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It’s too harsh: Kapini


WARRIORS captain Tapiwa Kapini yesterday said he was against the decision by Zifa to impose life bans on players for their alleged involvement in match-fixing in Asia in 2009 – now known as Asiagate – describing the punishment as “unfair and harsh”.
Report by Tawanda Tafirenyika Sports Correspondent

Speaking in an interview from his base in South Africa, the Warriors goalkeeper said he was prepared to risk his life against the ban on players, saying their lives depended on football.

He said he was against the decision by the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) to ban players from the game.

“I am prepared to put my head on the block against the decision to ban players from the game for life.

“Even two years, I think is harsh and unfair. As captain of the Warriors, friend and teammate, I feel pity for them because their lives depend on football,” said Kapini.

“What Zifa should have done was to ban them from playing for the national team, not to ban them for life. It’s hard and I feel for them.

“They stood behind me when I got injured and I also stand by them on this issue. Most of them are under 32 years of age and what are they going to do?

“Do they want them to start selling recharge cards or go to Mbare and sell tomatoes? We can talk about building a new team around junior teams, but this will not develop our football,” said Kapini. Zifa last week banned 15 players and officials from the game for life. Those affected included former Zifa chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya, former Warriors coach Sunday Chidzambwa, Mamelodi Sundowns defender Method Mwanjali, Danisa Phiri, Edmore Sibanda, Guthrie Zhokinyi and South Africa-based defender Thomas Sweswe.

The country’s soccer mother body is yet to officially reveal names of dozens of other players and officials who face suspensions of between six months and 10 years from the game.

The full list of those affected is expected to be officially released tomorrow. This follows an independent investigation headed by retired Supreme Court judge Justice Ahmed Ebrahim.

Ebrahim said the exact details of how the Zimbabwe teams were involved in the match-fixing may never be known, but claimed those behind the scam were driven by greed.

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  1. thats a point Itai, ban players to play for the national team not a life ban. After all who was not kiya kiyaring during those harsh years. Lets be cruel to those whose masterminded this debacle such Henrietta, but to those players who blindly followed events as the happened, lets be fatherly and sympathetic.

    • they should have said no in the 1st place to such things….. these guys should be ethical all the time…… i belive they had it comin to them …. they knew what they where all doing becoz i am sure all the players that layed or most of them wer hand picked knowing fuly well what they wer being picked for….

    • i choose to differ with our Captain.Imagine Rufaro is packed and we are singing yave nyama yekugocha..rallying behind the warriors to win…BUT only they dont want to win.they have been paid to lose the game.Thats terrible Tapuwa..thats bad ,very bad .i cant think of any lesser punishment maybe BANISHMENT that they never set foot in Zimbabwe again

      • I will agree with the Captain. Ban them from national team. The world is full of these things. Remember Bruce Grobeller and Fashanu. They were banned only in England not internationally yet theirs was big money. Its all very noble to punish but also let live. These guys are dependent on soccer only. You cannot teach anyone a lesson like that, its not a lesson at all but rather a death sentence

  2. people lyk rushwaya dont care abt the bans coz for them being @ zifa was strictly business & they will continue to make money elsewhere whilst players r victims.on the other hand if these players really did this then they r cruel to the supporters who pay & scream their lungs out in hope of a win whilst sum1 knows that its a defeat before kick off,let them pay huge fines

  3. Truth be told the guys involved in the Asiagate affair knew the consequences of their actions and should be prepared to face the music. Their actions were unpatriotic and even treasonous- all for what, a quick buck. They exhibited no sense of national pride whatsoever. Let them do time for their crime!

  4. Iwe Kapini uzive zvekurapisa gumbo rako. How can you fan corruption. Coz you were involved and luck to survive the hook. You now want to attack Zifa your boss for good job done by expert. You are not legally qualified to comment on that aspect. Iwe ziva zvekutamba bhora. With or without you soccer goes ahead. Kubva zvamakatambira squad makaburei. Zifa’s decision still stands. Thank u Cuthbert Dube and team. Tamirira Angola sagga.i

  5. Who r we to judge,even varikupa malife bans vacho vanotoitawo madhiri,After all those guys were not being paid enough,I think Kapini z right,let them play for their clubs,coz most of them were relying on the game.Imagine Mwanjali selling air-tym,aiwa ZIFA must be seious.I am totaly against that decision,becarefull muchatidzikisira mweya yedu pakusuppoter bhora.Maakuzotibhowa.

