Asiagate officials implicated in sex orgies

Fresh details have emerged in the Asiagate football match-fixing scandal with reports that some of the officials implicated in the scandal were involved in sexy orgies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where some of the matches alleged to have been fixed were played.

Report by Moses Matenga

According to the report by the Justice Ebrahim Commission, an official (name withheld) testified that the team, comprising officials and players, most of whom have received life bans from all soccer activities, but whose names NewsDay will withhold, were entertained with sex and drinks.

The report says the match-fixing mastermind, Wilson Parumel Raj, invited six Zimbabwean officials, including at least one journalist, and provided them five-star treatment ranging from being chauffeur-driven in top-of the-range vehicles to sex with many women in five-star hotels.

“There is conflicting evidence as to whether (one journalist) was present at the drinks party. The people who went to it were chauffeur-driven in five cars. The party was at a different hotel from the one the team was staying at,” the report reads in part.

“(Wilson) Raj (the jailed Singaporean linked to the Asiagate match-fixing scandal) was present, together with the three people that met the team at the airport.  The Malaysian FA (Football Association)’s protocol personnel did not come to the airport and somehow Raj and his team were in charge”

“The  six officials were entertained by 16 young women from whom they chose and were provided with a room for use and people were dashing up and down the stairs.Meanwhile, back at the hotel, there were three Asian men freely mixing with the Zimbabwe players and talking to them.”

“The drinks team got back to the hotel at about midnight whereupon one official (name withheld) put the team to bed.”

The report further noted that the next morning, Raj attended the team training session with a clear instruction that the match they were going to play was a money game and that they should concede two goals. “Gentlemen, this is a money game. You should concede two goals in the first half. I will pay $1 000 for each player and $1 500 for the officials,” Raj is alleged to have said.

More details from the report will be published in the coming issues of NewsDay.

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  1. But who cleared these teams as they went out? Surely allplayers must be exonerated. Let us have a blanket amnesty to all players but this is not expected from the hard hearted blundering ZIFA. Kuoma misoro kwana Grinder kuchatadzisa Zimbabwe to do anything soccer. Pamwe kutomosiya zve bhora better.

    1. My brother, the issue is with credibility of our institutions. If an impression of ZIFA being too lenient to the offenders is created, the whole world will view Zimbabwean players badly. It will just spoil chances of our young players making inroads into lucrative countries like Britain and France where there can make good monies from playing soccer. Lets protect our future players. Hate to see careers of good players and coaches being terminated prematurely. Very sad state of affairs.

  2. Ko mahure anotsvagei kubhora?

  3. I wonder who was bedding Henrietta Rushwaya. I am told she’s very prolific when it comes to such matters. Guys like the late Tongai Moyo, Charles Mhlauri are among her long list of conquests. No wonder her husband, Mondizvo, dumped her.

  4. These guys are a disgrace to Zimbabwe

  5. no amnesty

  6. Its a disgrace

  7. This Asiagate scandal shames us all and even ‘THE FLAG OF ZIMBABWE!’ All these revelations show how so low a person may stoop all just for the love of money! The world is at the end now! Thats why we are seeing even big rivers turning blood red! I hope the govt will act after the full report has been provided and FIFA acted! Some people must be sent to jail! Its surprising that some are insulting ZIFA OFFICIALS before the case has been closed! These investigations are not about sympathy but justice! Zifa, carry on with your investigations and clean our soccer! Some Zimbabweans have been bedding corruption for to long and have seen it as a normal devil to live with which is why they are insulting ZIFA saying the football office is hard on the offenders! Why dont the offenders themselves ask for mercy from ZIFA and also publicly apologise to the nation?

    1. which govt are u talking about ,man?hw can a govt with a filthy linen judge anyone better, who jus did a mistake fo once?but i really wonder why other guys were given bans yet others 1 year if they went together and did the same things?hw can we justify for that?No wonder its so said “WHEN THE LEOPARD IS THE KING ,THERE IS NO JUSTICE FOR THE GOAT”

  8. The players involved in this Asiagate scandal must not be banned for life ,but it is the match officials

    and the coaches who should be held responsible for this mess.Players are just employees who were

    told what to do.The responsibility lies with the organisers of these matches and the coaches,infact

    the players should just be suspended for a specific period of time.kwete life ban,NO NO NO NO

  9. At that time it was a lot of money siyanai nevana

  10. I believe whenever a team leaves to represent the nation, they should do so in good faith and know that the nation they are representing comes first. The idea of selective punishment for the different levels, (players and officials) as suggested by changu should not be applied. Its better to have no football at all rather than to have people who spoil the game and misrepresent us as Zimbabweans. Life ban for them all!!!!!!!!

