Mugabe summons generals

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Monday met with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and agreed to call an urgent meeting between principals of the Global Political Agreement and army generals to tackle the issue of possible violence in the forthcoming elections, Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said yesterday.


Tamborinyoka said Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed the country could only hold peaceful elections if soldiers were confined to their barracks during the polls. The meeting is scheduled for early next month.

The development comes amid reports that soldiers in civilian clothes have already been deployed countrywide to campaign
for Zanu PF, triggering fears of a repeat of the bloody 2008 election violence.

Mugabe has already indicated that he wants the elections to be held at the end of March, although his coalition partners insist no date has been agreed on and that reforms allowing for free and fair polls needed to be put in place first.

“The principals agreed yesterday (Monday) to convene a National Security Council (NSC) meeting as soon as possible to discuss the issue of violence-free polls with the security chiefs,” Tamborinyoka said.

Mugabe has not called for NSC meetings at which Tsvangirai attended for almost five months although the NSC Act stipulates that the body should meet every month to receive reports and discuss key State security issues.

The council is chaired by Mugabe and is made up of Tsvangirai, the two Vice-Presidents Joice Mujuru and John Nkomo, the two Deputy Prime Ministers Thokozani Khupe and Arthur Mutambara, service chiefs, as well as ministers responsible for Finance, Defence and the police.

The three political parties in the inclusive government also nominate one minister each to sit in the meeting.

“The President has insisted on the need for free and fair elections and the security forces will be key to this,” Tamborinyoka said. Some senior military personnel have publicly threatened not to recognise Tsvangirai as President even were he to win the forthcoming elections.

Soldiers, believed to be the force behind Mugabe’s long hold on power, are reportedly threatening villagers with war if they do not vote for Zanu PF. The MDC-T says it has received reports from Midlands, Mashonaland, Masvingo and Manicaland provinces to this effect.

On another note, Tamborinyoka said the principals had also agreed that there was no government policy that allowed the invasion of conservancies and that Zanu PF bigwigs, military personnel and traditional leaders, who recently invaded the Save Valley wildlife sanctuary in Masvingo, must be stopped.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday as he was not picking up his cellphone.

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  1. This is the beginning of the going.

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    The National Security Council Meeting to be held next month.A better heading.

  3. Whilst I don’t trust the Gukurahundi, it appears he seems to be slowly converting to a normal human being with age. It might well be that he has decided his end is nigh, and is about to ditch his Gukurahundi party and his Gukurahundi Generals in support of Tswangirayi’s Presidency, in exchange of a peaceful retirement!!

    1. Mbonisi, I think you are right. I also seem to see along the same lines

  4. Urgent !!! next month.

    1. early next month starts from tommorrow

  5. utopi ufuna ukuvuma izono ukuze aye ezulwini, but its late topi.

    1. Its unfortunate that MDC continues to show immaturity. some of these issues do not need to be publicised. it has negative impact. For instance, The army might feel insecure if Mugabe shows signs of siding with Tsvangirai etc. why not keep quiet untill it happens and even if it happen (the convening of the security council) and the confinement of soldiers to barracks what we want are the results not talking.

      I would advise MDC to keep quite and work quitely till it assumes power if ever it will.

      Kuna vaMugabe we zimbabweans truelly need peace!and tranquility in this country so we can work (hard and fruitfully) for ourselves and our families. Thats all.

  6. You are expecting too much, like expecting a leopard to shed its spots. A killer always a killer, just put him in a tight corner where everthing indicates he is now loosing power and his true character will show up, remember previous survey indicated that he is gaining support hence this peace talk, let the survey indicate that he is loosing and mark my word all hell will break loose.

    1. Because he is a Gukurahundi and what you are describing are what are called Gukurahundi tendencies!

  7. People seems not to understand Mugabe. Let me tell you the real Mugabe . Mugabe’s power is in the blood of people of Zimbabwe and he rewards those who kill on his behalf,just a reminder of his past rule, Gugurahundi killed more than 20 000, that was enough blood for him up to 1999, now his master wants blood for him to retain his presidency, since 1999 he have his generals who kill for blood and are rewarded by promotions, 2008 look at Munangangwa , he is now the minister of defence, Perenci Shiri, Nyikayaramba, all these people and others are promoted not on merit, Mugabe knows that he cant win an election in Zimbabwe if he does not shed blood, never,. Does he mean to say in Zanu pf there is no one who can rule, thats fun to be fooled by such stupidity, Mugabe will never walk his TALK never never, Its takes a fool to believe Mugabe now, Mugabe Imhondi thats the trueth, he cannot change. ZIMBO’S YOU HAVE TO PRAY HARD

  8. Why are you pointing fingers at the President for all the bad things that happened in our country? Some of these things were regrettable but were never done or sanctioned by the man you all call a blood monger. As for the issue of MDC’s strategy I strongly think that they are doing a right thing to engage the Generals in dialogue than just do things antagonistically. Talk to the guys and hear what they want and also tell them what they are supposed to do. The country is for every Zimbabwean and must be enjoyed and defended by all.

