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Birth of new nation


Oppressed people of Zimbabwe should by now have realised that dictatorship is by its nature very expensive.

Report by Mutsa Murenje

For this reason, we are not in politics by accident. At a minimum, it requires certain megalomania, a belief that of all the gifted people in one’s country, one is somehow uniquely qualified to speak on their behalf.

We know we are standing up for an ideal and are no doubt acting to improve the lot of others. Through our actions, we are definitely striking out against dictatorship and after all is said and done, we hope to be able to sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

President Robert Mugabe remains the source of our political and economic woes and I do not see him, in any way, as part of the solution. In my candid opinion, Mugabe remains not only a liability to the State, but also a traitor to the cause of freedom. You didn’t get that!

I am saying that with a straight face and without apology. Our present woes stem from the fact that Mugabe no longer has ideas of what he is doing nor a vision of the future anymore (provided that he ever had one!).

Moreover, what vision remains in him is incapable of going beyond the liberation war. Could this be a result of “static circulation of leadership” and overstaying in power? I think so!

That Mugabe has reached a level of incompetence is beyond argument.

Preponderant results are there for all to see. Mugabe should just consider leaving power unconditionally. I am not being unkind, but am merely coming to terms with reality. Zimbabwe is and will no doubt continue to be in acute danger as long as Mugabe is in office.

He lost popular support and therefore lacks the requisite legitimacy to remain in office. The hellish aspects of our life have to disappear because we can’t take it anymore.

However, Mugabe won’t voluntarily give up power. It is a historical fact that dictators seldom give up their privileges without a fight.

We have to fight for our freedom. Something within has reminded us of our birthright of freedom and something without has taught us that it can be gained only if we take deliberate steps to regain it.

We have waited for over 32 years to enjoy our constitutional and God-given rights. Our struggle is a titanic struggle and our cup of endurance has run over and we are no longer willing to be plunged into the abyss of despair. We have the facts and for sure, injustices exist in our society.

Zanu PF supporters have a siege mentality and they see us as a clear and present danger to their selfish interests. Faithfully and blindly, they have actively supported repressive measures against us.

Some of us have since been termed sell-outs, stooges or puppets of the West, as if we can’t see for ourselves that things aren’t the way they ought to be.

Honestly, do I need a white man to tell me that my country has failed to create employment for unemployed graduates or that many of our roads are in a bad state? We mustn’t lose heart though. It is always darkest just before dawn.

In addition, we can only be able to see the stars when it’s dark enough. Intense pressure by the opposition that has become stronger is almost always the initial reason why liberalisation is contemplated.

Zanu PF has forfeited its right to be taken seriously. For Zanu PF to be taken seriously, they have to start taking us seriously and drastically change their attitude and approach.

Their behaviour during the last 32 or so years is clear testimony that they haven’t changed in the slightest. Can a leopard really change its spots? However, historically, those who have opted for continued repression have been swept away by the democratic storm.

Do you honestly think that repression in Zimbabwe will escape a similar fate? I doubt this very much hence my fervent belief in the birth of a new people, a new Zimbabwe which I believe is imminent.

I am very optimistic that a new order (democracy) is coming into being and an old order (Mugabe’s oppressive/brutal regime) is passing away. I am deeply concerned about it. I want to be involved in it, be part of it and notice the birth of this new nation, a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe, with my own eyes.

Failure isn’t, has never and will never be an option. The birth of a new Zimbabwe is imminent and nothing, at this stage, will be gained by assuming or even wishing the contrary. Victory is certain. No going back – forward ever, backwards never!

Let’s all remain vigilant as Mugabe’s minority rule is coming to an end.

We are resolute that we will never kowtow to his illegitimate authority. I have said it countless times and will say it again, here and now, Mugabe is past service.

He is falling anytime because, like all of us, he also is a mere mortal. Muammar Gaddafi’s gory end is in itself a constant reminder about the inevitability of Mugabe’s own end.

Those with ears to hear have heard. The struggle continues unabated!

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