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Chihuri warns political hooligans


POLICE Commissioner—General Augustine Chihuri has warned perpetrators of violence during the coming election period, saying police would use maximum force against such elements whom he said would have to account for their actions without blaming anybody.
Report by Feluna Nleya, Staff Reporter

The police, he said, would not tolerate any form of violence from anyone and those found on the wrong side of the law would be brought to book.

“Violence will not be tolerated,” Chihuri said yesterday. “Those that are bent on causing mayhem and confusion will be dealt with in the strongest way possible and they will have no one to blame, but themselves if they are found on the wrong side of the law,” said Chihuri.

He urged the police force to remain loyal, to respect their commanders and to avoid rebellious attitudes.

Chihuri was speaking at a briefing of 18 police officers set to leave for Liberia on a United Nations peacekeeping mission and those that have recently returned from Liberia and South Sudan.

“As you are going, you are leaving under command. We are commanding you to go and do a good job,” said Chihuri. “Someone among you has been appointed contingent commander and his task is to ensure that you are commanded. Your task is to ensure that you will obey the commander. . . to ensure that you are governable.

“There are some people who are out of their wits all the time, even if they are given leaders they are not governable.”

As has become his trademark, the police chief went biblical in his address, equating President Robert Mugabe to the biblical Moses who, while on a mission to take the children of Israel out of bondage, faced rebellion from those he led, “even those who were very close”.
“I am saying to you these rebellious minds and activities should never be part of you.”

Chihuri said as the country prepares for the summer cropping season, police should be on the lookout for criminals selling fake seeds and fertilisers to farmers.

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