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Byo youths endorse draft


A Bulawayo-based youth organisation yesterday hailed the draft constitution, saying it captured their views made during the outreach programme.

In a statement issued yesterday, National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) director Liberman Bhebhe said the new draft constitution “has managed to factor in critical issues raised by the youths during their youth convention”.

“These issues include a broad-based Bill of Rights that safeguards the rights to education, shelter, health and life, and the establishment of independent commissions,” he said.

“Other issues include clear recognition of 16 official languages in Zimbabwe and the inclusion of the citizenship clause that ensures that youths are registered under Zimbabwean law.”

Parties in the inclusive government are divided on the draft constitution with Zanu PF calling for some amendments before it is taken to the Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference.

The two MDCs have maintained that the draft represents the parties’ negotiations.

Bhebhe said the NYDT held a youth convention in June and “one of the key outputs from the convention were the non-negotiable benchmarks that ought to be factored in the draft constitution”.

He said there was room for improvement in terms of representing the youths’ interests in the new constitution.

Bhebhe said the NYDT would continue engaging other stakeholders to ensure that the resolutions from the convention would be factored into the final draft before it goes for a referendum.

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