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BancABC bails Matsito out


“WHEN they came to my house and told me they intended to buy me an artificial leg, I did not take them seriously because many people have made empty promises since I lost my leg. I am very happy they have fulfilled their promise and I am certain that my future will be bright.”

Report by Jairos Saunyama, Own Correspondent

These were Tedious Matsito’s words after BancABC Bank pledged to import an artificial leg for him at a cost of $2 360.

Matsito’s right leg was amputated recently due to complications that developed after an injury he suffered in an accident in 2009.

Last month, Matsito was taken to a private orthotist in the Harare Avenues area where he was examined by a specialist Farai Jemwa who confirmed that his leg was fit for connection to an artificial one.

The artificial leg will be imported from Germany and is expected to last for an average of seven years.

It will enable him to walk without the aid of a crutch and it is very flexible.

Earlier on, Matsito was taken by the bank to Parirenyatwa Group Of Hospitals, but the process did not go on well, with authorities saying he could only receive assistance in January next year due to shortage of staff.

On Monday, Matsito had his initial visit to the orthotist where Jemwa started the stump management process to prepare him for an artificial leg.

Jemwa said Matsito would have the artificial leg by December 1.
Stump management is a process whereby the stump is forced to shrink into a cone shape so that it will fit into the artificial leg and according to Jemwa it will take an average of six weeks to complete the process.

“He has started the stump management process and I believe by December 1, he will have his leg fitted,” said Jemwa.

Speaking at a recent visit to Matsito’s house in Kuwadzana, BancABC head of marketing department, Cynthia Chizwina, said they came to rescue Matsito after realising that he was one of the bank’s first clients.

“When we read the article about his plight in the NewsDay recently, we were moved after learning that our client was in such dilemma. So we decided to help him and we hope once he gets the artificial leg, all will be well as far as his musical career is concerned,” Chizwina said.

“As a reputable institution, it’s our obligation to assist our clients in such situations. There will be an official presentation of the artificial leg sometime soon where BancABC top management will grace the event.”

Matsito said he was overwhelmed by the development.

“I don’t know what to say. The Lord has answered my prayers and I thank the bank for such a touching gesture,” said Matsito.

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