Minister Stan Mudenge dies

HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Stan Mudenge has died.

Report by Moses Matenga Staff Reporter

He was 71.

The Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Masvingo North is said to have collapsed and died at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel Thursday afternoon.

At the time of going to print last night, his body was reportedly still in his hotel room while plans were being made to take it to Harare.

Mudenge was expected to officiate at a meeting of officials from regional universities at around 2:30pm when he reportedly collapsed while in his hotel room at around 12:00 noon.

An impeccable government official confirmed Mudenge’s death.

“It’s true that he passed on, but I can’t comment on that. I cannot comment on behalf of his family. You can check with his family.”

A Cabinet minister who was close to Mudenge also confirmed the death of the minister, but said he was not the right person to announce the tragedy.

Unconfirmed reports from Masvingo said Great Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor Rungano Zvobgo was in the process of introducing dignitaries at the event, including Mudenge who was expected to officiate when the minister’s aide walked into the room crying and told Zvobgo that his boss had collapsed.

Mudenge was born in 1941 in Zimuto, Masvingo.

His political career began in 1977 when he became Zanu PF secretary for External Affairs in Lesotho, a position he held until 1980.

He served as the Secretary for Education for Zanu PF in the Munyambe North District between 1990 and 1991. He became a member of the Central Committee in 1991.  From 1991 to 1993 he held the post of Senior Permanent Secretary of Political Affairs.  At the same time he was the Deputy Secretary for Commissariat and Culture, Masvingo Province.

He was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1995 before he was reassigned to become Higher and Tertiary Education in 2005 which portfolio he held up to the time of his death.

Mudenge had been unwell for some time though his ailment has never been made public.

He wedded in May this year for the second time after his first and second wives died in 2001 and 2004 respectively.



  1. may his soul rest in peace



  2. National Observer

    This brother shld hv retired sme tym ago…but we love the beautiful mind he had towards education( Chete).
    The Research & interlectual expo was amazing & otha programmes for tertiary education.

  3. This man was one evil man and his passing means some people where destined to die because of him and his commands, are going to live and die in a different and more natural way. Ihave personal experience of this man and I can categorically say he was evil to the core.

  4. nomore muchehiwa

    ini ndarwadziwa.RIP cmrd stan gorerazvo

  5. RIP VaMudenge.

  6. may his soul have eternal life ,he will greatly be missed

  7. May His soul rest in perfect peace.

  8. Wil mis him so dearly

  9. Great minds are gone. Thus a great loss to the academic circle.

    1. I have been peeved by the untimely demise of Dr Mudenge. he was an illustrious son of the soil, a dedicated and a fearless cadre who stood for the total emancipation of the academic sector. The veteran academia resuscitated the issue of cadetship scheme in tertiary education in which many students were helped across the country. I

      Dr Mudenge, we will remember you as a father figure, a fiery politician, and a veteran academia who had education at heart.

      May his soul rest in eternal peace.

    2. “He wedded in May this year for the second time after his first and second wives died in 2001 and 2004 respectively”?????????


  10. l learned with great shock the dearth of one such cadre who was a fighter for the emancipation of the Masvingo Province ,he worked with cde Edison Zvobgo to be who we are today,although h z Zanu Pf,we belong to other groups as well bt we mourn the dearth of this selfless cadre who was not pompous and would nt run away frm pipo regarded him as a celebrity bt would great them without fear.Hamba kahle,lala ngokuthula,till we meet again.

  11. Crazy. Every Zimbo new this man was ailing why didnt Mugabe retire him? There is a very odious culture in Zanu PF that they want to rule until they die – literally. People are already saying unAfrican things about VP Nkomo. Surely a sad day, but also a time to reflect about the country’s future and the kind of leaders Zimbabwe is cursed with.

  12. Mwari atinyaradze seZimbabwe. Tarasikirwa

  13. Newton Munod Mambande

    I am very sorry for the great loss.Stan Mudenge is not dead.He is still alive because he have left us his foot prints in the fraternity of history.As a history student I will honor his works till I die.He was not like his colleagues in ZANU-PF who write biased history.