    • cheats are not allowed they kill the true spirit of is better not to have a team than to have matchfixers masquerading as zim national team

  6. For laws to be enforced they have to be applicable to evy1. ZIFA is doing the right thng, munhu shld get full punishment ndokuti vadiki vazive kty zvakaipa. thts why uchiona maWestern countryz achibudirira, bcoz ey dnt tolerate crime n matter who u ar. ndosaka uchiona tichikundwa netunyika tudiki. chirasta hachibhadare vafana. mabhambi

  7. as much as i dont condon corruption,i think zifa was unfair in their upgrade exercise.upgrading from 10 years to life ban and downgrading from life ban to 5 years leaves a lot to be desired.Also putting rushwaya,the instigator on the same level with mere accomplices is obscene,considering how powerful henerieta was at that time.a NO could have meant the end of one’s football career or even life.henirieta had the power to influence national coaches NEVER to call those stuborn players to national duty.she had the power to even influence up to division 1 coaches to kill those young careers.she also had the power to make those ‘evidences’ to disappear.just this year johnathan mashingaidze was kidnapped and threatened over this issue,how about then.everyone knew that she rose to that rank through her political connections,so saying no to her was tantamount to say no to his excellency.reporting her would also meant nothing by then.lets not forget that shes the woman who wanted shuvai mahofa’s parliament seat.these guys are just victims of circumstances

  8. kapini you are a disgrace to the football fanatic, as a Captain you should be preaching respect of conducts, rules and regulations pertaining to soccer. We all work guys and hatiitiri svina pabasa saka lets all respect our sources of income with dignity. kapini you were aware that these guys were involved long back, why did you not talk to them to stop, now you want to fight on their behalf because justice has prevailed. dai kuri kunedzimwe nyika vakatongerwa treason but we live in a democratic country and ZIFA was so lenient by giving them a life ban. They should actually be celebrating otherwise they could be rotting in hell. Guys not all people are corrupt, saka dont say ndiani angasingakiyi-kiyi, I wasnt and Im clean and Ill keep my cleanness.

  9. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t be punished,but every punishment should be proportional to the crime committed.That’s what Kapini is talking about.If a person who was captain for one Cecafa tour (Zhokinyu),is given same punishment with someone who was captain for three tours (Mwanjali),where is the justice there?If people start asking questions surely they are justified.Punishment YES,but the correct punishment,that’s Kapini’s wish.,

  10. Dont understand Kapini here. They new consequences of this and should not cry foul. People get fired at work for misdeminours and life goes on, same with them, they get paid after all from our hard earned money from treasury. Its unfortunately but thats the correct thing, We can not be a nation of cheats and do nothing because some people’s lives will be affected. Its Zim image at stake here not those very few individuals. Zifa is right here to send a message and if it was in other countries death penalt was going to apply because this is treasonous

    • When a person is fired from work its not the end of the road, he will simply apply for another one because he is not barred. What makes this particular case devilish is effecting a world wide ban. Your own leaders are stealing day and night but no prison terms. A young boy of 22 years gets a life ban internationally, thats overzealous and insane on the part of your Zifa.

  11. I think zifa has contributed a lot towards this scandal. Players needs money but then kana muchipa vanhu peanuts obvious yr team is the target of all this rubbish.Ana Hneriata and those big officials are the masterminds of all this and kufunga kwenyu Mwanjali nevamwe vake vaiti kudi.Obvious unongoudzwa kti if you dont comply u wl face the music. But after all zvinosvota isu tose tinoda bhora.

  12. Where in the world has a player been banned for a years for taking a bribe, they should look into similar cases elsewhere where professionals are running soccer. These TB Joshua patients are a mess to soccer mhani. They could have checked with other leagues how they do it kwete zvekupenga izvi. I hope all players will refuse to play for the antional squad because everytime they lose they are said to have been bought out. Look at the Angloa match, sweat running all over their bodies, crying vachinyepedzera imi, siyai vana vedu chitambai bhora racho nevenyu tione kuti madofo enyu anorigona here. Remove thuggish rule in ZIFA ad start to be professionals.

  13. I would like to think kuti the punishments have not been set by ZIFA but by FIFA. ZIFA just has to abide. Mutongo hauiswi namutongi, the judge just follows up on statutes.