  11. its obvious that rushwaya had also to chose who to bed her

    1. zvinei newe. iwe unosarudzirwa nani

      1. koiwewo zvineinewe

  12. anyone who was involved should be banned and they should also be imprisoned because this is treason. After all, majere akavakirwa vanhu including vana rushwaya

    1. uno rwadziwa naye chete….. those days zvinhu zvangazvakaoma yaive zhara yoga yoga muno munyika so be it….

  13. Siyanai navo.Dai murimi mairamba mari here?


    All banned players must take Zifa to court and Dube as well for misleading them into these kind of games,if it means Zifa will pay you guys out of your carreers it has to be .

  15. It’s shameful,The public however demands to see the findings from ZIFA’s investigations.These fags are safer in prison because mob justice is inevitable now.Crime is crime,regardless of the fact that u’re under instruction or not….ZINWA,ZANU,ZBC,ZINARA,ZIMRA,ZESA and now ZIFA’s dead too!!!We fed up

  16. Mawira K.Solomon

    It’s a shame to Zimbabweans. Where are we heading! We are heading for doom…………………………………………….

  17. and here i thot it couldnt get any worse hahaha

    1. This is Treason..these people shud be jailed..its like having soldiers getting paid to let the enemy envade Zimbabwe..Jail guys is the only place for such people

  18. kuhura…………………kwese uku chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. What annoys me most is rushwaya wacho seems to be showing no remorse achitoti so what handisini nfakazvitanga. No apology to nation apa vakatisvodesa. Hanzi I’m going to paraliament. But knowing zim, anything is very possible. But dai ndiri ini justice system, I would make an example of her and throw her behind bars like her boyfriend raj.

  20. What annoys me most is rushwaya wacho seems to be showing no remorse achitoti so what, handisini ndakazvitanga. No apology to nation apa vakatisvodesa. Hanzi I’m going to paraliament. But knowing zim, anything is very possible. But dai ndiri ini justice system, I would make an example of her and throw her behind bars like her boyfriend raj.

    1. Seiko, thanks for your comment.

      I refuse to stereotype and say that all these blunders are made by “Zimbabweans”. No they are not. Rushwaya said in her on words she was a Zanu appointment at Zifa and she was called from abroad where she was studying to come and head the country’s most popular sport, ahead of all the football experts in the country.

      Many Zimbabweans have been fighting against this cancer called Zanu, I would loathe to paint them with the same filthy brush. Thanks

  21. When there was corruption in italian Soccer, the players were left alone and the officials faced the music. The three pakistani cricket players were given short term punishments because punishment should be a form of rehabilitationn not a death knell. In zimbabwe LIFE BAN. Ohh my foot.

  22. Is that all?

  23. Tendai Chaminuka

    Kana vamwe vakuru vachitaura kuti ndinehurombo nekugadha gadha kwandinoita madzimai,what do u expect from these mere footballers.

  24. I should propose that you give a LIFE BAN TO THE POLICE that takes bribes a road blocks.

    1. yes mwana wamai. but problem chihuri ndiye atozopfuma zvinotyisa. did you know kuti mapolice recruits vanobhadhara mari svinu ya commissioner. hahaha mugabe watikuvadza

  25. kunzima sibili lokhu but people who betrayed Zimbabwean state money derseve more than life bans its a treason and betrayal

  26. Ngavabhanwe

  27. you can sat it against

  28. Typical of BAD people to be associated with such extreme things movie style , orgies. Now that its out in the open let them face the music. Those BANS are the grave consequences of their actions . Every action has a reaction and the reaction is SHAME. !!!!! Even Nigeria that wanted to camp in Zimbabwe for the AFCON may not come for fear of getting fixed by the ZIM FIXERS.

  29. buy win 7 home.thank you.

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