gukurahundi happened in the 1980s (Mugabe and company are still alive), Mfecane happened in the 1800s (the perpetrators are all dead). Besides, why are you linking the two? and why is Gukurahundi your problem, when it is supposed to be a ZANU PF problem?

        2. The “Mzilikazi effect” on the “Shona”? – Why should I speak about Inkosi Mzilikazi when we are supposed to be debating the supposedly “NATIONAL DRESS”? How does the issue of Inkosi uMzilikazi come into this debate? Who are those “Shona” you are referring to – we all know there were no people known as “Shona” during King Mzilikazi’s time – what history do you read?

        3. So what if the whites came to Rhodesia just about the same time Mzilikazi came? What has this got to do with the NATIONAL DRESS debate? Who tells you that keeping stolen property much longer than the next person/thief necessarily legitimises your claim to ownership of that stolen property? Is that what your Gukurahundi law studies have taught you at University?

  151. haha people are funny they spend a lot of time debating on a dress? if you don’t like it don’t wear it.But calling it national ap mazvonyanya.what makes that dress national at the first place.To me there is nothing called tribalism.if i dont want to be associated with ndebeles does that make me atribalist? i think that is my choice and no one should force me to do so.Concerning the issue of who belong to Zimbabwe the answer is simple.every one who legally have zim birth certificate,legal,id. Any who thinks that that there are certain people who do not belong to ZIm here are my words -even the valture can not claim the owner ship of caucus because it arrived first.You tell me you are the creator of the nature found in zim? To those who think this i 19th century they are lost.Ndzimu you seen to be a reasonable person who is shona and what does that mean when did this name came to being and who gave to us?

  152. ehhhhh I would just like to see a picture of the PROPOSED NATIONAL dress… NEWSDAY ONLINE TEAMMMM are pictures tooo hectic for you.. please ADD PICTURES…. some articles make more sense with pictures… able to make use of all our senses that way.. dankie..tribal debate.. pointless we are all the same shade of brown.. with few gradients darker or lighter here and there…. more importantly same skeleton inside.. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  153. what is SHONA folks,the word shona is a colonial name given to classify tribes that share similar linguistic roots,i am not shona i am manyika.i can only compare ndebele and manyika.there is no tribe called SHONA neither is there a language called SHONA.our enemy in zim is the zezuru,who has defined shona as zezuru hence we r taught zezuru in school despite the fact that manyika is the largest province by population.the only problem i have with my fellow countryman of ndebele origin is the lack of agressiveness,the ‘shona’tribes will do nothing for u,so lets stop complaining and running away to south africa(were u will always be a foreigner) lets fight for the resources here.take a walk in mashonaland be it west, east,north,south they have been deliberately made poor ,they have poor skuls to keep them uneducated for reasons we know,hospitals and roads.the only provinces to talk about are the karanga domain and the manyika domain,these domains have more high schools than any place in zim,hence they are relatively developed.HARARE belongs to no tribe in particular ,so is bulawayo….hence they are metropolitan provinces.whose population is expected to be metropolitan.ndebele,”shona”’,manyika,karanga,korekore,tonga,nambya,kalanga etc.have a right to be inthese metropolitan provinces.ndebeles would never dress like ”shonas” culturally or modernly.”shonas” are blindingly colourful and mostly bad dressers,while ndebele is more reserved and better dressers.ndazi ukuti ndinyanisile kumbhalo wamu apha.

  154. In the few years I lived in north America I noticed Aboriginal people struggle to revive their lost native languages. I looked deeper inside myself and realized how language is an empowering aspect of identity. It doesn’t matter to me what language I can speak or not speak, I had never felt so lucky to be who I am. National dress or not, I am proud to be Zimbabwean.

  155. National dress yechi yacho – tine nhembe nakudhara. Nhembe or ibhetshu is and has always been the national dress of the plastic nation created by the white colonialists.

  156. Its baffling that people should be talking about a national dress in this decade. We always had a national dress which is nhembe and i am sorry to say that whoever is trying to introduce a “national dress” is just looking for a quick buck. The concept was tried before and it failed.

  157. kana wafunga zvekuita mari tsvaka zvimwe chisikana izvi hatidi.wangu mukadzi chaiye handidi kana kutonzwa achitaura nezvazvo.

  158. Bonjournia bwai

    Ndirimushona zvangu mfesi uyo Mbonisi andivhura njere ichokwadidi kuti isusu takavhiringidzwa brain naChatunga saka vazhinji takungofunga kuti Zimbabwe ndeyemashona chingori chishona chete pazvinhuzvese, MaNdebele vanowona vanhu vechiTonga, Nambya, Chewa, Sena sevamwe vavo vanodanana asi mashona tikanzwa vanhu vachitawura malanguages aya tinosema takatokanganiswa mafungiro neMANINJA…. i salute YOU MR MBONISI manditendewutsa kubva mukusaziva thanks

  159. Keep your Shona lunguages, cultures, identities to yourselves and let us keep our Mthwakazi identities to ourselves – then peace will be guranteed!!

