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Chombo warns youths


Senior Zanu PF politburo member and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo has warned party youths who are blocking council employees from demolishing illegal car sales around the city, saying their actions were against the spirit of indigenisation.

Yesterday, indications were that council had started enjoying Chombo’s protection from the youths and went about demolishing illegal car sales near Prince Edward School in Harare.

Last week, Chombo told journalists that what Zanu PF youths — led by chairman Jim Kunaka were doing was not to protect indigenisation and must be stopped.

He set up a team led by Civil Aviation Protection Unit director Madzudzo Pawadyira to look into the mushrooming of car sales in the city, which Chombo described as an eyesore.

“The team will also look at the issue of car lots. Every open space has been turned into a car lot and it’s no longer open because of the cars,” Chombo said.
“Indigenisation does not allow them to build where they are not allowed.

“They should build where they are allowed to. It has to be done methodically and not like what is being done now.

“Look at the open space near Prince Edward for example, there are cars everywhere and even when I am going to my home, there are cars all over and if you are involved in an accident, you will land on cars,” Chombo said.

Yesterday, NewsDay observed illegal car sales being demolished.

Chombo’s statement came after Zanu PF youths last week blocked council from demolishing illegal flea markets hiding under the indigenisation policy.

Harare city council is conducting a blitz to demolish illegal car sales around the city, but Zanu PF youths have come in to challenge and block the move saying they were ready to fight in defence of the indigenisation policy being propagated by their party to “empower” Zimbabweans.

City spokesperson Leslie Gwindi said they would not be deterred from demolishing the illegal car sales around the city.

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