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Are you benefiting from what you know?


It’s so amazing how much we know that is never put into practice to better our lives. We are busy looking for more knowledge, new ideas, concepts and solutions. Does that mean all the knowledge we currently have is there only to tell us how much we don’t know?

They tell us little knowledge is dangerous and that information is power. Many of you if not all of you have more than little knowledge and enough information on at least one topic or aspect of human aspiration; use it for your benefit.

I was looking at a résumé of a colleague the other day and I was shocked at the number of certificates, diplomas and degrees.

You know those people who have more degrees than a thermometer, the ones that put every confirmation of attendance from workshop to dinner dance as a qualification on CV. They actually need an annexure of qualifications to their CV.

What puzzled me was that he is doing nothing in life except looking for sponsors to finance his doctorate. My question is: How much have you put to practice at least the knowledge you got on that certificate of attendance before we can trust you will do exploits as a professor?

I always marvel at the collector’s spirit among us.
We have all the notes, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and have attended every church service to gather more. We don’t miss the all night prayer sessions, make all the confessions, decrees and declarations and we are geared for that conference or convention to get more revelation and download.

All this is good if it is to be acted upon. Listen to me; all this will come to wind if it is not put into practice. James 2:17 makes it clear, “Even so, faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”
Confession of faith is meaningless without its application. Some of you have excellent philosophies on your Facebook page but you act against the belief you publish.

As I work to improve certain areas in my life and ministry, I take an audit of the knowledge available that I have not used and apply it.
I get mails, phone calls and people visit for counsel. I had a mail the other day from someone who wanted to know the Bible school and theological university I went to so that they could follow suit.

Let me give you my philosophy here because some of you think I have Solomon’s head.

I don’t know everything but I know something and I act passionately and diligently on the knowledge I have.

I am looking for knowledge in areas that I am not knowledgeable about. Knowledge is more accessible these days but it is a function of priorities and passion.

The same engine you use to access and chat with friends (some of them not really friends after all) can be used for research and get you one more degree.

It’s good to study more, in fact these days we are nearing a stage where the entry point will be a master’s degree and a doctorate as a benchmark. Gather as much as you can but let it not rot in your head.

People want to prove that they know and have faith to move mountains. James says he doesn’t want to argue with you and says in 2:18 (Amplified Version), “But someone will say [to you then], You (say you) have faith, and I have (good) works. Now you show me your (alleged) faith apart from any (good) works (if you can), and I by (good) works (of obedience) will show you my faith.”

While you are confessing your faith, he will simply move the mountain. Confession is good as a starting point; now move on and apply it.
The principles of God are very simple and straightforward.

Things start small as a mustard seed and grow. If you pass at the lower level, He will lift you up to the next level.

Can I suggest that the knowledge you presently have is enough to start motion to your stationary life? If all you know is that God forgives sins then repent while you look for knowledge that He also heals and materially and financially empowers.
Wisely use the knowledge you have on markets, business prospects and job opportunities.
I have seen people succeeding in life by applying the little they know.

God is faithful; He rewards diligence. Don’t overcrowd your head with useless knowledge; apply it and let it work to your advantage, you are going somewhere.

All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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