    1. @Hardbrix,

      why do you prefer to have in the sand where there is no oxygen? You will die!!

      Go back to the archives, right from 1980, you will see that the Gukurahundi is the archirect of all the misery that has befallen the country. A few qoutes for you:

      “Rovai, Ngomo Zidumbu, rovai!!!!”

      “This is my country, and Matebeleland is Nkomo’s country!!”

      “Nyika yani iyoyo?”

      “We want a one party State!”

      “If you don’t want to vote for us Dzokerayi!!”

      “Put fear in the heart of the whitemen. Make them tremble!!”

      “Voting for Tswangirayi, you just wasting your vote – we won’t accept it – a mere “x” can not replace a gun”

      “I have degrees in violence…….”

      “Where have you heard of a country that goes broke….”

      1. Also,”Tino vadashura”

        And, “Ngatibvisai zvitsga pakati pedu” this is after the 1985 elections, when ZAPU members were thrown out of their houses…..he is a subtle politician.

        When connered he appears to be more friendly but the moment he has an upper hand the “Gaddafi” in him comes up. We all thought Mugabe has reformed after the Referendum 2000 defeat and the 2000 elections when he put the likes of Nkosana Moyo in cabinet.

        At the moment as a Nation lets focus on the snake, the rats we will deal with them later. Lets not be derailed on where we are going to be putting our X. Tsvangirai can have as many wives as he want we will deal with that issue later.

  9. tapfuma matibiri

    There is just one thing to be considered here ‘will Mugabe ,with all that power hunger that has seen him at the summit of power for over 30yrs ,fending off threats from within and without his party with ruthless impunity agree to a plan that effectively wipes out the only method he knows to stay in power to appease Tsvangson?’ ‘Will the army generals , who have long been the harvesters of all wealth which this country has ever made listen to a frail Mugabe and agree to a plan which will effectively strip them of all power and wealth and even freedom ?’ The answer is no. So what is needed is not to appeal to the morals of these murderers but to tell them this time tinomamisana kusvika zvanaka

  10. Every right thinking Zimbabwen need Peace and total Peace. Seating down and finding a solution to that, is a most welcome developement and a breath of fresh air.Let us pray for a devine hand in all this. God is faithful. Let us seek his face.

  11. Leaders are from God, God will give us a leader

  12. this time people lets pray for the true leader not hangman

  13. Soldiers in civilian clothes hapana kana nyaya apa zimbabweans should watch out for false flags

  14. u can sei that again coz no one own anyone so pliz politicianz bear that in yo mind

  15. Mugabe’s hands are full of blood of innocent Zimbos. Those who killed killed in his name so Mugabe must take full responsibility for the spilling of blood in Zimbabwe. The proposed NSC meeting is a fraud becoz Mugabe meets with Joc on a weekly or daily basis to plan with them strategies for winning elections for Mugabe next year. Mugabe is just trying to be seen to be complying with GPA. Who would be fooled by this? Foxy Mugabe cannot change and will never change. You trust him at your own peril!

  16. wezhira we zhowezha

    never ever trust mugabe.he daznt stand by his words.the issue of non violent election ios all fake.he will deploy his people to beat up villagers.why nw.why didnt he act in the past.why fight wen campaigning.i dont for thot

  17. Mr Mugabe is right, yes vakambobhaiza zvavo but pane zvavari kuona. Let me prophecy” next elections will be peaceful and any one kuhwina anotonga”

  18. our president has now see the light.