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  161. Chioneso Hadzizi

    Instead of supporting a good idea, you go on a rampage of tribal assassination. Why dont you come up with your ideas? anything synonymous to Zimbabwe, hey I like it. Go good girl its marvelous, its superb, even if you call the national dress mthwakazi as some wish, will still it 100%

  162. Do you remember nyaya ya Gringo na John Banda.Iya ye One dollar. It took us months to get it resolved. Ndozvamatanga manje ipapa-apa. This dress is designed to cover your sorry asses from shame. No wonder why the designer labels are mostly inside the garment coz they have nothing to do with the purpose of the dress. The name or tag or label is meant for your egoistic tenednces.

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  167. we shuld also design our mthwakazi dress.

  168. Awsome article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any ideea where to hire some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂

  169. I think valid arguments have been raised on the name of the dress though no valid alternatives have been given. I want to recognise the efforts by one young Zimbo to try and come-up with ONE dress that will identify Zimbos, a point of unity. Clearly however we have a long way to go as there are so many issues before we reach the place some of our liberation war heroes fought for.

    @Svosve – People like Svosve clearly have a limited understanding of Zim history. Not so long ago the Khoi/San people called the shots in this land before Shona people came down from Tanzania. What do you think happened to those “indegenous” Zimbabweans. The Great Zimbabwe is an amazing structure, do you thinh it was built by volunteers or the Shonas themselves had a subjugation system. Just look at the zimbabwe on top of the hill at Great Zim.

    Mzilikazi and his Nguni and Enhla groups came into Zim just after the fall of the Mbire dynasty who suffered at the hands of Zwangendaba and finally crushed at the hands of Queen Nyamazana all fleeing Mfecane. Over 60% of the Ndebele state were “local people” or “Shonas” defeated, subdued and assimilted into Ndebele society. With all warriors benefitting from further raids be it of women, etc. You were either subdued or destroyed in those days an act “Shonas” had perpetuated themselves on arrival.

    Groups such as Tonga, Khalanga, etc did arrive at more or less the same time as opposed to this sense of entittlement because “nyika ndeyedu”. If it is on those grounds then the Tongas should get a big piece but alas they languish in abject poverty.

    The Brittish came and looted our country, expatrited all proceeds, to day we have staff like Rhodes scholarships benefitting rgeir kith and kin when they looted from us. I digress. They introduced Shona police in Matebeleland and encouraged brutality to cause further tensions. A move which almost backfired when the Matebele rebellion was provoked. The Brittish continued to perpetuate division and tribalism throughout their rule.

    What perhaps made the Brittish a terrible settler in my opinion was that while they were in Zimbabwe they had Brittish interests and continued to loot to their country. Furthermore they carried a bibble and preached fairness and equality on one hand, yet on the other they were roothless. Take for instance the land apportionment and land husbandry acts.

    By the mid-50s a strong breed of nationalist had emerged, the likes of Joshua Nkomo and James Chikerema which saw the 2nd Chimurenga/Umvukela being waged in beginning in the 60s. Svosve to claim only the Shonas or ZANU fought is untrue. Many Ndebele people some of them in ZANU e.g. Gula-Ndebele fought against colonialism. Zipra also fought, they had operations in in most parts of the country and were the only one operating in Mash West in Hurungwes, etc. You can ask people from there. Alfred Nikitha Mangena and Later Lookout Masuku both Ndebele commanded these forces while man like Brig Gen Ambros Mitinhiri a Shona and others from different tribes were a part of this wing. Heroic efforts of Josiah Tongogara’s men ZANLA and Masuku’s men collectively saw us to win the struggle.

    Unfortunately a few misguided elements like you want to distort why the struggle was fought and who fought in it. The idea was to create a new dispernsation where all Zimbabweans from all walks of like can live harmoniously and prosper. An ideal some of us still cherish.

    Another person goes on to insinuate that ZIPRA according to him, the Ndebele tried in vain to overthrow the govt. Clearly you are not aware of Entumbane Disturbances, google it. Had those been the intentions of ZIPRA this country could have been plunged into civil war then but they chose peace.

    Zimambwe is a beautiful country with boundless potenial and imperialists would be very happy to loot while we quarrel about nonsense. Lets just learn to respect each other and have a more inclusive approach as govt and a broad-mind as citizens. That way we can focus on buildind a strong and robust economy and a bright future for all Zimbabweams. Whatever tribe/race be proud of who you are because we are all Zimbabwean but do not let that pride become over-bearing and retrogressive. ZIMBABWE

  170. The name “Zimbabwe” belongs to which language? There u should have your answers. The name doesnt even belong to zezuru but to the karanga dialect, what does that tell u? Grow up mhani

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      The name Zimbabwe is irrelevant – it does not confer any more rights to one group than it does onto the others.We could have chosen any other name.

      You seem to share the same mentality with the racist Rhodesians – just because they named the country Rhodesia then it meant whites had more rights or were of more significance than other citizens – that is utter rubbish.

      It is actually you who needs to grow up, silima!!

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