Cholera scare in Glen View

Glen View 3 residents have raised concern over the City of Harare’s alleged disposal of garbage in the nearby Budiriro Park, amid fears of yet another cholera outbreak.

In 2008, Budiriro was the epicentre of a cholera epidemic which claimed an estimated
4 000 lives countrywide, raising fears of history repeating itself.

The NewsDay crew was greeted by flies, a stinking smell and huge piles of refuse characterised the park, a recreational facility for residents.

Some residents claimed the council started dumping garbage at the site about two weeks ago.

“The situation has become unbearable for us. We are afraid that another cholera outbreak might emerge as flies are all over the place,” a resident said.
“The city council should do something. We are even afraid that our children might play near the site which is hazardous to their health.”

But Harare City Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi said: “I am not aware of this matter as there has not been any complaint brought forward pertaining to the issue.

“However, we are going to look in to the matter and see what is really transpiring.”

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