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Marginal decrease for consumer basket


The price of meat and mealie meal went down last month resulting in a marginal decrease for the consumer basket for a family of six to $556,47 in July.

In June, the family basket stood at

Latest figures from the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) show that the food basket decreased to $143,94 in July from $148,88 the previous month.

The food and detergents basket declined by 2,87% to $157,47.

“It was encouraging to observe reductions in the price of meat (beef) from $4,20 to $3,92; mealie meal from $9,38 to $9,10; white sugar from $2,25 to $2,15; tea leaves from $2,35 to $2,15; rice from $1,85 to $1,80; salt from 23c to 20c; tomatoes from 70c to 55c, as well as cabbages from 59c to 55c per head and bath soap from 85c to 79c,” the CCZ said.

The consumer watchdog body said the price of laundry bars increased by 13 cents to $1,55 while onion prices increased to 99 cents per kg from 90cents. Flour rose to $1,85 per 2kg from $1,80.

During the month of July, the basket for transport, rent, water and electricity, health, education, clothing and footwear had remained the same at $399.

“As CCZ, we believe this is as it should be in a normal economy. Relentless and unwarranted increase in the prices of goods remain of great concern to consumers in the absence of any logical explanations by retailers, a situation which has forced many to ask questions about what is the real value of the US dollar locally and reasons behind such a phenomenon,” the consumer watchdog said.

CCZ said it was still engaging Bankers’ Association of Zimbabwe and the Finance ministry to find a lasting solution to the shortage of coins.

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