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Fuel importers want levy scrapped


KWEKWE — Fuel importers have slammed the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim) for failing to provide adequate transportation for fuel imports into the country owing to poor infrastructure.

Report by Blessed Mhlanga Staff Reporter

Making submissions before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance on Tuesday, Savaro Bandikwa of Igwa Logistics said the parastatals’ failure to provide services was pushing fuel prices up because road importers were being forced to pay four cents per litre in fuel importation road levy.

Bandikwa urged the government to scrap the road fuel importation levy which is levied on all importers who use roads until such a time the two parastatals are able to handle fuel transportation logistics.

“The levy, we understand, was introduced to force fuel importers to use rail and the Noczim Beira pipeline, but these parastatals always have excuses because they have no capacity to do the work. NRZ has no wagons, while Noczim always say they don’t have the load required to pump through the pipe line,” he said.

At least 200 million litres of fuel were required in the pipeline at any given time for Noczim to pump any quantity of imported fuel through the line. Importers implored the government to reduce other levies on fuel to meet regional standards where the government collects less than 10c per litre.

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