Minister Mangoma arrested

Energy and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma has been arrested for allegedly insulting President Robert Mugabe at a rally in March.

Report by Moses Matenga, Staff Reporter

ENERGY and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma was yesterday arrested for allegedly insulting President Robert Mugabe during his address at an MDC-T rally at Munhenga business centre in Bindura seven months ago.

Mangoma was arrested at his Chaminuka Building offices by four police detectives from the Law and Order Section in the afternoon and taken to Harare Central Police Station.

From there, the police drove him towards Bindura, but reportedly made a U-turn and drove back to Harare before releasing him when his lawyers intervened.

Top lawyers Selby Hwacha and Beatrice Mtetwa are representing the minister Mtetwa said: “He was arrested and we have been told they wanted to take him to Bindura. We are not sure of the charge except that it relates to undermining the authority of the President. We don’t have details of where the rally was and what the actual words were.”

NewsDay managed to speak to Mangoma before he was released and he said: “I was taken to Harare Central Police Station and am being charged with undermining the President by chanting slogans calling for Mugabe to go. They were now taking me to Bindura, but I am told they will be taking me back to Harare Central.”

Hwacha said after the minister’s release: “A statement was recorded from him and he was released on the basis they would issue summons if they want him in court. He was arrested for uttering statements that demean the person and office of the President.”

Earlier, the MDC-T had condemned Mangoma’s arrest as politically-motivated and meant to weaken the party’s position ahead of the Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference.

“We condemn the timing of the arrest which is meant to weaken the MDC team ahead of the Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference. It’s designed to weaken the negotiating team ahead of consultative meetings with Sadc. It’s retributive because some big fish in the system wrongly blame Mangoma for the information leaked to the Press regarding unpaid electricity bills and also his stance on the ethanol project,” said MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora.



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  1. The arrest of Mangoma on flimsy charges demonstrates how Mugabe operates using the manual of dictators. They’re a bunch of intolerant people who stop at nothing to maintain a vice grip. This old man’s rule has become evil beyond comprehension. Thought Mangoma is a hard working lad cleansing the mess bequeathed by Zpf to the unity government.

    1. Hard working lad papi pacho akaura nhasi anorara achikamhina muchitokisi they knw what the law says about thugs who insult the president what human rights right to insult smeone zwaitika zwawangauchida mangoma kubuda munhau

  2. General Pancho Villa

    This is not good @ all. Why can’t the police investigate first, then arrest instead of arresting and investigate??????????????????

  3. Mugabe is a mere human being and subject to all critisism anyone may feel is due.
    Creating an atmosphere of a super human being next to God to an mere faliable creature created by God like any other points to perveted and warped thinking by a lost people.
    Zuma and all other presidents have and are still being called unthinkable names by the very same sick system in Zimbabwe and no one worries about that as we live in a free and open society.
    Mugabe is a mere mortal like any other despite having been eleveted to presidential status by who ever did it. But that does not mean he is perfect and can not bear people’s scrutiny. How many times have the Zanupf zelots insulted Zuma to the joy of the same president they are preventing from being insulted?

  4. Matombo Chiwira

    Hezvo and who is next. Ma elections are just around the corner

  5. My understanding is that for any cabinet minister to be arrested,the president has to give the go ahead,did that happen?If not then obviously tommorow we are going to hear the same old line:” not arrested,but picked up for questioning”.

  6. they are very intolerant ,self serving.they do not want hard facts.look at the public service commissioners who are life commissioners appointed by the same old system.victimising intelligent people

  7. if someone commit a crime , you don’t have to wait for the president to give you a go ahead to arrest the criminal. the police just drag the real thug to the courts and lock him up. the security agents knows their duties, why wait for the president to tell them what to do.Tate’sOwn you really a fool. no one is above the law. mangoma is answerable to all charges.

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