Mugabe insult: Rights lawyers intervene

THE Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) have intervened in the case involving a Nyamandlovu woman accused of insulting President Robert Mugabe.

Silas Nkala

The lawyers yesterday said they would apply for referral of the case to the Supreme Court contesting sections used to charge her.

Jeritha Nkomo (36) has not been formerly charged with undermining the authority of the President or insulting him.

Last Thursday, she appeared before magistrate Victor Mpofu who was presiding over a circuit court at Nyamandlovu.

The magistrate remanded her out of custody to November 1 on $30 bail after the ZLHR wrote a letter to the court indicating they would take the case up with a higher court.

A ZLHR letter seen by NewsDay yesterday dated October 16 2012, read: “It is our intention to file on this day an application for the proceeding to be referred to the Supreme Court in terms of Section 24 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.” Ads

The State case is that sometime last year Nkomo and her husband Vincent Dube were driving slowly in Umguza when they spotted Nyamandlovu Zanu PF district chairperson Raphael Ncube (53) at his neighbour’s home.

Nkomo is alleged to have started shouting at Ncube on top of her voice using unprintable words.

She allegedly called him a witch, that he had a goblin and also mentioned the President’s name in the vitriol.

Nkomo and her husband drove off while Ncube reported the matter to the police, leading to her arrest.

Meanwhile, a teacher at Mahlothova Secondary School is on the run after he absconded trial for allegedly insulting Mugabe during a heated quarrel with the headmaster over cessation of his salary by the Education ministry.

Wellington Chitiyo (29) briefly appeared before magistrate Mpofu at Nyamandlovu circuit court early this month on charges of undermining the authority of or insulting the President.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was remanded out of custody on free bail to October 18 when the trial was expected to continue, but he did not turn up for the hearing.

The magistrate issued a warrant of arrest against him.

The court heard that on October 2 last year at 7pm, Chitiyo was drinking beer with the headmaster of Mahlothova Secondary School, Danisa Ncube at Mtatazela bottle store.

The two had a misunderstanding over cessation of Chitiyo’s salary after he allegedly absconded duty. He also allegedly insulted Mugabe using unprintable words and was arrested after a police report was made.


  1. Anyone who thrives in shedding Mthwakazi blood should be insulted – this is quite in order.

    1. Who is Mthwakazi and what is it remember you have your roots in KZN not here. We are very ready for you careful on your next step.

      1. Uhm, munakwanawo. he’s every bit Zimbabwean as you are. You forget kuti mashonawo u came from South Africa

      2. yes i agree…be carefull…u can not survive shonas wen they decide to rain on u….be very very careful.

        1. What has this got to do with Shonas? Where is the issue of Shonas coming from?

        2. ndezvako nechilobengulalism chako

      3. Who is WE? and What has this got to do with KZN?

      4. thats a horrible statement

    2. u can only insult them not dare fight them..they will rule forever and ever and kick yo ass at will…mthwakazi is a daydream my prhnd…forget that and work for yor family…u will never see it in yo life tym…yo kids will only inherit the dreams….u can not survive them admit it….all of their kids have a better chance of ruling zim than Welshman ncube despite him being a kindergarten vice president…..lala kahle mthwakazi……

      1. Insult THEM, who are “THEM” – Mugabe is THEM? I thought the lady in the story only insulted Mugabe – just one individual, who are the other Mugabes that we do not know? She is no exception, so many people from Hurungwe to Beitbridge, Harare to Plumtree have insulted Mugabe, so whats new?

        Who is the “THEM”?

        Who will rule forever? ZANU PF? Mugabe – I thought Tswangirayi won the 2008 Presidential elections – clearly this means many Zimbabweans don’t want these ZANU PF people to rule for ever!!

  2. You see how easy it is to settle scores with your foes. Just say he has said Mugabe is so and so ,thats enough to see you through hell even when everyultimately be acquited

  3. no comment on these shabby things people shold grow up

  4. So when I want to fix anybody I can just go to the police and say this man has said unprintable words about Mugabe otosungwa. If you have a misunderstanding with any Zanoid they will cry Mugabe, so the name Mugabe has become an albatross around our necks. Please President if a person reports that you have been insulted arrest that person instead because he is the one soiling your name. Now all Zimbabweans think the name Mugabe is a bad name because it has been abused daily.

    1. ndhuna says Mugabe and ZANU PF will rule forever!!

  5. baba ve vana

    you also have your roots from central Africa where all the bantu people came from. The real original people from southern africa are the San (bushmen), so maybe you should also consider going back where you came from somewhere in Uganda Kenya or Tanzania. you have absolutely no better right to be in Zimbabwe than any other group that settled later.
    Surprisingly the real original owners of Southern Africa the San are quiet.

    1. This “GO BACK” mantra has become a uniquely SHONA thing on this African continent – do you know why they seem to be the only people still harping about this, with many of them getting arrested by their own government for having Dual citizenship? You will be surprised how many of them are applying for South African citizenship and yet they still shout the “GO BACK” mantra – I’m keen to know why?

  6. teacher gwishiri

    Ndiyo freedom of speech yacho yamunoti yakanaka , hezvo mava kutukana nayo. people should be controlled speech wise. you now feel insulted kuti pane ati mundevere dzokera KZN in the name of freedom of speech, if you insult the first man(RG Mugabe) no problem its freeedomof speech. who the hell proved that freedom of speech is good for us, even democracy? satani anokushandisai chizvo nhai

  7. The law is an ass. Anyone can call me m’gaxa and get away with it. If I were to call my neighbour m’gaxa he would send me to the courts for insulting the head of state! And I’d probably be convicted, too…
    OK then, m’gaxa yabantu, what am I saying?

  8. marights aya ane paanogumira handifunge kt pane anoda kuudzwa paakabuda napo ini! Unobveiko ukangoremekedza mukuru wako! Inga zvotangira mumba chaimo wani

  9. ‘the right to swing your hand ends where the nose of the other person appears….’

  10. Kana Mutungamiriri avekungotukwa ne Vana zvinoreva kuti utongi hwake hwapera. Musamanikidzire vanhu vakomana. Mudhara uyu haachadive nesu tose. Murikungo manikidzira zvinhu neku rigger ma elections. Regedzai vamwe vapinde panyanga nguva yenyu yakapera bambo.

  11. Freedom of speech is necessary but mind you there is no freedom after speech. Svunurai maZimbabwe.

  12. There is a Mthwakazi by the name Tariro Chitsiga who was insulted and abused in Chinhoyi by the ZANU PF/Mugabe goons for supporting and campaigning for Welshman Ncube’s MDC – is this in order?

  13. kana baba vasingachengete mhuri what the purpose of respecting him

  14. People should not fan tribalism all in the name of a dictator who tentacles all over like his Godfather Hitler. How can people be arrested for such petty offences?

    1. They say a Mthwakazi insulting Mugabe is the same as him insulting Shona people; if a Shona does it, he is exercising his democratic right!

  15. yimisuzo yodwa le

  16. yizinto ezingakwananga lezo elikhuluma lazo azila history

  17. This is not easy to prove. Are there any witnesses for such cases I wonder. One can just frame up an issue against someone to fix him/her especially now that people know it is an offense to insult the President. Otherwise the accuser should be questioned for using the name of the President to settle scores with his/her enemies.

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