Fifa speaks on Asiagate life bans

LIFE bans imposed on 15 Zimbabwean players and officials for their alleged involvement in the Asiagate match-fixing scandal will take worldwide effect only after endorsement by Fifa, the soccer world governing body said yesterday.
Report by Henry Mhara/Daniel Nhakaniso Sports Reporters

Zifa last week slapped life bans from all football activities on players and officials including former association boss Henrietta Rushwaya and ex-Warriors coach Sunday Chidzambwa.

However, despite Zifa’s assertion that the ban would take effect immediately after the announcement which was made on Friday, some “banned” players and officials were still involved in football activities over the weekend.

“The bans shall come into force on the day they are made public,” said Zifa in a statement on Friday.

However, Thomas Sweswe — who is part of the 15 banned — turned out for his South African club Bidvest Wits on Friday night, just a few hours after Zifa had dropped the bombshell.

On Saturday, Chidzambwa — who coaches South African side Black Leopards — was directing operations from the bench during his team’s 2-0 loss to Orlando Pirates in the Telkom Knockout Cup competition. On the local front, Dynamos had included their captain Guthrie Zhokinyi, one of the banned players, for the Mbada Diamonds Cup match yesterday, but Zifa vice-president Ndumiso Gumede warned the Harare giants not to use the defender.

The development raised a lot of questions on whether the banned players and officials, especially those based outside the country, would not be immediately affected.

But if Fifa statutes are anything to go by, the ban on the players and officials found guilty of match-fixing will only have a worldwide effect after the governing body’s endorsement.

“In accordance with Article 136 of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee, and inter alia in relation to match-fixing, the associations shall request Fifa to extend the sanctions taken at national level to have worldwide effect,” Fifa said in a statement.

“Thus, Fifa will be in contact with the Zifa in order to be informed of the exact status of the disciplinary proceedings, receive the decisions and take the appropriate measures as soon as possible.”

Former Warriors captain and Mamelodi Sundowns defender Method Mwanjali is also one of the high-profile faces who have been handed down a life ban from all football activities.

It will be interesting to see if Mwanjali will be included in his team’s match against Washington Arubi’s University of Pretoria in the Telkom Knockout cup tomorrow evening. Sundowns’ owner Patrick Motsepe is on record saying he will go hard on all players found guilty of any wrongdoing in the widely reported Asiagate scandal.

Other players who have been banned for life are ex-Warriors goalkeeper Edmore Sibanda and Danisa Phiri, formerly of Njube Sundowns. Besides Rushwaya and Chidzambwa, other officials who have been proscribed for life are former Premier Soccer League fixtures secretary Godfrey Japajapa, goalkeepers’ coach Emmanuel Nyahuma, match agent Kudzi Shaba, fitness trainer Thompson Matenda, as well as journalists Robson Sharuko and Hope Chizuzu.

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  1. So Gumede chose Dynamos player to be banned immediately even though other players were left to continue playing, that was the reason behind all this asiagate, his enemy Dynamos must suffer and he chose at a very critical time when the defender was needed most unfortunate for him, Chazunguza inongozunguza kwese kwese

  2. alois tavengerweyi

    God is for us all. You may do all sorts of tricks but at the end of the day Mwari ndewe vanhu wese. Only the plans of God prevails.

  3. Gumede, R Gumbo and the entire team that played against Angola should be banned as well

  4. those guys must be punished by fifa not zifa

    1. Chitovah WaGutu

      they didnt drag the name of Fifa into desrepute but ZIFA. Zifa must take action coz who suffares is zimbabwean futbol

  5. gumbo is useless never won the league locally,gumede is useless cant do anything else with his life except meddle in our beloved pastime football.Please if you are related to this man ask him to leave soccer please please please please please please

    1. Gumede ibhoko no wonder why risina mukadzi zingochani. Kana ukaita sei Dembare mukono. Bosso yako ichamama futi on sunday.

      1. Don’t be personnal about this whole issue,a crime was committed and these people were not sent to go and commit an offence,they did it knowingly,therefore if you commit an offence,you will be given an appropriate punishment.

        These guys failed to respect 15 000 000+ people,vatengesi ava.

        So leave Gumede alone he only did his job.He is like a policeman who arrests a rapist and you cannot blame the policeman.


