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Asiagate officials implicated in sex orgies


Fresh details have emerged in the Asiagate football match-fixing scandal with reports that some of the officials implicated in the scandal were involved in sexy orgies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where some of the matches alleged to have been fixed were played.

Report by Moses Matenga

According to the report by the Justice Ebrahim Commission, an official (name withheld) testified that the team, comprising officials and players, most of whom have received life bans from all soccer activities, but whose names NewsDay will withhold, were entertained with sex and drinks.

The report says the match-fixing mastermind, Wilson Parumel Raj, invited six Zimbabwean officials, including at least one journalist, and provided them five-star treatment ranging from being chauffeur-driven in top-of the-range vehicles to sex with many women in five-star hotels.

“There is conflicting evidence as to whether (one journalist) was present at the drinks party. The people who went to it were chauffeur-driven in five cars. The party was at a different hotel from the one the team was staying at,” the report reads in part.

“(Wilson) Raj (the jailed Singaporean linked to the Asiagate match-fixing scandal) was present, together with the three people that met the team at the airport.  The Malaysian FA (Football Association)’s protocol personnel did not come to the airport and somehow Raj and his team were in charge”

“The  six officials were entertained by 16 young women from whom they chose and were provided with a room for use and people were dashing up and down the stairs.Meanwhile, back at the hotel, there were three Asian men freely mixing with the Zimbabwe players and talking to them.”

“The drinks team got back to the hotel at about midnight whereupon one official (name withheld) put the team to bed.”

The report further noted that the next morning, Raj attended the team training session with a clear instruction that the match they were going to play was a money game and that they should concede two goals. “Gentlemen, this is a money game. You should concede two goals in the first half. I will pay $1 000 for each player and $1 500 for the officials,” Raj is alleged to have said.

More details from the report will be published in the coming issues of NewsDay.

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