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‘Chinamasa a traitor’


ZIMBABWE Media Commission chief executive officer and Zanu PF apologist Tafataona Mahoso has described Justice minister and Zanu PF non-constituency senator Patrick Chinamasa as a traitor working in cahoots with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) and the two MDC parties to sabotage the forthcoming elections.

Report by Wonai Masvingise, Senior Reporter

In an opinion piece published by the State media over the weekend, Mahoso said Chinamasa’s claims in a recent BBC interview that the army would stage a coup d’état if MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai won the next elections were meant to block the holding of general elections.

“That interview seems intended to assist the Pentagon, Nato, the EU (European Union), the Rhodesians and the MDC formations in their pursuit of ‘lawfare’ against the next elections,” Mahoso wrote.

“Like (Zimbabwean Ambassador to Austria Jacqueline) Zwambila, minister Chinamasa avoided all the hot issues falling under his job and decided to speak for the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in order to create grounds for the imperialist and Rhodesian condemnation of the next elections long before they are held.

“The MDC formations and the collaborating part of Zanu PF would then form a new regime with the help of US-Nato forces,” Mahoso said.
Chinamasa yesterday seemed to deny making the remarks attributed to him.

“I have not read that (Mahoso) article because I have been busy doing other things. For a start, no one actually read what I said or watched the BBC interview and people are actually commenting on secondary information,” Chinamasa said.

Mahoso said Zwambila’s “sell-out” stance of attending Rhodesian soldiers’ reunions at Capitol Hill in Australia had less serious implications than Chinamasa’s utterances to the BBC.

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