  14. rest in eternal peace minister,hope the lord accepts you in heaven

  15. What a sad loss. He will be missed in the academic circles. As university students we cherish his great efforts towards our welfare

  16. you have run your your race,you are a good example to our generation,Father with unforgettable history,,RIP

  17. R.I.P Munotamba nevamwe zvakanaka kwamunoenda……


    well RIP old man, we honour you! but let this be a lesson to others. humanity should take a rest when it calls. this man looked sick, weak and pale. we say no to the tendency of forcing our respected elderly to continue to work. sekuru na mbuya havafanire kuramba vachingodzi sakurai. vachasakura vakapfugama, vozogara, vozozvambarara, vobvavarara zvachose.

  19. If the fisrt and second wives died,then the marriage in May was the 3rd one.Is that not correct?

  20. charumbira Mtebedzi

    the death of Mudenge left a void that no one can fill,may his soul rest in eternal peace

  21. for i respect this man as all round figure in politics , education , and in social life.but god ruled his death before he compited his duty for the youth of zimbabwean may hiz soul rest in internal peace

  22. saka ndichaita deputy waani


  24. Its sad an Educationist and historian has died

  25. RIP Dr.Mudenge.A very affable man who always found something to joke about.His politics was always very civilised and never one to fan inter-party violence.An accomplished historian and academic.Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

  26. oh what a loss to the nation may his soul rest in peace


    1. We learn with shock the death of the great man, who went out of his way to build Gurajena Hosp in his home area Zimuto. RIP sir,

  28. when a sage dies a library is being buried


  30. may his soul rest in internal all miss him ,vehukama chemai netariro ishe vaita kuda kwavo ndivo varonga izvi

  31. Hope ,we will meet in heaven some in peace

  32. rest in peace my leader our leader the nation is at loss

  33. I know him well when he was Secretary for Political affairs, a humble diligent administrator, RIP

  34. disgruntled servant

    shame , asi ndiyo nzira yedu tose, condolences to the zimbabwe family …i think though that he shud have relinquished his ministerial duties kudhara and focused on his health , at that age … it was always going to be hard for him .. for those of us that remain , lets prioritise … its never too late to leave the seat for younger , more focused and more spirited people …
    may his soul rest in peace

  35. My condolences to the wife and family. May his soul rest in peace

  36. Zimbabwean,lets pray for the Mudenge family, its God’s time which all living soul shall pass through.Let’s work hard and do everything but not to forget
    that, the lust minute is not ours but for God

  37. He was a guru in history.

    1. He was a guru in distorting history…

  38. I met him in a supermarket in Masvingo very recently, he was quite unassuming, no thugs around him, Rest In peace. To many of us let us sometimes feel sad but not shock, The Man was sickly and you could expect anything, sad, but shock ahah.

  39. A life well lived Minister Mudenge.I cherished your radical approach towards these errant Tertiary institutions over cadetship and University students welfare amongst other things.U will be grately missed.RIP.

  40. Only God knows who Stan Mudenge was…good or bad.

  41. RIP Dr Mudenge. We shared many book platforms together. We disagreed in political terms, with smiles, but it was the health of our different perspectives on our national destiny. May your ancestors and God welcome you to their world in order to inspire the living. RIP.

  42. Rufu ndimadzöngonyedze

  43. Surely we lost an illustrius son of the soil who spent the rest of his time for academic well being of all young Zimbabweans. Mudenge was a peace loving citizen unlike these other jumbo mumbo political vampires who are fond of building political fortune by sucking blood of young and innocent Zimbabweans.

  44. what a loss

  45. Nkazana Dhliwayo

    Rest peacefully,yu a our hero,will always remember you

  46. RIP comrade

  47. RIP VaZimuto, Wamambo, Chirasha haiwa makashuma, basa makabata, pamakasiyira tichapedzisa

  48. What a los,may his soul rest in peace .

  49. there is a time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die. i never new the man that much except for the newspaper articles, but he did not seem like he was a bad man. RIP

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