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Chief blasts political violence


GUTU South traditional leader Chief Pius Mawere has urged his subjects to co-exist regardless of their political differences.Rep0rt by Tatenda Chitagu, Own Correspondent

Speaking during a peace concert held at his homestead in Ward 24 over the weekend, Mawere said it was sad to note that youths were being used by politicians to beat up their elders and relatives, leaving societies polarised.

“Violence breaks our societies and it is difficult to lead a people in conflict.

“Violence breeds underdevelopment,” he said.

“Our aim is that we should not fight, lest we fail to see each other in the eye at funerals. How do we bury our relatives and console each other if we fight and we are without love? But it is good that this time people are gathered here and are saying “No” to violence.

“You can cry for more money, but without peace, it will be nothing. We want love and unity among us and not just mere politicking where politicians just compose slogans with the word peace.”

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who made a brief stopover at the function, praised the community for standing together against violence. He reiterated the irony that while their supporters killed each other, he and President Robert Mugabe had tea and cake together every week.

“There is no country that is built on conflict and violence. We are encouraging people not to fight. We know that when election time comes people begin to kill and beat each other up, but this time there should be nothing like that because you will die in jail,” said Tsvangirai.

“How come you fight each other while I enjoy tea with President Robert Mugabe?”

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