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Bambatha Actors Centre’s — Dibadiba eTroy


Bambatha Actors Centre will today premier an “Africanised”adaptation of the famous Greek mythology of the fall of Troy taken from Homer’s Iliad entitled Dibadiba eTroy at Amakhosi Cultural Centre.

Bambatha Actors Centre director, Styx Mhlanga told NewsDay yesterday that the play would “mark the end of the second school term this year”.
It begins at 2pm.

The play is a classical story of two cities, Troy and Sparta who went to war because of a woman. Helen Queen of Sparta falls in love with Paris, prince of Troy.

He elopes with her to Troy despite a warning from her prophetic sister. There is war and as events turn out in favour of Troy, the Spartans use the Trojan horse trick to bring about the fall of Troy.

“This fast-paced play will be performed at Amakhosi Cultural Centre on the afternoon of the schools’ closing day,” said Mhlanga. He said the big cast consists of mostly Bambatha’s acting class students, both former and current.

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