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Mutinhiri regrets Zanu PF stint


Former Zanu PF Women’s League commissar Tracy Mutinhiri, who was fired from the party over her suspected links with MDC-T, says she regrets ever being a member of President Robert Mugabe’s party because of its culture of violence and corruption.

Report by Silas Nkala

Mutinhiri made the remarks during MDC-T party’s 13th anniversary celebrations at White City Stadium in Bulawayo over the weekend.

“I have come to the MDC-T forever because everyone in this party knows God and fears God,” she said.

“If a party fears God it does not kill people. It does not abduct people and it does not engage in corruption. A God-fearing party would not allow a situation where youths have no jobs.What we see around are youths selling pest killers because of lack of employment. Zanu PF’s time came and now it has gone.”

Mutinhiri said Zanu PF could no longer stop MDC-T in its bid to form the next government.

“It is not easy to stop the process. You can just delay it. I challenge everyone to vote for the MDC-T in the next election,” she said. “I survive by the mercy of God. If you still remember what I have gone through, you will also believe in God.”

Earlier on, MDC-T’s national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa disclosed that over 1 500 Zanu PF supporters had defected to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai-led party.

“We do fish from other parties. Today we have more than 1 500 members who joined us from Zanu PF,” Chamisa said.

“We do not fish from our young brother (MDC) who broke away from us. That would be like we were fishing from a fish tin.

“But we do fish from Zanu PF. We will not parade all those who joined us, but of course if you catch a bream you cannot hide the excitement. So we will introduce to you a bream we caught from Zanu PF, Tracy Mutinhiri.”

He said several Zanu PF members had expressed interest in defecting to the MDC-T.

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