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‘Chinamasa utterances expose Zanu PF’


ZANU PF negotiator of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) Patrick Chinamasa’s “careless” utterances that his party and the military would not accept Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s electoral victory will rightly inform Sadc that Zimbabwe is poised for another electoral charade, analysts have said.

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Chinamasa, who is also Zimbabwe’s Justice minister, told BBC last week that Tsvangirai’s victory in the impending elections would be unacceptable considering his links with the West.

In the interview, the Justice minister accused the MDC-T leader of fronting imperialists who imposed sanctions on the country. He said Tsvangirai would also reverse the gains of independence hinting if that happened, a coup would be inevitable.

Political analyst Alex Magaisa said Chinamasa’s statements were “reckless and plain disregard for the law and the will of the people”.

He said the development signalled a repeat of the 2008 mayhem in which more than 200 MDC-T supporters were allegedly killed and thousands displaced by suspected Zanu PF activists.

“More importantly, however, the statements are welcome in that they remind Sadc as the facilitator and guarantor of the GPA, the African Union as the other guarantor, the United Nations and the rest of the world regarding the challenge that continues to encumber Zimbabwe,” Magaisa wrote on his blog.

“A log will never transform into a crocodile. In Zanu PF’s worldview, the only election that is acceptable is an election that delivers a positive result for itself. Zimbabwe is not yet ready for free and fair polls.”

Chinamasa, as a minister responsible for justice and legal affairs, administers the Electoral Act, among other laws that deal with elections.

Magaisa said Chinamasa had all, but invoked the threat of Zanu PF’s military might, confirming long-held perceptions that the party ’s grip on power depended on the military.

“Chinamasa is implying that the people of Zimbabwe are so immature that they are unable to make their own political decisions and instead they have to rely on the wisdom of Zanu PF and its allies in the military.”

However, another political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya felt Chinamasa should not be taken seriously.

“Unfortunately, Chinamasa is just making noise. He is powerless and I do not think Zanu PF will be able to stop people from voting for someone of their choice,” Ruhanya said.

Another political analyst Alexander Rusero also said Chinamasa’s utterances were simply threats by a desperate political institution as the army had no capacity to subvert the will of the people.

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