  14. VERY correct Mr Kapini n to add on, that was then when there was no food in zimbabwe, no money, no groceries on shelves and this temptation comes along. i think the sanctions on zim are better than this cruel decision by heartless n corrupt ZIFA body who will make thousands of families suffer. REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kapini must be jailed as well for using his relative’s birthcertificate. The banning of the players is justified. In fact they were supposed to be jailed first before being banned. Its a crime commited on national duty. So, Kapini keep quiet else ZIFA will investigate your birth records also

  16. Spot on Itai ,ndiyani akachena ku ZIFA kana huremende,Jesus says he who has not sinned let him cast the first stone ,rather suspend people from the national team than their livehood ,The economy and politics has made nearly everyone a tsotsi . In a country were survival is more important thn ethics ,come on ,just declare an amenesty ,not trying to score cheap points .What of all the dirt in the promotion of first division ,the referees etc

  17. Zifa is right! A crime is a crime and the offender must face justice! Its strange to hear Kapini say just bcos the boys supported him when he was injured, he has to support them in their crimes! If a person supports u today and kill your child tomorrow, will u say u are prepared to have your head smashed against the wall protecting the person from arrest? Kapini dont make comments that will make u lose your respect! You should only have pleaded for clemency for the boys! A captain should arbitrate professional not rowdly! Thats my advice 2 you and hope it will help!

  18. let him who has not kiyakiyad in the past years of disastrous government throw the first stone. Give life bans to politicians, who forced players to beg and borrow and cheat by making life unbearable for them. leave the poor boys alone!

  19. Of course its bad But Kampos unenjere. life ban is not good for players. Dai vanhu vose vaisungwa for 2008. To tell the truth everyone was unethical. Copy the world over what sentences were passed to players Check paItaly what was done. Don’t try to get into FIFA ascendency by sacrificing other people’s livelihoods.

    • @Zambani
      Thanks mate, I see some people use emotions like Zifa. There is no country in the world with hypocrites such as Zifa. Even the Fifa elections, awarding of world cup hosting etc are manipulated. Talking of elections, your own Zimbabwean general elections are manipulated, so why kill the young men. I think its enough to ban them from your national team.

  20. Kapini idofo remunhu, vanhu vakaita saiye ndovauraya nyika yedu. Does he know how it feels like wen they continously loose these games, no wonder y we r not progressing in our sport. Iwe kapini if u r not happy with this decision retire on solidarity to show yo support for them not on national interest.

    • We have had enough of this Zifa.Kapini is right the punishment is not vakatadza but not to the extend of destroying their careers.Dube is busy kupaZifa chimbadzo trying to make his name they must all go mhani let the children play

  21. This is man is talking gabbage,how can greed from few people affect the dreams and aspirations of football lovers?Good work Dube.

  22. These are the results of sin. Kapini should know that. You say you will put your head on the block, YEKELA sibone . Hawutombonyari , awulanhloni, ufuna ubutsotsi. Hamba lobutsotsi bakho.
    Our country deserves better people. A firing squad would have been the best punishment.

    • @Ronnie
      You cant be serious my friend, firing squad for what? This mentality is backward. You need to rehabilitate the young men and give them another chance. They did bad things but who doesnt? Sack them from your own team but leave them to continue elsewhere.

  23. Wadena mangwiro wotokwinya, imbwa kumedza bhonzo kutemba…; ndomene haichemedzi; dai ndakaziva haitungamire; vakanyengedza anyamukuta vachada kuzvara; dai vakaziva kuti chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa

  24. the devil shows you how ‘beautiful’ his kingdom is but wait until things go wrong the way he dumbs you. Lets walk and deal in the spirit to avoid this. kwakutopika wakapfeka dzako ka uku.

  25. For sure life ban is too harsh, but if you serious and would want to put your head on the block in solidarity with these guyz, retire from international foot-ball i.e the Warriors. To me these guys are being sacrificed to cover up for the BIG offenders during the period in question. Do the learned judges considered the economic climate prevailing at that time?

  26. The fact that our economy was in shambles during the period in question does not exonerate the match fixers from being punished. Everyone who was involved should be punished. That Kapini who’s saying he”ll put his head on the block for fellow players does not seem to know the gravity of this matter. For the record, the mastermind of all this is in jail somewhere on this earth which goes to show how serious the crime is. We the generality of zimbabweans should not be concerned that vana mwanjali vachazotengesa airtime cards or tomatoes. They committed a crime they should be punished. Dai vaida kuramba to be part and parcel of the whole scam they could have done so. Of course they were threatened by Henrietta but good will always triumph over evil it could have been better to be blacklisted by Henrietta the individual than be banned by the world soccer governing body.

