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Japanese ikebana comes to Zim


IKEBANA is the name that refers to the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is more than simply placing a flower in a vase, but a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda  Entertainment Reporter

It is a creative expression rather than mere floral arrangement or collection of particoloured or multicoloured arrangement of blooms. Ikebana often emphasises other areas of the plant, such as its stem and leaves and draws emphasis towards shape, line and form.

The artist’s intention behind each arrangement is shown through a piece’s colour combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines and the usually implied meaning of the arrangement.

The Japan Foundation, together with the incorporated Foundation Sogetsu, will host a group of ikebena experts that will on October 29 and 30 hold a lecture, demonstration and workshop on ikebana in Harare.

“Previously, there used to be what was known as ikebana Zimbabwe chapter, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the practitioners disappeared.

“This is the first time that Zimbabwe has received such a renowned group of ikebana teachers from Sogetsu Japan,” said the Japanese Embassy information officer Amos Masango.

He said the event was targeting flower enthusiasts and anyone that could appreciate and benefit from such artistry. The main goal would be to introduce Japanese culture and art to overseas audiences.

Masango said experts from Japan would include Misei Ishikawa (Sogetsu head office lecturer), Seika Kasuya (Sogetsu head office assistant lecturer), Kouji Kurata (Sogetsu bunka jigyo) and Sihan Ishikawa who carries more than 40 years’ experience including extensive travel and exhibitions in India and Kenya. Ishikawa is an experienced potter talented in using both vase and flowers.

“Once you take part in ikebana you become involved in the practice of ikebana.

“This is a very noble hobby where the Japanese culture and African flowers merge and people tend to appreciate ikebana thereby promoting the relationship between man and nature, a philosophy that encourages harmony,” he added.

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