Gwanda State University to start enrolling: Masuku

GWANDA State University (GSU) will soon start enrolling students for its first intake, Matabeleland South provincial governor Angeline Masuku has said.

Report by Fortune Moyo

Addressing farmers during the launch of the Mangwe Farmers’ Association feedlot scheme on Wednesday, Masuku said GSU was only awaiting the release of funds by the government to begin lectures.

“The first two departments will be mining and agriculture,” Masuku said.

In May, the university started engaging senior staff in preparation for its first intake, which was scheduled for September.

Other faculties include Life Sciences, which comprises animal science, crop science, environmental engineering, ecosystem, veterinary science, irrigation engineering and meteorology.
The Faculty of Engineering will offer programmes covering mining, surveying, metallurgy, geomatics, electrical and electronic engineering.

Since its inception in 2004, the GSU project has received a lot of support from the community with some people pledging cattle to assist in establishing the institution of higher learning.
Gwanda Town Council (GTC) donated 87 hectares of land towards the building of the university on the eastern side of the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic.

In December last year Vice -President John Nkomo donated a two-tonne tipper truck and 20 tonnes of seed to the new university.

World Vision recently donated 3 000 textbooks valued at $142 000 to the new university.

GSU has already acquired Mtshabezi Building from the Ministry of Public Works to be used as administration offices, while GTC has offered a place for conducting lectures at the show grounds.



  1. Why are there no State Universities in Mashonaland? Why are universities in Matebeleland and Midlands the only ones referred to as State universities? In Mashonaland you have Bindura university, Chinoyi university, Great Zimbabwe, etc. Whereas you have Lupane State univeristy, Midlands State university, Gwanda State University! What is the message here?

  2. We support the idea of a state university in every province this goes with our beliefs of devolving academic institutions to all provinces,hopefully they will benifit locals most!

  3. why z t everythn in Matebeleland z 4 begging n struggling ,gvt shld release its 40 mlln wc t failed 2 gv 2 e companies in Byo n gv t 2 e Mat Universities

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