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Macheso takes Kagomera back


SUNGURA king Alick Macheso reconsidered taking back his  controversial dancer Peter Kagomera into his band. Report by Tawanda Marwizi, Own Correspondent

Kagomera was booted out of the band in July after he was arrested for beating up a police officer.

Recently, Kagomera was issued with a warrant of arrest after he failed to complete his community service and he might face arrest.
Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, Macheso said though he was troubled by the young dancer’s behaviour, he could not let him go back to the streets again.

“His behaviour worries me, but I feel sometimes God will not bless me if I do not take this young man back,” Macheso said.

He said he would, however, discuss with his management Kagomera’s  fate and what they would do to help improve his behaviour.

Macheso reiterated on Saturday at Gwanzura Stadium  that God would not forgive Kagomera’s sins in his song Kudzima moto before calling him on stage.

“Mamuonaka uyu? (have you seen him) What can we do with him? Can we take him back?” asked Macheso.

Kagomera joined Macheso on stage before he reminded hundreds of merrymakers of his days at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Kagomera said he was happy to be back at Mberikwazvo. He referred to the band as his home.

“I was about to go back to the streets, to be honest, because things were no longer viable to me, but I am happy that I am going back to my home,” he said.

Asked on whether he would change his behaviour, Kagomera said his experience outside Macheso’s camp was enough for him.

Macheso, however, defended the move taken by his band members who defected to Sulumani Chimbetu earlier this year.

“This is the nature of the industry. You go here and there, but at the end you come back to your home.

“I am sure you have seen Franko(Francis Dhaka) here,” he shouted.

Meanwhile Kagomera will not be part of Macheso’s crew to play in London next week.

They will be leaving on Monday for shows at Oasis Bangueting Suite in London and Starlite de venue in Leicester.

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