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In an article headlined “Fake title deeds flood market” published on July 30 2012 on page 12, we erroneously quoted Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe (REIZ) vice-president Mhlanguli Mpofu saying there was “need to recapitalise the Real Estate Institute so that it could be able to work with the Registrar General’s Office and the Registrar of Deeds to reduce the circulation of fake title deeds”.

We went further to quote him saying: “We can assist the Registrar General’s Office, but this will involve us going to every province to do awareness campaigns.”

It has since been brought to our attention that he was misquoted and that he merely acknowledged the existence of a commission appointed by the Justice ministry to look into the issue of fake title deeds.

We sincerely regret the error and the inconveniences it could have caused to Mpofu and REIZ.

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