      2. iwe chinhata, Gumede hasi we bosso. anoshandira zifa

      3. All this is not necessary. How come this debate is degenerating into a Highlanders Vs DeMbare show down. How does the issue of Gumbo come in when we are talking about the Asiagate scandal? Not sure where people get information about Gumede’s sexual orientation and its relevance to this article. These people soiled the name of Zimbabwean football and we are all ashamed as a nation. We are all Zimbabweans madoda; Highlanders or DeMbare, Shona or Ndebele. I think Zimbabwe would do better if we work together as a nation, avoiding divisive thoughts. This is not an open invitation to insults because i believe we are all above that.

    2. Truth Hurts.. you clealry dont know your FOOTBALL MATE!! Google R GUMBO!!

    3. You are clearly not knowledgeable of Zim soccer if you are not aware that Gumbo has won the local league twice in a row.

  6. Dumisani madzore

    Bt these playerz shld hv nt been given life bans coz they live on football .the official life bans multiplied by 2

    1. i support you Dumie, Rushwaya has brought hunger to many families. God will punish her. just imagine the number of players to be affected because of one person. money is the root of all evil. Rushwaya shld be locked in prison and throw away the keys.

      The players shld pay fines and suspended for so many games not 10 yrs, 5 yrs ban. i don’t support corruption but lets look both sides of the coin.

  7. if those players were given enough salary, they were not going to commit such just give them a reasonable punishment@blame those who made Zimbabweans to suffer economic deficeity simply.

    1. mawarriors have to be given a better salary thts y they got involved in the scum. Taura hako

  8. Wel done mr dube.even team yakatamba ku,angola inoda ku,ban for 20yrs

  9. whats new here shonaz have screwed up the country who doesnt know it ?

    1. U just one silly amateurish and politically myopic cadre whose opinions in football matters should be discarded immediately. we are interacting about football only and here is you with such tribalistic utterances. Dont be angry at nature coz it will never change.

  10. themba, where is the tribalism coming from? You`re not a football supporter coz you have a wrong spirit

  11. lets b fair, a crime is a crime, fifa wil decide. What about Monomotapa fc who went n playd as Zim national team? What is the latest n wats the vedict about the team? Any update on that story

  12. Andrew u right bt wats confusing here are reports that certain Zifa board members changed wat the investigators recomended and changed some sentences to lyf bans wat criteria did they use. Thts y emotions are running high coz sum f thiz guys sim to target certain individuals for persecution. hw cn sumone b pardoned coz he voluntereed info wen in actual fact hez one f the most active match fixers? dont yu smel a rat Andrew?

    1. Thats objective kwete nonsense dziri kutaurwa na themba

  13. these playerz should not have been given life bans because they live on football. At least they were given some form of punishment or else heavy fines beside life bans. Zifa should look again in the issue and condone these youngsters. Vatowomerwa apa vana svesve

  14. Zifa deflecting attention away for poor show by the warriors,its no coincidence the findings where rushed up as soon as the final whistle blew in Angola so as to cover their incompetence.The real issue is zim’s failure to qualify which Zifa is to blame ,i do not condone match fixing but banning players for life is too harsh.Its known that most players get peanuts playing for the national team or go for months without getting paid their dues,ban them from playing on zim soil only..they can find their way with more professional clubs anywhere outside zimbabwe .Think its time we forgot about football in zim such a circus ..we stuck with EPL for life

  15. Rushwaya who introduced her this? More investigations are needed

  16. When these guys where selling Zimbabwe out there in Asia, they were calling themselves the real Sharks, let them test the other side of the coin, its better if the whole Warriors team got life bans coz these are real mercenaries who benefitted from the spoils of war, let them test their own medicine, hanti vakaita mari kare here, ngavagare for life vasingatsiki panotambwa bhora vachidya mari yekuAsia….serves them right….me thinks.

  17. When these guys were selling Zimbabwe out there in Asia, they were calling themselves the real Sharks, let them test the other side of the coin, its better if the whole Warriors team got life bans coz these are real mercenaries who benefitted from the spoils of war, let them test their own medicine, hanti vakaita mari kare here, ngavagare for life vasingatsiki panotambwa bhora vachidya mari yekuAsia….serves them right….me thinks. Criminal charges should be levelled against the culprits to send a very clear message.

    1. i totally agree

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