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CTC to widen scope of operations


THE Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) says it is in the process of scouting for new premises in order to meet increased volume of cases and widen its scope of operations.

Report by Byron Jele  Business Reporter

Since dollarisation of the economy in 2009, the CTC has seen an increase in business, the number of cases it investigates and the role it plays in mitigating unfair practises.

CTC director Alexander Kububa told NewsDay of the need to control rental costs of the parastatal, as this was hampering its ability to carry out its mandate.

“The Competition and Tariff Commission is an organisation that has increased its scope in terms of operations and needs new and bigger premises to conduct its mandate,” said Kububa.

“The commission has been looking for new premises since the dollarisation of the economy, due to the increase in the need to regulate and monitor practices.”

Among some of its critical functions, CTC has to level the playing field for effective competition, which is crucial and imperative for industry and economic efficiency.

The Competition Act empowers the commission to prevent and control restrictive practices and monopoly situations, which distort competition in the market, prohibit unfair business practices that prevent competition and have no redeeming efficiency or economic benefits.

It regulates mergers and acquisitions to ensure that no anti-competitive transactions are allowed to proceed.

Currently, the commission is undertaking preliminary investigations into six allegations of restrictive and unfair business practices in the agricultural implements manufacturing industry, allegations of restrictive practices by the Makoni Rural District Council and allegations of restrictive and unfair business practices in the meat-processing industry.

Also under probe are allegations of restrictive practices in the fuel distribution industry and allegations of restrictive practices in the molasses distribution industry.

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