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Abandoned child shines in Murewa


MUREWA — Sporting prowess has seen a 15-year-old orphan, Revai Chinai of Makate Village, rewriting the story of his life.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

Following his parents’ death, he was left in the care of a half-brother, who later abandoned him to fate.

While doing Grade 7 at Chidiya Primary School in 2010, Revai scooped two medals at that year’s edition of the National Association of Primary School Heads finals held at the National Sports Stadium.

But no one could have imagined that there had been so much turmoil in the teenager’s life. It took the love of one woman, Sinikiwe Chin’anga, from Chizanga Village, to reorder the course of his destiny. Chin’anga took in Revai after his brother, who is believed to be living in Marondera, abandoned him.

Revai led a life of so much hardship it stunned the community, although just a few people offered to give him little help in the form of food and clothing handouts in exchange for the odd jobs he did for them. He had to drop out of school.

His life was something else as he would survive from well-wishers. Some would ask him to do odd jobs in return for food and other necessities. Life became an uphill struggle for the innocent boy who by this time had dropped out of school.

“Every day I would watch my friends passing by my homestead on their way to school. It broke my heart because I could not go with them. I had lost hope,” he said.

When Chin’anga appeared in his life, however, things started to shape up for him.

The Good Samaritan got him back into school. It was at that time that his gift in sport started flourishing. His athletic prowess was manifested at a greater stage this year at the National Sports Stadium when the Mashonaland East relay team in which he featured came third in the 200m category. They scooped a bronze medal.
His new mother was awed. She said: “When I took him from Makate Village, I never knew that this boy had such a great talent. He is doing me proud and as long as I am alive, I will make sure he will live his dream.”

Chin’anga said at first she had secret apprehensions that maybe this stranger she had taken for a son would cause her grief, but Revai has since allayed all her fears.

She expressed joy that the boy had gelled well with her children and they regarded him as one of their own and one would not spot any differences whenever they were together.

“I really don’t know why his brother abandoned him because his school fees by then was on $7,” she said. “The problem I am facing is that of his birth certificate. After taking Revai, I embarked on a search for his brother so that he could assist in getting the document. When I found him, he refused to assist.”

Chin’anga said she was worried about the issue of that vital document as it might cause serious problem in future and hinder whatever progress Revai had made so far.

“This will disturb the boy’s future and career as an athlete. If there is anyone who can assist me in getting the birth certificate, I will be the happiest person,” she said.

Apart from his prowess on the track, Revai is also bright in the class and Chin’anga is definite that he is going to perform well in his examinations.

“As for the sport discipline, Revai is one of the best ever athletes to emerge from this school and he has done a lot for this school as far as athletics is concerned,” said one of Revai’s teachers.

Revai said he was grateful for the assistance that he had received and that God had given him a new mother.

“All is well with me and what happened is a thing of the past. I am happy about my life and I thank God for everything,” he said.
The boy dreams big, and is convinced that there are greater things in store. He says he wants to become a renowned athlete and even feature for the country at the Olympics Games and such other grand sporting tournaments.

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