  19. Kunyepa chaiko kuti hakuna munhu achamamiswa pamaelections apa. ndiudzei kuti igore ripi apo maelections akamboitwa vanhu vakasamamiswa. Zvekuti hee NSC heee this and that. its a waste of time. Mbonisi seems to have the right mind to quote one or two sayings. Can mamisa manje muchinda iyeye. But just to be fair, hapana anomamisirwa mahara. Anenge aine zvaamuita.Kumutokonya. Look. Smith aida kuramba nenyika yemuface iyeyuyu akamamiswa too bad kusvika ati baba nenzeve. Nkomo ndobva ada kupanduka ndokubhangazwa senyoka yapinda mumba-ndipo manje pari kunzi naMbonisi Gukurahundi party -Gukurahundi party. Then ndobva pauya vanaTekere nanaKombayi vachiti tisu tozvigona takaromba pamwe chete kuna Chief Tangwena muna 1975 pavakacrosser kuMoza vari makabichi sezvazvinotaurwa. vakatiwo rega tidongorere chigaro cheushe neZUM. Ava vatsindirwa too bad, maningi stereki kusvika vasarenda voga kuti taretire from politics-voluntary retirement. Ndabaningi ndokumbomiramira akaona nekuminda nekuminda ari kumamiswa chete. hameno ava vanaTsvangison kana vasina chekutaura naye muchinda iyeye kubvira 1997 kusvika nhasi zviri zvese nakatsande. Ava ndivo vari kudamburwa zvematsenganzungu chete. Hameno kana vakati simuka tiyenzane-vakazviita vose varipi? Anyone who desires to sit on that throne is in for it. Did you not hear colonel Khumalo’s testimony last week? That midzimu ndiyo yakati chigaro ichocho hachitorwi naani zvake kusvikira midzimu iyoyo yati zvakwana? Kune here vakorinde vanokunda midzimu yenyika vanoti tinopagara chete usingade uchida?Kana mukaona muchigarisana patafura muchisekererana, kupuruzira shato yakaguta chete. Kana yave nenzara ichakusvinai mukati mai. Muri kudealer nemagorira. Gorira warfare haisi yekubudirana pachena. Munoseka mese masikati motinhwa usiku. Kutodaidzirawo musangano we NSC muichiti zvafamba. Imi. makamboenda kunodzidza magorira tactics kupi? hakusi kuzungaira ikoko? Mirirayi midzimu. Zvekumanyamanya izvozvo ndozvichaita kuti muzoda kunodaidza vana mupakatsine kuti vauye nehondo muno. Iko zvino chigaro hachisi chenyu varume. Be patient. time and opportunity happens to all, but by the will of God. Ko munozvinetserei? Why not spend all that time going to school to finish off outstanding O’levels? Zvakarambaka zvechikoro chisingatauri? Izvi zvechigaro chamambo chine aripo anotaura ndozvamunoti imi zvichaita nyore nyore? Hoodo hameno woye. Asi kureva chokwadi anongosveverera kuchigaro ikoko nguvaisati yakwaniswa nevadzimu sezvakataura colonel Khumalo, anomamiswa zvisingaite. Why not? Unoda kuita mukorinde anotungamira vashakabvu sei? Uri munhu rudzii asinganzwi zvarehwa nambuya nehanda?

  20. Angaswerodaidza mauto seiko ivo vanhu varikutorohwa izvezvi?? Otherwise we will not see the army in uniform in the middle vachingotikiyira hama dzedu kwaMutoko uko.
    Ngaataure nemaMPs ake vasvitse shoko kuruzevha kunananyanhamo uko.

    @Squarebasher—–You Jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Midzimu yey, ko ngaivhote ka midzimu yacho saka vanhu vanoitireyi regsiter to vote? Why waste money muchizoti midzimu midzimu. Amweni anhu futi. hah!

  22. I agree with Abbey Banda in that vaMugabe may not be as genuine as we may be tempted to think. The MDCs shouldn’t believe the fallacy that Mugabe now coplying with GPA requireents. As mentioned by another observer on this forum, he meets the Generals more often and chances are high that he will coach them to appear to be repentant and cooperative with MDC in the next meeting. This strategy seeks to make MDCs drop the anti violence capaign against Zanu PF thereby rendering SADC and international efforts irrelevant as the issue wouldn’t be a burning one. The other effect will also be that the Opposition won’t doing very much on the ground and approach the election without a real stratege save fighting for an even election battlefield. Zanu PF will be perfecting all possible stragies to increase their chances of winning. If the peaceful means seems not to be good enough for them, i’m sure they will revert to violence which is their default setting. This will be a last minute ambush to SADC and the MDCs by surprise.

  23. gwendo gwuno tirikumamisirana mubalot box

  24. for sure if we really need to progress lets keep our forces in barracks until and when war breaks out, this might be the beginning of the good after the ballot.

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