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Zim deserves better constitution – MKD


Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni has urged Zimbabweans to reject the Constitutional Select Committee (Copac)’s draft governance charter because the country deserved a better constitution.

Makoni described the draft as a “cut-and-paste document” which, despite some improvements, remained far below the nation’s expectations.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve a 21st century best practice constitution and not a cut-and-paste document,” he said at a Zimbabwe Election Support Network-organised public meeting on Tuesday night.

Makoni cited a number of provisions in the draft constitution which he said should be rejected by Zimbabweans and these included absence of dual citizenship, excessive presidential powers, two vice-presidents, dual legislative chamber and the placement of correctional services under the security services.

He said it was disturbing that there had been no discussion as to why “a country like ours needs two vice-presidents” given that Zimbabwe was in “a dire situation due to the incompetence of the Executive”.
Makoni said women should reject the proposition of 60 women elected on proportional representation basis, making a total of 270 MPs in the envisaged new Parliament, as that was patronising.

“The provision suggests that women can’t stand their own ground. I hope the women of Zimbabwe will reject this particular proposition,” he said.
University of Zimbabwe lecturer Professor John Makumbe, however, said such a provision was good as it sought to deal with the problem of an uneven political landscape that disenfranchised female politicians.

“The 60 women (seats) proposed by the draft constitution are necessary. You can’t reject ngoda (a diamond) when it’s given to you. That’s ngoda for women,” he said.

Makumbe also said it was heartening that voter registration was now included in the constitution and that the running of elections was now the responsibility of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and not the Registrar-General.

“The principles of the electoral system in my view are very sound. The Copac draft is an excretional document based on where we are coming from because the views of the people were captured,” Makumbe said.

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