  27. Its like saying I sell dagga/cannabis/weed/mbanje because I have no other source of income. That’s hogwash! A crime is a crime everyone involved should be punished accordingly kwete zvekunzwira munhu apara mhosva tsitsi kuti zvaari Mwanjali webhora angazotengesa majuice card here? Ehee zvitori nani panekuenda kujeri. The whole lot should face the music.

  28. The sentences could have been harsh, but they deserve to be punished. I think 2to 5 years is reasonable it will also send a message to any people involved in such corrupt activities? These guys are just like criminals who get arrested for different crimes and most of them end up losing their livelihoods. That is the price one has to pay if they choose unorthodox means of making money. So Kapini,let your friends feel the heat

  29. Itai you are delving into matters way above your scope. Now you are insinuating that people selling recharge cards and tomatoes are being punished and offending footballers should have preferential treatment. Young man that’s utter rubbish!!!!!!!!! How dare you utter that you sympathise with criminals??????????? Keep your gob shut if you have nothing constructive to say.

  30. this will go a long in trying to curb corrupt activities in OUR BELOVED GAME though I feel sorry for Mwanjali for falling in the scandal.Kapini dnt let emotions cloud what is righttttttttttt!!!!!!

  31. Kapini u are rite let other players follow suit karuru was left out of the team hanzi was bribed ,musona was bribed ,team yeku angola was bribed a bad builder blames his tools dube bvuma watadza waifunga kuti easy to qualify enda TB JOSHUA UNOPAMIDZIRWA MAZUVA

  32. I dont feel sorry for the banned people at all. Vakaba and they knew that corruption was taking place and non of them bothered to report to the police. Legally it means they were working in cahoots with their leaders. Lets be honest here. We will rather lose good players now and rebuild a new team than losing the best game on earth. After asiagate zifa should stard dtart investigating age cheats like kapini himself. Hiw can an old madhala like him claim to be 28 and mot being ashamed of it. Mncww. It sucks a lot.

  33. kapini a useless captain saka unogona kungotengwawoka this means magames ese ayotaidyiwa uripo waitengesaka urimugodhoyi wemunhu i never expect such words from the captain kuti they rely on football so what.ko waimbozviitira chii handiti waida mari yechopaz and wakaiwana so ngavambodya iyoyo kanayapera wozodzoka,for those banned for life zifa yakatoona kuti mari vavanayo so don’t worry too much for them shag iriti-i panazhokinyu.vakatonyarwa vanhu ava vaifanira kutombopfura nekuchikurubi nekuti vane mhosva’s better to hav u14s playing for the nation than to hav that heap of asiagates

  34. Zifa yazoziva punishment chete. Iyo yakatadza kuita kuti bhora redu rimire. The end result is players and officials look for alternatives. Your punishment is unjustfied and should be revised.

  35. By the way how old is Tapuwa/Itai Kapini? Its a pity he wants to involve himself in these nefarious escapades. At best he should keep quiet and let the due investigative process complete its cycle before making such puerile comments. A national team captain should exude unquestionable leadership both on and off the field of play. Look at Esrom Nyandoro a gentle giant in football, a true leader par-excellence, he has not spewed the stinky vomit that you have done. Emulate from him true leadership qualities not the ghettoo traits you are exhibiting. A wrong will never be a right. We have a responsibility as a nation to rid this society of cheats, thieves, crooks and self-styled mafioco brigands. We must fight corruption day- in-day-out if we want to prosper as a nation. It is unfortunate when people supposedly in leadership position jump to the media to propagate statements supportive of criminal activities. Although some negative minded sections of the nation may sympathise with you Amazulu FC should have been embarrassed by your utterances. Be a true sports personality not a ghetto boy.

  36. How can Zifa manage soccer with such culprits.Musamhanye the criminal courts are waiting for these guys. Does this mean that munhu asingashande ndiye anofana kuenda kujeri. All these guys can not sell airtime becoz they stole a lot of cash. Kana ukadzingwa basa nekuba hakunazve imwe cxompany ingakupinza basa. That’s why fingerprints are being taken from offenders. Iyi yebirthcertificate ndatoinzwawo nhasi. Matsotsi kujeri pliz.

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