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BCC has no capacity to clear blockages: Moyo


BULAWAYO mayor Thaba Moyo says council has no machinery to clear sewer blockages, chokes and to rehabilitate collapsed pipes from identified sewer lines.

Report by Blondie Ndebele, Own Corrrespondent

He said that was the reason why the city was advertising for tenders for the job.

The local authority has invited tenders from suitable and qualified civil engineering contractors for the operation.
“We need heavy machinery for all this and at the moment the council does not have that kind of machinery,” the mayor said.

He said the council’s engineering department had been responsible for the task in the past years, “but this time, the blockages are severe and they need experienced contractors with suitable machinery.We are inviting tenders so that all these prioritised areas can be covered significantly.”

The invitation comes at a time when the water crisis in the city continues to worsen and sewer blockages have become the order of the day.

Last month, council introduced the “Big Flush” programme where residents are required to flush their toilets simultaneously each morning to avoid sewer blockages.

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