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‘Depoliticise workplace’


CHINHOYI — Labour and Social Services minister Paurina Mpariwa has said there is urgent need to depoliticise workplaces to ensure a peaceful political environment as the nation trudges towards watershed general elections expected next year.
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Speaking during a publicity campaign to promote the Kadoma Declaration at a local hotel last Friday, Mpariwa said Zimbabwean workers should uphold peace at all times and take political contestations out of workplaces.

The Kadoma Declaration — Towards A Shared National Economic And Social Vision is a statement of intent by the three social partners to the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) — government, labour and employers — to identify and address macro-economic problems bedevilling the country.

“Politics leads to polarisation which has affected the market and workplaces, a development which has diverted our national attention.

“Workplaces need depoliticisation and political contestations should not be allowed to happen at workplaces. Let us preach peace and tolerance,” said Mpariwa, adding the declaration had become a central instrument in tackling the country’s challenges.

Through the document, the social partners resolved to depoliticise the workplace by prohibiting the sale of political party cards, holding of rallies, wearing of party regalia and collection of money for political purposes.

The minister urged all citizens to take responsibility of the declaration which seeks to, among others things, boost investor confidence, nip corruption, promote social cohesion, human rights and political tolerance.

Addressing the same gathering, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president George Nkiwane called for the strengthening of the TNF for the benefit of workers who are the real economic drivers.

The Kadoma Declaration was a culmination of protracted talks among the social partners which began in 2001 and was agreed to and signed on September 2, 2009. The blueprint was officially launched by President Robert Mugabe on February 26, 2010, but it risked being a “paper tiger” hence the publicity event last week.

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