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Freddy Chimombe dies


James Chimombe’s first born son Freddy has died.

Freddy (38) died yesterday morning at his mother’s house in Jerusalem, Highfield, Harare.
His wife Thulani said Freddy had suffered from TB and his health has been deteriorating for the past three months.

“He was admitted at Chitungwiza Hospital for two weeks until the hospital staff advised us to take him home.”

“We were planning to take him to our rural home in Chivhu, but then his time came before the plan materialised.”

Robert Chimombe, brother to James, said his passing on was a heavy blow to the family.

Early this year, Freddy had announced his intention to visit Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, but failed to do so because of financial constraints.

Musical promoter Patson Chimbodza, who organised a charity match meant to benefit Freddy, said he was shocked by the passing on of Freddy.

“I learnt with great shock of the death of Freddy and it is another loss in the music industry,” said Chimbodza.

“I am going to meet with fellow promoters to see if we can do something to assist at the funeral and I will probably know later today (yesterday).”

Freddy’s death comes after he recently announced that he was close to death because of his deteriorating health.

Tendai, James’ first born, yesterday said she had not been told anything about his illness.

“I just came back today because I have not been in town for the past few days and I was actually shocked to hear the news when I got home,” said Tendai.

She said funeral arrangements were yet to be announced as family members were yet to meet.

Alick Macheso yesterday said he was devastated by the news of Freddy’s death.

Mourners are gathered at House Number 2750 Jerusalem, Highfield, Harare.

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