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Mr Ugly’s sad love story


AFTER being incarcerated at Khama Prison from 1972 to 1978 over political reasons, he came back home only to find his wife snatched by another man.

Report by Kenneth Nyangani, Own Correspondent

Due to the pain of losing a wife, he has been living a lonely life since then. The day he won the Mr Ugly Manicaland contest was a remarkable day that he says brought him back to life.

Mike Nyamukapa (64), who is still riding on the crest of a wave after clinching the prestigious award, believes the competition opened another new chapter for him.

“l did not know about the contest. But a friend of mine Emmanuel Chikozho did the homework for me by registering me on the eleventh hour and he is now my promoter. l believe after winning the event, another avenue has opened in my life,” he said.

“When I was introduced to the other contestants later in the night, I faced resistance and had altercations with some fellow competitors who were jealous of my ugliness.”

Nyamukapa, who grew up in the sprawling suburb of Sakubva in Mutare, went only as far as Standard 4 at Mutanda Primary School in the early ’60s.

“I had two wives in my life and both my marriages were not successful. My last wife was a Zambian, but ran away in 1978 when l had been jailed for almost seven years for taking part in political activities. I had two sons with that wife, but they are both living in Zambia.”

“l am still pained about the way my wife betrayed me. Since then l have not married. l don’t think I will ever marry again.

“I am currently lodging in a single room. I admit that l have flirted with many women. I have stayed with some for short periods — a month or even up to three months.”

How he survives

NYAMUKAPA survives on temporary employment and earning about $150 per month. When there is no work on offer, he whiles away time drinking opaque beer and playing various table games at a local council bar in Dangamvura.

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