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Bikita man spared jail


HIGH Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe has spared a Bikita man the noose and slapped him with a six-year effective jail term for killing his wife’s boyfriend after finding them in a compromising position.

The judge found there were extenuating circumstances.

Goodluck Mahosi of Marufu village in Chief Mazungunye’s area in Masvingo stabbed and killed Stephen Panganayi with a knife after he found him having sexual intercourse with his wife in a gumtree plantation.

After killing Panganayi, Mahosi is said to have carried and dumped the body in Siya Dam, where it was eventually retrieved a day later. Justice Hungwe heard that the incident occurred on March 21 2007 when both men visited Josphine Musindo’s homestead for a beer drink.

At about 7pm on the same day, Panganayi is said to have left Musindo’s homestead in the company of his friend, one Garikai Makombe, but the two later parted ways upon getting to the gumtree plantation. While in the plantation, Panganayi met his lover Regedzai Matimba, who was Mahosi’s wife. The pair later had sexual intercourse in the plantation under cover of darkness.

Apparently, as Mahosi was walking home along a footpath passing through the plantation, he heard the love-birds talking to each other and managed to recognise his wife’s voice prompting him to move closer and investigate.

The court heard that to his amazement, Mahosi found the two in a compromising position. Realising that they had been caught, Mahosi’s wife bolted away from the scene.

Mahosi grabbed Panganayi and the two engaged in a fist fight. In the ensuing mêlée, Mahosi produced a knife and stabbed Panganayi four times randomly at the back and abdomen, killing him instantly.

He later carried the body and dumped it into the nearby Siya Dam. Investigations in the matter led to Mahosi’s arrest.

But in his defence, Mahosi told the court that he had been extremely provoked and acted in self-defence after Panganayi, whom he had caught pants down with his wife, produced a knife intending to stab him.

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