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MDC campaign balloon stolen


An eight-man gang allegedly cut off the Welshman Ncube-led MDC’s publicity balloon that caused a stir in Bulawayo on Sunday, the party has claimed.

MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube yesterday said the unknown men stormed their offices on Sunday evening after scaling over a gate.

“We now know that the balloon was not cut loose and allowed to float away. It in fact was pulled down by a young man who was part of an eight-member gang that arrived at our offices at around 10:45pm and parked their two vehicles further down from our offices,” he said.

“The young man in question scaled our neighbours’ gate onto our perimeter pre-cast wall and used a long wire to reach over and pulled the rope which was anchoring the flying balloon, cut the rope, then he and his accomplices fought against the wind and finally landed the balloon on the pavement, drove an object into it and deflated it after which they rolled it up and loaded it into one of the two vehicles and sped off,” he said.

The green balloon had been hoisted on Saturday at midnight and was flying about 100 metres high.

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